I Wish I Could…

July 14, 2012 at 12:25 PM

I wish I could breeze through life not noticing all of the terrible things that people do to one another.  I wish I had blinders on that kept me from seeing the evil that is perpetrated daily.  I wish I enjoyed life more than I do and while that may sound like I lack faith, in reality, I understand all too well just what is happening on this planet and it bothers me a great deal.

Lately, I’ve been researching more of what’s happening in the Middle East as well as in parts of North Africa.  We know that various regimes have been toppled with the help of the United States and NATO.  Replacing these regimes is something far worse:  the Muslim Brotherhood.  While they have their mouthpieces around the world that go to bat for them to assure the world that they are truly interested in “democracy,” the truth of the matter is that they are not only not interested in real democracy, but they are actually only interested in elevating Sharia law so that everything falls under that one heading.

The Muslim Brotherhood wants the entire world to be controlled by Sharia law.  Why?  Because they believe that if that were to occur, then the Final Madhi – representing Allah’s words on earth – would be revealed.  This is what they want.  They are looking for that leader just as the New Age is yearning for their Maitreya.  It is what they strive for and it is what they live for.  They are desperate to see this come to fruition.  While they say things that appear to pander to the West’s curiosity and relief, like all people will be respected under Islam, the truth as we are seeing it is far different.

Yet, in my latest research, I have learned is that throughout various places in the world, specifically Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, other areas of the Middle East, as well as Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and parts of Kenya and the Sudan, Islam is having its way with people and there is nothing that anyone is doing to stop it.

You won’t find any of this on CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, or even FOX.  You have to be willing to dig a great deal deeper.  When you do, be prepared to have the rug pulled completely out from underneath you as you sit in shock, watching Islamists take the lives of people they either disagree with or do not like.  It is shocking, but after a while, you’ll simply become numb, unable to believe that what you are seeing is actual because you will repeat the question, “How can man be so inhumane to man?”

I watched one video of a Christian woman in Egypt.  In the video, it is learned that she is a Christian.  Because of that “crime,” one Muslim man came up to her and simply shot her to death with one well-placed bullet to the head.  End of story.  End of life.  I guess it could have been worse.  She could have been tortured first as has been done in numerous other videos where attempts were made to get people to deny Christ or to admit to being a murderer (or some other crime).  Egypt seems to have a corner on inhumanity and police brutality where torture is the weapon of choice to solve crimes.  People wind up admitting they did something (which they did not) simply because they want the torture to stop.  This has become the norm since Mubarak’s removal.  Not sure what it was like before he was removed.

There are videos and photos of old men being beaten by Muslims and dragged through the streets, left for dead.  There are examples of children being executed by Islamists because it was rumored that they were from a Christian home.

There are many examples of what is known as the Fake Syrian Army going out of its way to actually set up events in which innocent people of Syria are killed because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  In at least one video I watched, it was very clear that it was the tail wagging the dog.  The event was set up by para-military individuals who were not actually part of the official Syrian army.  They gunned down a civilian in cold blood, riddling him with bullets from their automatic rifles.  Then, as if on cue, a number of men (from their ranks, yet dressed in civilian clothing) came in front of the camera – some wailing with staged grief – and dragged their poor civilian comrade to safety.  These types of propaganda films are created in an attempt to show that the real Syrian Army is creating all of these atrocities when that is not the case.  Another interesting thing to note is that these fake Syrian armies are obviously being bankrolled by someone or some thing.  They are provided weapons, uniforms, food, water, transportation and more.  Where’s the United States?  Where’s NATO while these things are happening?

There are videos surrounding the death of Qaddafi and what happened to him just before and after he was killed.  Not pretty.  There are videos of his son being killed as well.  No trial.  They are simply gunned down, or beaten and then gunned down, or beaten, tortured, and then gunned down.

Not to be outdone, there are tribes of alleged Christians in Kenya who are shown beating and setting afire a family of people who are thought to be witches because, it turned out, they were simply not Christian.  If you’re not a Christian, you must be a witch then.  Kill them.  It’s what Jesus did, right?  It’s what He would have wanted, correct?

My point is not to simply vilify one set of people by pointing out these atrocities.  My point is that whether it’s one faction of Muslim against another, or one group of alleged Christian against non-Christians, or Muslim against Christian, the tragedy of life in 2012 is that it is extremely cheap!  Depending upon where you live in the world, you can be snuffed out without a thought, care, or concern.

Video after video, picture after picture shows something heinous happening to a person or groups of people all because of how others disagree with them or their religion or ideology.

There are videos on the ‘Net showing man’s inhumanity to man taking place in Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brazil.  I’ll spare you the details, but understand that not only is life  today very cheap, but we are seeing what appears to me at least to be an unprecedented display of animal hostility of people toward one another.  The question is WHY?

Before I answer that, let me say that I am always amazed when I run into New Agers who talk love, love, love.  To me, they’re like some modern-day hippies that never grew up.  They read the books written by leaders within the New Age movement or they listen to messages transmitted through other human beings allegedly by ascended masters and they come away breathless.  Yes!  It’s LOVE!  It’s all LOVE!

The most amazing thing to me is that not one of these ascended masters these New Agers listen to and adore has ever done anything to actually SHOW what true love is, but they can certainly talk the talk.  This they do to the growing groups of enamored and very deceived sheeple.

The other amazing thing to me is that these people who are so enamored by the words of “love” they hear and read from these ascended masters never seem to do anything to help the world get to that place of actuated or exalted love.  It simply doesn’t happen, but they can sure talk the talk.  Oh, but wait.  It’s coming they say.

Jesus talked the talk AND He walked the walk.  This is what this world needs.  Yet, we have this growing propensity for acts of cowardice and horror towards one another all in the name of some other god (or idea) who is no god at all.

I wish I could clearly see beyond all of this, but unfortunately, the best I can do is look through a darkened glass.  My faith tells me that all will be well one day even as all is now well with my soul.  The trouble is that man’s growing and alarming inhumanity to man is becoming overpowering.  Whether it’s racism, ethnic cleansing, crime, or some other perversion, it is becoming alarmingly and glaringly in your face.

Christian, we cannot give up the ship.  I believe that all authentic believers will continue to the end.  In the meantime, we need to remind ourselves – as difficult as it may be to believe based upon what we see – that God is absolutely in control.  Fear would like us to believe otherwise.  If we give into fear, we cease to be examples of His salvation.  We will be hiding our light under a bushel.

I believe the next six months to a year are going to be extremely crucial for this world.  In fact, what happens this coming November here in this country will clearly identify the direction the United States takes in the coming months.  In spite of that, wars and rumors of wars will continue until the end (cf. Matthew 24; see also Daniel 9:24-27).

In spite of what happens, God is with His own.  Let’s do what we can to introduce more to Him so that those numbers grow in spite of the growing evil that is enveloping this globe.

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