A National I.D. Card? Really?

May 23, 2013 at 2:18 PM 2 comments

In a recent email regarding so-called immigration reform, Congressman Rand pointed out that “…buried deep within the 800-plus pages of the so-called ‘Immigration Reform’ Bill, a new biometric National ID scheme to open the door to more government intrusion the lives of every American.” The card might be called the Believe System, “an acronym for Biometric Enrollment, Locally stored Information and Electronic Verification of Employment.” In order to obtain the card, people will have to submit either fingerprint, iris scan, or hand scan.

The national ID “card would contain a digital encryption key that would be required to match work authorization databases. The micro-processing chip on the card would store the biometric identifier.” You don’t want to go along with this new system? Say “good-bye” to your job. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are co-sponsors of the bill that would create this. Schumer is a “progressive” and Graham is often more like a RINO.

Guess which department would be in charge of this system? “Under the National ID scheme, the Department of Homeland Security would create a massive new photo database to include names, ages, and Social Security numbers of every single American.” Forgive my sarcasm, but I can’t see any problems with this, can you?

It could easily come to a point where we would not be able to work, bank, or even shop without a National ID card. Is this the way it would start out? Probably not. The federal government never does anything that obvious right from the start. In fact, they usually tell us that our fears would never be realized because safeguards would be put in place to ensure that those fears never came home to roost. They’re doing this with gun control.

Why would we need any type of national identification card? Why would it be necessary? Oh, to streamline things you say. To cut down on corruption. Really? For whom? The government’s desire to issue a national card would be for no other reason than to keep track of us.

Before the story broke about the IRS and the DOJ spying on AP journalists, no one believed it. In fact, even Obama mocked the idea of large government equaling government tyranny, telling gathered graduates to ignore those voices. Then we learned shortly after that about the government’s overreach through illegal tactics that were designed to make people feel as though they had better shut up. What was that about non-existent governmental tyranny? Even people on the left are upset about it, but they can’t say they weren’t warned. They simply chose not to believe what they heard. It was just too laughable to them then. I don’t hear people laughing now.

Here we are, in 2013, the start of Obama’s second term as president of the United States and we have one scandal after another in which he denies any culpability. Okay, he didn’t know. Then he’s obviously incompetent.

All of these scandals have one thing in common. They all point to illegalities promulgated by the federal government in order to accomplish something. The scandals themselves are simply signs that something is happening beyond our vision. The scandals themselves are not the real issues. The real issues are what the scandals attempt to hide.

Why was a “stand down” order given? Knowing why tells us what was actually going on in Benghazi.

Why did the IRS target conservative groups only? Intimidation? Knowing why helps us understand the reasons why it was done and what it hoped to accomplish.

Why were AP phone records (and emails of reporters) illegally taken by the DOJ? What was the purpose? Intimidation?

In other words, we cannot simply focus on the scandal to tell us why. They are scandals because each case represents questionable or illegal activities that should not have happened and were meant to create or cover something else. The scandals are merely signs pointing to other things. Digging gets to the truth.

For instance, was Benghazi covering gun-running? Was it covering an attempt to kidnap Chris Stevens in order to eventually exchange him for the imprisoned blind sheik making Obama the hero just before the November election? Was the IRS involved in intimidating conservative groups in an effort to shut down their voice so that they would be ineffective leading up to the November election?

With this in mind then, why does our government need a national card that people would be forced to carry? What would their purpose be? Obviously, no matter how they spin it, the purpose is going to benefit the government, not me.

Could there be abuses with said national identification card? Of course! Could it one day be used against people, forcing them to adhere to specific ways of speech and even thought? Yes.

Is it possible to think that one day, someone could say that if you don’t have one of those cards, you cannot buy or sell anything? Yes, of course that is a real possibility and if so, it is then merely another way for the government to gain control over the citizenry. Revelation 13:17 says, “and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

Even if this national identification card is introduced with completely altruistic intents (which I seriously doubt), could it be at some point used to enforce this type of law referenced in Revelation 13? Yes, without equivocation. It could happen.

We need to continue to stand against this type of tyranny. It has no place in a civilized society because the risks outweigh any perceived benefits.

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  • 1. Sherry  |  May 23, 2013 at 6:30 PM

    Bet we could vote without this card! 😀



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