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May 16, 2013 at 8:20 AM 1 comment

The Concerned Women of Georgia for America (CWA) have issued many concerns related to the Common Core State Standards Initiative (aka, Common Core). Their voices have been heard by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, who recently signed an executive order related to the program.

In part, Gov. Deal’s order states the following:

  • The federal government has no constitutional right to determine how the children of the State of Georgia will be educated, and
  • That no educational standards shall be imposed on Georgia by the federal government

Deal’s executive order goes onto forbid the disclosure of any identifiable data related to any student in Georgia schools.

The problem with Common Core – as we’re discovering – is that though it is clearly illegal for the federal government to dictate to the states (and HOW did Obamacare become law again?), this is exactly what the Obama administration has been doing. Because of this, state governors are now taking a moment to “hit the pause button” as Gov. Pence has done in Indiana, and now Gov. Deal has done by actually hitting the “stop” button.

No matter how good a program Common Core might be (and I’m not saying it is, just saying even if it was), people are leery because it is coming from the Obama administration. This is not to say that the Common Core is bad or that it started off wrong. It is to merely state that even though the Common Core “first emerged at the state level, undertaken by state governors and state superintendents of education nationwide.”

People like to point out that Common Core has its share of bipartisan support. While that is true, it also has its share of bipartisan opposition. Both the Heritage Foundation and the Pioneer Institute of Boston, which are conservative and libertarian respectively, oppose Common Core for a variety of reasons. So too does Glenda Ritz, a Democrat currently serving as Indiana’s State Superintendent of Education.

Obviously, there are issues with the Common Core. Aside from the major loophole dealing with lack of privacy for students, there are issues with Common Core that need to be addressed. Because of these issues, more individuals are deciding to hold off on implementing Common Core, or walking away from it altogether.

We’ll keep this conversation going as we continue to dig into Common Core.

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