WH Pushes Pastors to Push for Gun Control

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It appears that the White House is willing to do whatever it can to secure more gun control measures for America. The latest situation involves “influential pastors and ministers recently met with Vice President Joe Biden at the White House where the Vice President called on them to use their influence to help pass President Barack Obama’s new gun control measures.”

As we know, recent attempts to legislate more gun control failed. However, when the left is faced with defeat, they simply find other ways to do things. The failed measures “include the outlawing of all semi-automatic rifles, outlawing high-capacity magazines, and establishing a government-mandated national gun registration policy, which is subtly identified as ‘Universal Background Checks’.”

George W. Bush also used the powers of the federal government (through FEMA) to train pastors “to use their influence to convince citizens to completely surrender any and all rights and liberties to the federal government in the event of a national emergency or crisis. Submission to tyrannical actions such as forced relocation and gun confiscation is taught in these training programs.”

I know there are many who think that Bush (both Bushes, for that matter) may have been a good president, but the truth (for me at least) is that all modern presidents are essentially hand-picked by elitists who then “allow” people to vote for their candidate, but make it appear as though we have a say. Under Bush, we lost rights to the Patriot Act, the reduction in Posse Comitatus and other defense acts that – in the name of national security – simply scrubbed Americans of rights. The practice has continued under Obama and most likely done at an accelerated pace due simply because the race card can be played at any time.

I simply have no soft spot for George W. Bush and if Dr. Dennis Cuddy is correct that our next president will likely be Jeb Bush, I won’t be impressed either. In fact, if it turns out to be Jeb Bush, then we know that the global elite’s plan of world dominance is working out well.

People think they have a choice in presidential elections. That’s because they fail to see that powers behind the scenes control things. I know that sounds “conspiratorial” in nature, but my goodness, just look at the kind of garbage the federal government has been involved in for the past 25 plus years (or go back to FDR) and it really doesn’t take a genius to realize that things are not as they appear.

But getting back to the federal government’s use of pastors, ministers, and rabbis to persuade their congregations to support more gun control seems to me to be a violation of separation of church and state. These are the actions of a state leaning toward totalitarianism, not one where the Constitution is honored as the rule of law.

One individual noted, “there are many pastors and Christians who only know what they have been taught. And what they have been taught is that the Bible does not support the right to resist government, that the right to keep and bear arms is not sacred, and that Christians are supposed to be pacifistic in their approach to issues that relate to the Second Amendment. They are taught this erroneous doctrine in Bible colleges and universities and seminaries all over America–regardless of denomination.”

Many on the left believe the above. They believe that a Christian is to peacefully resist authority and criminals (when resisting at all). Is that taught in the Bible? It’s certainly taught by liberal, leftist professors at too many Bible colleges and universities. The person quoted above has produced a book (with his son who is a Constitutional attorney) called, “To Keep or Not to Keep.” We have ordered a copy and will review it in an upcoming article.

It would appear that the Obama administration is blurring the lines between church and state so that they can have what they want in spite of what Congress has legally done regarding gun control. Obama wants a national database in the guise of universal background checks. He acts as if this is Constitutional and by instituting this, gun-related crime will go down. The two do not equate, but having a national database would certainly make it easier for the federal government to do what California has already started doing: gun confiscation.

Apparently, Obama is willing to ask pastors to use their influence to change the way folks think. But all this is really a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment, which clearly states that it shall not be infringed. It has already been infringed and placing more things between it and the individual buying guns further infringes it.

Obama knows that he has an uphill battle with respect to more gun control, especially considering the fact that this country has roughly 9,000 laws currently on the books that are not unilaterally and consistently enforced. In a speech from December 19, Obama made the following comment, “Look, like the majority of Americans, I believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms.”

His first part of that comment – “…like the majority of Americans…” is interesting and telling. He continued by stating, “But you know what, I am also betting that the majority — the vast majority — of responsible, law-abiding gun owners would be some of the first to say that we should be able to keep an irresponsible, law-breaking few from buying a weapon of war.”

Again, Obama used the word “majority” has if that has any bearing on the truth of the 2nd Amendment (or any amendment for that matter). It doesn’t matter whether all or none believe the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. That is fact and it is not up to majority rules. It is what it is and no one can come in a reinterpret it into something else based on some alleged majority of people.

We can rest assured that the Obama administration will not stop its attacks on the 2nd Amendment and the next president will continue the attacks, but will do it differently. If the global elitists are smart, they’ll do their best to ensure that another person of color is president after Obama so that the race card can continue to be used whenever there is disagreement over policies.

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