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We’ve begun working on our next book, which as it turns out, is on the subject of alienology.  This subject is fascinating if for no other reason than to realize what people are willing to believe not only about aliens, but what they purportedly tell people.

The cover shown is tentative and of course, may change before the book is completed, edited, and ready for publication.  The book will address aspects of alienology including some of the more well-known concepts pertaining to that area, as well as some of the lesser known aspects.

We go all the way back to Madame Blavatsky, followed by Alice A. Bailey, to present day.  Not only have the writings of these two women played a very large role in what is believed today, but of course, other books and movies have generated a good deal of fascination in the study of aliens.

Probably the most interesting thing is that whether they call themselves ascended masters, spirit guides, mediums, or aliens, many may find that the message from all these groups is essentially the same.  This of course leads to the question:  if the messages are mainly the same, are there really any differences between the messengers? If not, then maybe the aliens who have spent decades teasing humanity with a show of this UFO, or that one and the other entities who go by different names are no different at all, except in name.

Alienology opens the door to the fourth dimension, but so does the New Age movement.  In fact, the parallels between the two areas offer insight into the real message behind the entire area.  While many believe that this message is new for this current generation, maybe it’s not.  Maybe it’s as old as the Garden of Eden itself!

Stay tuned for more information on this next book!

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  • 1. countessarcadius  |  August 20, 2012 at 11:45 PM

    In terms of Mayan astronomy and mythology, the Dark Rift feature (which the Maya called the Black Road or Xibalba be) lies along the galactic equator (the Milky Way) in the place where the December solstice sun will be in 2012. (More precisely, the December solstice sun will reach the southern terminus of the Dark Rift, where it touches the ecliptic in Sagittarius.) Thus, in terms of Mayan mythology, we can also describe the Galactic Alignment of era-2012 as the alignment of the December solstice sun and the Dark Rift. the alignment in 2012 is an alignment between the December solstice sun and the Galactic Center.


  • 2. countessarcadius  |  August 20, 2012 at 11:35 PM

    All one need to do is go to Lucis Trust’s website, Lucis Trust is the spiritual center for the UNITED NATIONS. It has a seat and meditation room at the UN, on Lucis Trust’s website is an article called DESCENT AND SACRIFICE, (all the UN’s spiriual foundations lie upon Alice Bailey’s literature,she was a diciple of Blavatsky) once I would really LOVE TO READ THIS BOOK!

    People read the article they will see that THIS IS WHO WE’RE DEALING WITH, and the whole purpose of the UN is the NEW WORLD RELIGION, and the NEW WORLD ORDER, and yes, the ALIENS ARE THE DEMONS, ARE THE ASCENDED MASTERS. There is COMPLETE DECEPTION GOING ON, and all of it is to WHOMEVER IT IS PALATABLE TO, the UN and THE GREAT INVOCATION.

    When they speak of the return of THE CHRIST, it is NOT Jesus they are speaking of, it’s rather amusing how Blavatsky and Bailey both go on about Lucifer being equal or greater than God, and Jesus. They are very deceptive – not so much Blavatsky as she openly said – but on Alice’s behalf, she was very careful with the words she chose, and this is on PURPOSE.

    The Freemasons, the UN, Jesuits, Zionists, ALL HAVE THE SAME AGENDA! There is so much evidence in Alice’s literature, Lucis Trust is specifically for publishing her work, and very important to the UN. There are groups such as THE NEW WORLD SERVERS, Triangles, Arcane School, World Goodwill, ALL WORKING TOWARD THIS GOAL. I know to them, something significant is going on Dec 21,2012. There is Festival Week at the UN starting that date. Of course there is the Ascensioners, then there is Egypt and they are opening the HALL OF RECORDS underneath the Sphynx. Then they are resurrecting the Bull of Egypt, known as OSIRIS!

    ON DEC 21,2012, I think they are opening some sort of galactic doorway, that can ONLY BE OPENED approximately every 26 000 yrs. I don’t believe it’s the end of the world, and nobody is ascending anywhere. They are opening a doorway, and all working to bring something HERE ON EARTH, to work on WORLD GOV, AND WORLD RELIGION, and it all has to do with raising your vibration, and meditating and channeling a (demon) (ascended master) ( alien) to HELP YOU?

    In Alice Bailey’s work she states the steady erosion of the nuclear family as a natural result of sex, achieved through social and legal pressures, is also self-evident. What Bailey advocates to take the place of “old age” motivations has nothing to do with commitment, or even with physical pleasure, but exclusively with the fulfillment of a psychic obligation: “The sex relation has therefore only one major objective, which is to provide physical bodies for incarnating souls.” (_Education in the New Age_ IV, p.137)

    Eventually, the “uncontrolled response to the sex urge and desire” will be considered unenlightened. (p.138) I COULDN’T BELIEVE THAT WHEN I READ THAT. SHE EVEN STATES ON LUCIS TRUST’S WEBSITE, THAT THE NEW WORLD ORDER, THE NEW AGE WILL BE CONSIDERED FOURTH DIMENSIONAL LIVING. They are very evasive on this, and only give this general statement. I am digging VERY HARD TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THAT.

    There was something VERY INTERESTING on SCOOBY DOO, the cartoon, and it stated something very interesting as an entire episode was dedicated to the planet NIBIRU, then what I heard them say that, it made me consider what I read in an article where there was an interview with a supposed person from the ILLUMINATI, where he stated that the LORD OF THE HARVEST returns on Dec 21,2012, and that we call that NIBIRU?

    The Scooby Doo episode stated that a doorway WILL BE OPENED AND THE ANUNAKI from the planet NIBIRU will come to earth AND BE THE FIRST GODS OF HUMANKIND! I know it’s pathetic, it’s just a cartoon, but the interview, the UN, all their groups, the Ascensioners, they are being told something a little different, but it MIRRORS what Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky wrote about. The Alien agenda is connected TO ALL OF THIS. I believe there are MANY different scenarios that can happen, and time will be the only one to tell. I don’t believe there is a planet NIBIRU. I believe it’s the doorway? Not sure.


    • 3. modres  |  August 21, 2012 at 3:01 PM

      Thanks for sharing and keep us posted.


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