Truth is Always Truth…Whether People Believe It or Not

April 2, 2011 at 11:19 PM

Sandra Anderson was an extremely successful cadaver dog handler.  She had worked hard to earn what she said what was an “impeccable reputation” because of her work with 47 law enforcement agencies.

Anderson had worked with families to help solve cold-cases, some of which had been over 20 years since the original crime had occurred.  These families came to know and love her for her tireless work to help solve crimes involving their friends and loved ones.

Anderson’s dog Eagle, was far better than State Police and other law enforcement dogs in finding bones, fibers with blood, as well as toes and other types of things, such as a small saw blade with blood on it.  Incredibly, Eagle was so good that even after law enforcement dogs went over the area two or three times and finding nothing, it took little time for Eagle to come in and locate what the other dogs could not.

At one point, a State Police Officer who was on scene with Anderson and three or four other officers investigating a crime scene, noticed what he thought was Anderson actually planting a bone fragment.  Incredulous, he looked at his colleagues to see if they had noticed anything, but it appeared that they did not see.

When the officer mentioned it to the others, they thought he was crazy.  The more he mentions it to others, the greater resistance he received from his colleagues and superiors.  He wound up doing his investigative work as much under the radar as he could.

It was not until another police officer in another state was working with Anderson and believed she happened to noticed Anderson planting evidence as well.  After a struggle, Anderson was arrested with the help of other officers at the scene.

Of course, Anderson denied the claims that she planted anything and accused police officers of simply being jealous of the fact that she had success where their own dogs failed.  Immediately after her arrest, Anderson worked to gain as much support as possible from other law enforcement personnel as well as family and friends of crime victims.

Many rallied around her and even came to the conclusion that whether she did plant evidence or not, it actually helped their cases, because it brought the cold cases out of retirement.  They firmly believed that the police were simply jealous of Anderson’s success and wanted to bring her down because her success made them look bad.

Anderson’s successes put many people in prison because numerous bone fragments as well as other items located by Eagle.  People’s lives were obviously affected and family and loved ones of the crime victims finally had closure.  Because of this closure, it became extremely difficult for these individuals to believe that Sandra Anderson could be guilty of such heinous actions of planting false evidence.

The problem of course is that in spite of any evidence that supported law enforcement, the average individual who had met and had seen what Anderson accomplished on their behalf was resolute in their refusal to accept that Anderson could have been guilty of any wrongdoing.

So instead of looking at potential evidence, people went strictly by how they felt.  This is not unusual for people.  Folks tend to judge other people and/or situations by how they feel in spite of any evidence to the contrary.

This happens all the time with Scripture and events that the Bible says have occurred.  People choose many reasons to disbelieve what the Bible records as fact.  Most of the time, they have already arrived at a decision, but simply saying “Because…” as an answer to the question “Why don’t you believe?” unfortunately appears just as it is:  unintelligent.

Over the years, I’ve heard people swear by the veracity of evolution for instance, as well as other “scientific” reasons for tossing out Creationism.  It seems that too many people are willing to set any facts aside in favor of their feelings and emotions as the determining factor.

This is nothing but relativism.  It is unfortunately the heading under which many individuals live today.  Some do it deliberately.  Others are simply taking in by their emotions.

We’ve all heard of situations where the wife is brutally killed and in some cases, the husband is arrested, charged, and found guilty of the charge.  This of course was fully denied by the husband, but to no avail.  In one particular case in California from 1989.  In this case, the wife is brutally murdered.  The husband was arrested while he protested that he was innocent.

Unable to prove his innocence, he was eventually convicted and sent to prison.  His parents believed that he was innocent and worked tirelessly to get a new trial.  After ten years, during a prison visit, the man told his parents that he had actually killed his wife.  He was jealous because she wanted to leave him.

We are all aware of situations like this that have occurred.  People tend to rely too much on their feelings instead of sifting through facts.  We see this constantly happening with the talking heads and pundits on the TV, radio, and in the newspaper.  What it amounts to is who can win a crowd over by the conviction of their words, not whether or not they are telling the truth.

This is why our emotions should never be used to help us make decisions.  We should be as analytical as possible, especially when it comes to Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers.

All too often, people who reject Jesus do so because of the anger that they feel due to His claims.  Have you ever witnessed to someone only to experience their anger?  It is strange in general, but to authentic Christians, it makes sense.  We know why people become so angry at times at the mention of the Name of Jesus.  It forces people to face themselves and their own situations.  It puts them face to face with their own failures and sin.  No one likes that and if Satan can keep them at that point, then he has won at least temporarily.

It is when people come to full terms with their situation that they come to the end and realize that while they are sinners, they also realize that there is an answer to the problem of their sin.  The answer is found in Jesus only.  It’s not found in any aspect of the New Age movement.  It is not found in Islam.  It is not found in Buddhism or any other religion.  All of them tell you that salvation is attained through works, not faith.

Jesus says that salvation is given freely and received through faith.  If you are one who does not know Jesus, please do not allow your emotions or feelings to keep you from the only salvation that is available.  Instead, take the time to investigate Jesus’ claims yourself.  Do the research and ask yourself probably the most important question you can ask yourself:  why do I react in anger when I heard about Jesus?

Oh, by the way, Sandra Anderson finally confessed to the charges that were lodged against her.  This is in spite of her own attestations of her innocence originally, and the belief in her innocence by many of the victims’ families and friends with which she had worked.  In spite of what their feelings told them about Anderson, evidence told the true story.

It is the same with Jesus.  Ultimately, the truth about Him exists and eventually, all will know it.  Some with open and welcoming arms.  Too many with hatred in their hearts.  Please…don’t be one of the latter.

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