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What? They’re Actually Admitting Gun Rights Advocates are Right?

One of the things I have never understood is why the left seems to believe the idea that larger government somehow translates to a better society. We already know that there is incredible waste in our government and to increase its size simply means to increase the amount of waste. That apparently doesn’t bother a lot of people on the left though because in general, they all seem to be in favor of larger government.

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Marines as Umbrella Stands? Yep…Sadly.

It seems that every day, Obama’s actions become more contemptible. The way he stutters after this segments because he’s dealing no less than three scandals that Jay Carney refuses to accept as scandals.

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Kern County Sheriffs Guilty of Murder?

The officers then began rounding up the cell phones from people who had recorded the event. There is a grainy, dark video of the incident that can be viewed. Witnesses say that as Silva was being beaten, he was begging for his life. It was impossible for Silva to fight back against 9 officers and one can only wonder what motivated the officers to beat him as they did.

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More on the Common Core

The problem with Common Core – as we’re discovering – is that though it is clearly illegal for the federal government to dictate to the states (and HOW did Obamacare become law again?), this is exactly what the Obama administration has been doing. Because of this, state governors are now taking a moment to “hit the pause button” as Gov. Pence has done in Indiana, and now Gov. Deal has done by actually hitting the “stop” button.

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IRS Flinches, Obama Digs In

In spite of the statements in the IG report, it appears that harassing letters from the IRS to conservative groups came, not just from Cincinnati, but also from Washington, DC headquarters as well as California offices of the IRS. Lest we also forget, officials from the IRS actually apologized not for the appearance of unfairly targeting conservative groups, but for actually targeting them. How did the IG miss the obvious?

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NJ Dems Caught on Open Mic on Guns: Confiscate, Confiscate, Confiscate

One thing he left us with was his belief that we on the right constantly assume the government is coming for our guns and before we know it, the black helicopters will be flying overhead to round us all up as well. This is what those on the left do because it’s easier than engaging in honest discourse. Of course, not all on the left are that way, but it seems that the majority of them are and it makes for impossible discussion. When someone on the left resorts to ridicule and denigration (as they are wont to do), they are essentially refusing to engage in intelligent dialogue, but would rather act like 8-year-olds on the school grounds (no offense to mature 8-year-olds meant). The left also has a tendency to forget things…a lot.

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Muslims Caught Trespassing at Boston’s Quabbin Reservoir

I think it is clear that there are plenty of Muslims throughout the United States and Canada who would like to harm us. Of course we cannot simply round them up and toss them in another Gitmo-style holding area or internment camp. However, the other truth is that the only ones who appear to be entering a new phase of jihad in the United States are radicalized Muslims. They don’t care how many innocent people are destroyed (or whether those people are conservative or liberal). They simply want to introduce fear into the daily life of Americans.

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Common Core and Privacy Issues

I’ll say right up front that I have not made up my mind completely one way or another with respect to Common Core. I’m still reading and researching. At the same time, I know that many have come out against it and are vehement in their resistance to Common Core. They have their reasons.

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Politically Correct Problems with the United Nations

The UN wants to accomplish a number of things. It wants an International Criminal Court established in The Hague. They would have the power to arrest and charge anyone in the world and even have the power to remove constitutional rights from Americans. In essence, the UN sees this criminal court as higher than America’s Constitution. America would lose her sovereignty to the UN.

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Obama’s Mounting Troubles

It has to be admitted that things are not looking good for Obama and while people like Julian Bond prefer to simply blame it all on racism, the actual truth may be found elsewhere. Benghazi is putting information into the minds of Americans that the administration would certainly like to have kept locked up. Something is obviously wrong when left-leaning networks like MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and even CNN start reporting the facts about Benghazi.

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