Gloom and Doom Teachers and Preachers are in it for the Bucks! and One More…

August 20, 2009 at 3:37 PM 2 comments

There are actually more than two things that annoy me, but there are two things that are higher on the list than others.  It is becoming routine today to hear statements similar to the following:

  1. “All the gloom and doom teachers and preachers are in it for the bucks!”
  2. “The PreTrib Rapture position ignores and denies the reality of Christian suffering down through the ages by wanting to escape the coming persecution.”

Gloom and Doom for Profit
I’ve heard this until statement, or ones like it, until the cows come home and I find it fascinating for one reason in particular.  This comment is said by those who generally disagree with “gloom and doom.”  They do not want to hear it.  They ignore it in the Bible, passing it off as allegory, or something that has already happened in the past.  They prefer to think of life in terms of it becoming better and better, until eventually, the time will be right for the Lord Jesus to step from heaven, and set up His kingdom on earth!

It kind of reminds me of what the antics of Inspector Clouseau did to Chief Inspector Dreyfus in the movies, “The Pink Panther.”  Dreyfus started out fairly sane, but as time went on, being forced to deal with Clouseau’s shenanigans, and in spite of it all, always seeming to wind up on top, Dreyfus became a blob of raw nerves, constantly repeating the phrase “In every way, every day, I’m getting better and better!” while laughing hysterically at the seeming irony of it all.  There was no way to win with Clouseau, due to the fact that he had extreme luck on his side.

This is the way it seems to me that much of the visible Church is doing; repeating phrases over and over in such a way, that they believe simply by repeating them, they will come true.  In the case of the Church, if the gloom and doom of the Bible is ignored and/or explained away, then things will be brighter because they will look brighter.  So, anyway found teaching or preaching any gloom or doom, is said to be one who holds back God’s will from occurring.  After all, if Jesus is depending upon humanity to actually cause things on earth to come to such a positive point in future history, that the Lord will be able to return, then obviously, the gloom and doomers are simply acting as the fly in the ointment.  Never mind that the Bible offers a gloomy picture of the future before He returns.

Not too long ago, someone who disagreed with my view of the End Times (I believe in the PreTrib Rapture position), accused me of profiting from my “false” doctrine (yes, I write and sell books).  His exact words were, “The fact is you profit by selling the false doctrine of PTR to the unwitting masses.  Like the heretics in Ephesus that Paul exposed, you appear to be willing to do whatever it takes to preserve your means of income.”  It’s an interesting accusation in and of itself.  His real problem is the fact that I am “selling the false doctrine of PTR,” which is the PreTrib Rapture position.  Apparently, if you’re Dave MacPherson, it’s perfectly find to publish books because MacPherson (according to the person with whom I’ve just quoted), publishes only the truth.  So, there you have it, if you publish the truth, it’s okay to profit.  To date, I have not seen Dave MacPherson give away any of his books, so I’m assuming that the person quoted is fine about him selling his books.

In another case, I was doing some research about Stephen Quayle, who has done quite a bit of research on Genesis 6, and specifically, the giants and Nephilim found therein.  As usual, there is a great deal of disagreement over what Moses meant when he wrote those terms down in Genesis 6:4, and like anything else related to the Bible, there are those on both sides who use absolutes when describing and/or commenting on the situation.  Their declarative statements are issued as a means of shutting everyone else up.  If someone says “The Bible does NOT teach so and so, in any way, shape or form,” then obviously those who disagree with that assumption are morons.  Didn’t they just hear/read what was stated?!  “The Bible does NOT teach…!”  Cheese and crackers, get a clue!

My point is that in researching the situation in Genesis 6, I came across a website which essentially castigates Quayle as someone who is “profiting off of the error that he is preaching.”  So, here again, we have people who believe that because Quayle offers insight into the entire Nephilim problem, stating that we are seeing a renewal of it, “as it was in the days of Noah,” and that things will only get worse, this constitutes doom and gloom.  Since it is doom and gloom, then the person promoting the doom and gloom (just like those who promote the PreTrib Rapture position), are merely profiting from error.  Since they are profiting from it, they are scam artists, and not at all sincere about what they believe the Bible teaches.

