Kern County Sheriffs Guilty of Murder?

May 16, 2013 at 9:28 AM

A recent case in point has to do with David Silva, of Bakersfield, CA. A call was made to 911 about a man who was intoxicated. Upon arrival (and Kern County Sheriffs were the first to arrive on scene), some type of altercation began with Silvia and law enforcement. Up to this point, Silva had been lying on the ground unconscious from too much drink.

Apparently, according to witnesses, 9 officers began beating Silva, eventually, killing him. Silvia, who was taken across the street to the medical center, was pronounced dead at that time.

The officers then began rounding up the cell phones from people who had recorded the event. There is a grainy, dark video of the incident that can be viewed. Witnesses say that as Silva was being beaten, he was begging for his life. It was impossible for Silva to fight back against 9 officers and one can only wonder what motivated the officers to beat him as they did.

This type of tragedy is becoming far too common. There are any numbers of websites that catalogue this type of (what appears to be) criminal behavior by officers who are sworn to uphold the law, not break it. One of those websites – CopBlock – already has this particular situation listed and even has an update.

Remember those cell phones that were confiscated by police? Interestingly enough (and not surprisingly), some of the video that had been captured on them has simply disappeared. My goodness, how could that have happened?

CopBlock has stated, “The FBI is now investigating the matter. Sheriff Youngblood has not responded to any of Copwatchers Media Company requests. This is no doubt a cover up. I think it’s about time Sheriff Youngblood steps down for incompetence in office and failure to safeguard evidence. There is no doubt in my mind that you run a corrupt department. At this point we can only hope the FBI can retrieve the deleted videos.”

The tragedy is that this is becoming so common anymore that it is no longer an unusual situation. We have seen too many videos about this type of rogue officer who seems to believe that they are not their to enforce the law, but to be the arresting officer, the judge, and the jury. Why are we having so many instances of cops going off on people, most of them defenseless?

I saw one video yesterday of a man who was in handcuffs and leaning against a cop car. He had been placed there by two female officers. At one point, a male officer comes up and starts talking to the suspect and then hauls off and back hands him to the face/head. The video was recorded by someone in a home not far away from the incident. I’m sure the officer likely thought his action was not being recorded.

There are also many times that police officers will attempt to force people to stop recording. The question is why is that? What are they afraid of if they are remaining within the law? Most states allow recording of police officers in public as long as it is not done secretly. A few states, like California, say recording is illegal. You need to know the law if you’re going to record something involving police officers.

A few days ago, police in Cotati, CA literally broke into a person’s home and tazed both husband and wife, in spite of the fact that no one was resisting and the woman had her hands in the air.

Do some research on the ‘Net. Check out the facts about police brutality. Understand what’s going on in America.

What I’m not saying is that every cop is rogue. I have relatives in law enforcement. Not all cops are bad. Most are there to help and to keep the law, not break it. It seems though that until law enforcement officers and departments break their silence and start coming out to roundly condemn instead of defend the actions of their officers, we will continue to see more cops acting like the ones who beat David Silva to death.

The Sheriff of Kern County – Donny Youngblood – overseeing the deputies who killed David Silva said he viewed one of the videos (now gone) and stated, “I cannot speculate whether they acted appropriately or not just by looking at the video.” Really? That’s interesting. I suggest Youngblood needs new glasses.

Why is it when people are trying to cover up something, they’re go-to answer is something like “I don’t know” or “I can’t be sure”? Reminds me of the Obama administration. Dishonesty breeds contempt. The more law enforcement gets away with these type of events, the more they will happen. It is that simple. No one is above the law. Not the police, not Eric Holder, not Obama.

America took a wrong turn a while ago and we are seeing the results of it.

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