May 15th – Palestinians Will Invade Israel

April 2, 2011 at 11:42 AM 2 comments

According to numerous Facebook pages, the Palestinians are doing what they can to amass hundreds of thousands of people in Israel to walk en mass into areas they believe to be rightfully theirs.  According to one site, they will “‘return’ to and take over the original homes of their families in ‘Palestine‘.”

What it appears that we are talking about here is an actual invasion into Israel.  I can see it now.  Hundreds of thousands of protestors will “walk” into parts of Israel that are not “Palestinian” and be met with force.  The world will wag their collective finger at Israel and verbally condemn their actions against the poor, innocent, “Palestinian.”

To reiterate, being “Palestinian” is not having a special culture or language.  Being called Palestinian was something that ANYONE and EVERYONE (both Jew and Gentile) was referred to who lived in Palestine years ago.  Yassar Arafat got the brilliant idea of creating a people group by opting to start referring to only the ARABS as Palestinian.  What he effectively did then was lied to the world by building a people of special culture (calling them Palestinians) without them having a unique language or dialect, or anything culture-specific to that group.

It worked wonderfully well and the world bought the lie.  So now, in spite of the fact that at the time Arafat stole the name and applied it only to Arabs, there were Jews were who also routinely called Palestinians, the world in general believes that only Arabs were ever and remain Palestinians.

The groundswell of support for Arabs, against Jews, has grown exponentially over the past few decades.  While sad, it is not surprising simply because of everything that Scripture says regarding the End Times and what will happen in the Middle East.

We have an event known in Scripture as the Northern Invasion (Ezekiel 38-39) where a group of nations will gather together, led by a commander from the North (Gog) who will attempt to invade and conquer Israel.  Is this upcoming May 15th event that particular invasion?  I seriously doubt it because as of yet, there appears to be no leader and moreover, no sign of any other nations being involved…yet.

Of course, time will tell.  It could also turn out to be a lot of hullabaloo over nothing.  This is what happened with the scheduled protest at the Statue of Liberty that was supposed to occur on March 3 of this year.  It was indefinitely postponed by its organizers.  For those who are unaware, Muslims want the Statue of Liberty destroyed and replaced with a minaret (

One thing radical Muslims do very well is scream and yell about anything that has to do with things that are outside Islam.  Jews are especially prone to Islamic condemnation and this upcoming May 15th invasion is based on the belief that Jews are pigs and have no right to the Land they now possess in the Middle East.  Much of the world identifies and agrees with that particular belief.

Of course, the events that are being advertised via Facebook and elsewhere indicate that the protests will be peaceful and protestors will not be carrying weapons.  I’ll believe that when I see it.  We all remember the “peaceful” flotilla that was trying to get past Israel to drop “emergency supplies” to Palestinians?  The fact that there were individuals on board who aggressively attacked Israeli police is clear from videos of the event.  What is also clear is that Islamic radicals have used ships to attempt to bring weapons into areas adjacent to Israel.  Israel has a right to protect itself and its citizens.

If this coming May 15th event occurs, will it be peaceful?  I cannot imagine it.  I have yet to see a peaceful group of radical Muslims protesting anything.  In Great Britain, they “peacefully” protest the government by screaming as loudly as they can, blocking pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and carrying signs that say “To hell with democracy” and things of that nature.  In other words, the radical Islamist’s version of peacefully protesting is genuinely inciting.  They say and do things to get people to react.  That’s what they are hoping for and when that happens, they play the victim.

I’m hopeful that if the event occurs, Israeli soldiers will simply act as a wall against these “peaceful” protesters.  If they try to get passed the soldiers, then force may have to be used.  I can see them doing the “NBA flop” though by making it appear as though they were manhandled and shoved, when in point of fact, they will be the ones who attempt to run the gauntlet.

Apparently, organizers are hoping to gain protesters from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank.  They are also warning that there may be violence and that they should prepare for martyrdom.  Sounds like a peaceful protest to me – uh, sure.

There is also a recommended list of items that should be brought for the event:

  • cloth and some vinegar and lemon as protection from tear gas
  • an aluminum pot and goggles to protect from tear-gas bombs and rubber bullets
  • an olive branch to signify the peaceful character of the protest
  • cans of spray paint to paint the face guards of the soldiers (just in case there is a confrontation)
  • sleeping bag and a first-aid kit
  • water and soap for pouring on the tires of military jeeps so the tires skid

What, no food?  Leave it to the “Palestinians” to think only in terms of war without the basic necessities of life.

Whether this event happens or not remains to be seen.  In any event, the Lord will take care of it one way or another.  In the meanwhile, I’m continuing to pray for peace in the Middle East.

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  • 1. business daily  |  April 12, 2011 at 8:55 AM

    ………………………………………………………….1.big mouth barak …………….as usual the boaster barak says he is confident the idf will apprehend the terrorists shot his mouth off before they were apprehended if at all…..barak has this habit of blowing hot air that arabs mock…..If you read his evidence before the turkel commission he was evasive and not to the point yet flooded information that succeeded in preventing turkel from asking him–did you issue the orders to restrict commandos to paintball guns directly or indirectly. It is time to change that…………………………………….Yakov ………Tel Aviv ……………… 03.14.11 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


  • 2. CW Orange  |  April 4, 2011 at 6:22 AM

    And a will for when the Silver Bullet Gun Oil sends their ass directly to hell…


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