Crime Prevention Software, FB Censoring, and Rogue Cops

May 26, 2013 at 1:37 PM 2 comments

Apparently, the police in Seattle have decided to use a new software that has been tested and allegedly shown to be promising in their effort to fight crime. From the Trenches reports, “The federally-funded cloud-based crime prediction software known as PREDPOL, uses mathematical algorithms similar to ones used in earthquake prediction to predict when and where a future crime is most likely to take place down to a 500-square foot area. The program combines five years’ worth of past crime data with sociological information about criminal behavior.” PREDPOL (Predictive Policing) is highly esteemed apparently, at least according to the testimonials on their website.

Seattle’s mayor notes, “We’ve had anecdotal successes with the pilot project in East and Southwest Precincts, so we’re expanding Predictive Policing citywide.” For those unaware, “anecdotal” refers to “containing or consisting exclusively of anecdotes rather than connected discourse or research conducted under controlled conditions.” In other words, it’s done by mere observation rather than any substantive and proven research techniques. Educators use anecdotal notes to add information to a student’s information, whether related to how the student does in a classroom environment or something else.

As one individual noted, use of this software is right out of the movie “Minority Report.” This isn’t the first time Seattle has been involved in something like this. Last year, the city received a $5 million grant “which went towards 30 Department of Homeland Security-funded surveillance cameras on Seattle’s waterfront area. Despite the claim that the cameras were for the coast line to protect the Port of Seattle from terrorism, the cameras were caught pointing inward, watching Seattle residents by ‘accident’.”

Amazing how often Homeland Security seems to be involved in spying on Americans, isn’t it? Oh, but they’re just doing their job, aren’t they? Sure…and just when will we see Robocops wandering around the city, all for our own safety of course?

Apparently, the folks at FB social networking site have become even more fascist (if that’s possible). They have now actively censored accounts of people who are highlighting the recent peaceful rally against Monsanto. Why?

You see, the truth appears to be that food modified by Monsanto may not be healthy. In fact, it may cause severe health-related problems. So why would the Global Elite be pushing for the acceptance of Monsanto? Because they want us – the peons – to eat genetically modified food so that the real food is available for them to eat. Do you think this may have something to do with small dairy farms and family owned farms being raided by the feds? Do you think this is why people are being harassed and fined by authorities because they are catching rain water that falls?

One site that reported the censorship was threatened by FB to have their site shut down. That’s what the left does. If they cannot get you to shut up with ridicule, they will go for intimidation. The “authorities” at FB have long been against totally free speech, though the way they pick and choose whom they censor is interesting to say the least.

Like many on the left who currently have the microphone now, FB does what it wants, intimidating whomever they choose. Sure, you can fight it, but is it really worth the time and effort? It’s what the left does and they want you to simply give up.

Rogue Militarized Cops
Finally, for today, two cases of militarized cops gone bad. One is Box Elder County Utah Deputy Scott Womack, who was in the apparent habit of pulling women over and then telling them they were wanted in another jurisdiction. They had two choices – either get handcuffed and be taken in then or get into his patrol car and basically strip so he could “verify” whether or not certain tattoos were in hidden places. In spite of the charges against him (all misdemeanors) and his admission of guilt, Womack got off lucky. His name will not become permanently part of the sex offender register.

Ex-Deputy Scott Womack

Ex-Deputy Scott Womack

Many of Womack’s traffic stops were completely undocumented and often tickets were not ever issued. Moreover, Womack could eventually be reinstated as a police officer because he is only charged with misdemeanor offenses.

Unfortunately, had any of the women involved physically resisted him, they could have been charged with felonies. This is the problem with para-militarized law enforcement. Average citizens are seen more and more as enemy combatants and are treated as if guilty until they can somehow prove their innocence. This is what America is becoming. Are you ready for it?

In other potential rogue cop news, just a few days ago, a woman Sacramento police officer was video-taped beating a suspect who later died at the hospital. What can be readily seen is that another (male) police officer is lying on top of the downed suspect while suspect was being beaten by the female officer and other police officers were standing and waiting…for something.

You would think that another officer could have jumped on the suspect’s legs and cuffed him and two other officers could have taken his arms and cuffed his hands behind his back. No, I was not there. No, I am not a police officer, though I have portrayed a Sheriff’s deputy in an independent film.

Seriously though, why was a police officer beating this man when it appeared (and I’ll emphasize the word appeared) that he was not at that point resisting? I read the article indicating that the suspect first had a police officer in his grasp and eventually released him after police used pepper spray and a baton. By the time they got him on the ground, this was obviously no longer the case.

I saw at least four police officers in the video. One using a baton, one on top of the suspect, the other two standing there, not looking as if they knew what to do. A suspect is now dead and maybe the reason for it will turn out to be the suspect’s own negligence. We don’t know. The problem though is how all of this is interpreted by the average citizen.

We will update as we learn more about this situation.

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  • 1. Lester  |  May 28, 2013 at 6:44 AM

    I can’t find the videos, but have you seen the videos of police beating suspects on the street? Many of them are skinny looking young people and the cops are ganging up on them like 3-4 on one. In one video there was a cop chase and the suspect crashed and flipped the car being thrown out and unconscious or dead 4 cops were beating a corpse! As for Monsanto, that name is synonymous with Satan!


    • 2. modres  |  May 28, 2013 at 7:19 AM

      I’ve seen a lot of those videos. I know the one you’re talking about where the guy was thrown from his vehicle and unconscious at least and police were still beating him. Unbelievable.



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