Fourth-Dimensional Living Now…Says Satan!

March 31, 2011 at 8:30 PM 1 comment

I’m sure for those who do not believe in an actual being named Satan who was at one time God’s highest created being (according to Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 27), the title of this particular post is off-putting.  That’s life.  Jesus understood Satan’s reality, so I’m in very good company in also accepting the fact that Satan exists and his job is to torment and deceive.

In preparation for my next book that is currently being written (tentatively titled ALIENology), I have been studying His Word and researching what other authors are saying.  One thing I have found is that there is much agreement about what Satan does and WHY he does it, at least among many conservative scholars of the Bible.

The world is on a completely different track, however.  To them, not only is Satan NOT real, but the idea that some being or entity like him who really has it in for humanity is laughable.  These same people believe in aliens that are here to help humanity.  Okay…whatever.

Truth be told, I believe that beings masquerading as aliens actually exist.  I simply believe those beings to be demonic in origin.  I know, I know.  Some of you are laughing right now, but the reality is that twenty to thirty years ago, if you mentioned aliens in a serious conversation, you would have been stared at as if you WERE one yourself, or someone had their hand on the phone ready to dial the boys over at the rubber jacket factory.  The only escape from people thinking you were a real loon was to pass it off as a joke.

However, there is something interesting that all these alleged aliens are related to humanity that bears a very close resemblance to religion.  Not good news for atheists and agnostics.  The one good point is that to aliens, God is not a Being, but a mindset.

Satan’s plan has always been to take the shortcut.  Adam and Eve were doing fine until he showed up and pushed them over the edge with desire.  It was a desire that said, “No, we don’t need to do it God’s way!  We can do it OURS and still get there!”  Man, they were wrong, weren’t they?  We all would have done the same thing though, so we can’t look down our noses at Adam and Eve as if we would have not followed the same path.

Segue 6,000 years or so later and Satan is still trying to get the world to do it their (his) way, but taking shortcuts.  I note that in the garden, it is very likely that both Adam and Eve lived fourth dimensionally.  Can I prove that?  No, I can’t, but please note that the only thing Satan could tempt them with was godhood.

Adam and Eve had everything, except the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  They walked with God in the cool of the Garden.  They fellowshipped with Him daily…face to face.  Nothing was hidden.  When they chose to agree with Satan that his way was better than God’s, they fell and everything they had enjoyed vanished.

It is the same with us today, except of course, we have no experiential knowledge of what it is like to NOT sin.  We were born in sin and we continue to live in sin now.  Even as Christians, our sin nature is firmly attached and will need to be surgically removed upon our death.  Sin is never that far away from us.

So when Satan went to our first parents, he helped them believe that they did not have to do things the way God intended in order to become gods.  Again, they may have already been living fourth dimensionally (I’m making an educated guess here because of their ability to rule over all Creation – animals, plants, everything).

Currently, people do not live fourth dimensionally.  We live in three dimensions and we are stuck with that until we die.  Once death takes us, we will go through that door into eternity where the Lord will give us new glorified bodies, that are capable of handling dimensions not confined by three only.

So what is Satan’s lie now?  It’s still “ye shall be gods,” however for humanity now, the carrot is hung over our heads that tries to help us believe that if we try hard enough now, if we meditate often enough now, if we perform enough goodwill (good works) toward humanity now, then we have an excellent chance of being able to live in the fourth dimension.  Once we are able to live in the fourth dimension, we live…ready? … as GODS!

The fourth dimension is the dimension that we – as human beings who live in three dimensions – cannot access while still in human bodies.  In general, the fourth dimension (as well as any other dimension that is built into the universe with which we exist), is off-limits to us until after we die.  Once our first parents fell, it was as if God cordoned off anything beyond our three dimensions.  This is one of the reasons why we are forbidden to seek the advice of mediums and spirit guides.  First, it is spiritual adultery, and second, those areas are now off-limits completely.

When we die, our soul leaves our earthly bodies, and we are given new, glorified bodies that are perfectly capable of living beyond our three dimensions.  I believe the fourth dimensions (and others) were available to both Adam and Eve prior to their fall.  I also believe that is where all of humanity was intended to live by God, from the moment of Creation onward.  The fall interrupted that by cutting us off from all but the three dimensions we now live in.

God’s plan for getting us back to living beyond our three dimensions is called the plan of salvation.  It is through Jesus that we become born again, or born from above (cf. John 3).  Being born again gives us a new nature in this life and a new body to match (minus the sin nature) in the next.

There is absolutely no way to get to that point – of living beyond our current three dimensions – as long as we are alive in this dimension.  Living fourth dimensionally (and beyond) is only for the next life, since this current state of existence is severely marred and handicapped by sin and the sin nature.

Paul tells us in Romans that the entire Creation groans under the heavy load of sin (cf. Romans 1 and following ).  It will not fully be rectified until after Jesus reigns for 1,000 years, then destroys this heaven and earth, creating new ones to take their place.  That is God’s plan and will be carried out.

Living in the fourth dimension and beyond is living that is only gifted to those who trust in the Name of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  Those who believe that Jesus died for sinful humanity, opening a way back to God for those who seek Him, they will be rewarded with eternal life and eternal life is living with God, physically beyond these three dimensions.  God is not bound or limited by our three dimensions.  He is infinite.  We are finite.

There is no shortcut to salvation.  Faith is required and faith is exercised when people humble themselves in realizing that Christ died for the ungodly.  They begin to understand that salvation is a free gift, and it is given to those who in humility, ask for it.  A person who asks God for salvation, does so because he/she realizes his/her need for God.  They realize they cannot do it themselves and in fact, are quite unable to do it at all.

The end result of the salvation leading to eternal life that we receive in this life, is living in glory with the Lord, forever, beyond these measly three dimensions.  That type of living THEN will not be limited by the three dimensions we live in NOW.

Here’s the rub though.  Satan has worked very hard to spell out a way for people to obtain this fourth dimensional living now.  We do not have to wait until we die.  We can begin to work toward it now, as we live.  Once we have worked hard enough, we gain entrance into that fourth dimension, which frees us from the confines of our current three dimensions.

This is of course, a complete fabrication, at least according to the Bible, and if I could, I would buy stock in the Bible due to its veracity and truthfulness!  God says there is only one way back to Him and that is through Jesus.  Satan says there are many paths and none of them go through Jesus at all.

It seems all too clear to me.  Satan wants human beings to believe that fourth dimensional living is real for people now.  Once this is attained, it is the same as living divinely.  God says that we cannot access those other dimensions now and we should not try.  We need to go through Him, receive the salvation He provided through Jesus, God the Son, and in the next life, all the dimensions will be opened up to us.

People unknowingly buy into Satan’s schemes because they sound good, it puts them in the driver’s seat, and because they do not have to deal with the problem of sin.  It’s a shortcut that ends in death, not life.

I hope you have made a decision to receive the only salvation that is available for you.  There is no shortcut to eternal life.  It goes through Jesus and Him alone!

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  • 1. Ingrid  |  March 31, 2011 at 11:31 PM

    Good stuff, as always Fred. Thanks 🙂


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