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Philadelphia College of Bible Changes Its Name…Again

I received an email from a very excited president of my old alma mater, Philadelphia College of Bible, which changed its name to Philadelphia Biblical University in 2000. The new name? Cairn University. Forgive me for not being excited.

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I Wish I Could…

I wish I could breeze through life not noticing all of the terrible things that people do to one another. I wish I had blinders on that kept me from seeing the evil that is perpetrated daily. I wish I enjoyed life more than I do and while that may sound like I lack faith, in reality, I understand all too well just what is happening on this planet and it bothers me a great deal.

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A Cloud of Dread

I am starting to feel like those Christians from the first century who resorted to drawing symbols of fish in the dirt to signal to other Christians where they could gather for fellowship and worship. No, it’s not that bad yet, but it is getting there. By the way, when it does, I wonder how many “Christians” will quickly remove those fish symbols from their vehicles and stop wearing T-shirts with Christian slogans?

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