For decades and decades, theologians have argued about PreTrib, Midtrib, Posttrib and other aspects of the Rapture and the End Times.  However, because some have arrived at a conclusion they feel is fully justified and taught in Scripture, then anyone else who does not see it their way, is a heretic.  Since they are heretics (and doom and gloom profiteers), then they can be treated as Jesus treated the Pharisees.

The only problem though is that many, if not most of us who believe in the PreTrib Rapture position, as well as the fact that Stephen Quayle has a point about the Nephilim, are not heretics at all.  We believe in the substitutionary death of Christ by crucifixion and we believe that faith in that substitionary death is the only way to receive salvation.  Areas that are peripheral to salvation tend to be in the Eschatology area (study of End Times).

But, the arguments and protests from the “correct” crowd continue, against people like me.  By espousing the PreTrib Rapture, I am guilty of creating Christians who are completely unprepared to handle the coming cataclysm of the Tribulation/Great Tribulation.  Because these Christians also believe that the PreTrib Rapture is taught in the Bible, they (like me, apparently), have thrown caution to the wind and are living any way they feel like it, because they know that before things get really bad, they’ll be taken up in the clouds to be with Christ.  THEN, the bad times will begin.

Folks, the people who actually believe that, are probably not even Christians to begin with, nor do they really need any excuse to live a carnal life.  They are already living a carnal life and if anything, their misunderstanding of the value of the PreTrib Rapture position, simply plays into their already achy-sinning heart.  They do not need a push from the PreTrib Rapture doctrine, nor from one who espouses it.

The PreTrib Rapture doctrine – if understood correctly – should prepare people for the fact that at any moment, the Christian will be brought into the Presence of Christ.  Oh sure, Posttribulationalists and others protest the doctrine of imminency (the belief that Christ could come at any moment, because there is nothing that precludes it), but these folks are not at all looking at the big picture (much less the accurate one).

How many Christians today actually LIVE as if it is their last day on earth?  I know very few of them.  “Oh, but wait!” someone might argue. “The Rapture is NOT going to happen at any time, therefore the only way to really live that way is to consider that the Christian might die…before…….the…………………………..over (gulp).”  Yeah, that’s it exactly, isn’t it?

We can argue all we want to about the PreTrib Rapture, the MidTrib, the Absolute Trib, the Pancreatic Trib, or any other trib you would like to argue about.  We can then all sit back and rest on our laurels, once we’ve tossed out all the “evidence” in favor of our personal position.  Then, we can look arrogantly down our nose at the person who just isn’t spiritually mature enough to see it as we see it.

How many of you reading this (who do not believe in a PreTrib Rapture), actually KNOW that you’re going to live one more day?  How many of you reading this do not even consider the fact that you might breathe your last breath before you get to the end of this blog?  Oh, gee, that’s pretty gloom and doom of me, isn’t it?  Thank goodness it did not cost you as much as a penny to read this blog, or I might be accused of profiting off of my words of gloom and doom.

All these people who think they’ve got it all figured out, really have nothing figured out, because they do not know, nor can they tell, when they are going to die, leaving this earth, heading into eternity.  No one knows.  I may die today, and the Tribulation/Great Tribulation might be 20 years away!  I may live another ten years, or 14, or 38 – who knows?!  Only God knows and He’s not telling me.  I thank Him for that.  Nonetheless, I am STILL required to live EVERY day as if it is my LAST day on this earth.

For those who resolutely believe that believing in the PreTrib Rapture is heresy, because it creates Christians who are immature, lazy, worldy and carnal, have absolutely NO clue.  That is like saying that by teaching that I could DIE today, I am apt to become lazy, immature, carnal and worldly!  It’s the SAME thing, folks!  If I know that there is a chance that I will leave this earth and be taken into His Presence before this day is over, whether by death, or by Rapture, that WILL give me a greater sense of what IS and what is NOT important!  It is as simple as that and there is NO way to deny it!

Yet, we’ve got people like Dave MacPherson, and his crony followers like C. H. Fisher, Tim Warner and others who believe beyond doubt that the early church did NOT, under any circumstances, believe or teach an imminent return of Christ – meaning, that His return could happen at any moment.  Apparently, these folks are willing to die for it too.  Certainly, MacPherson is willing to sit in front of computer publishing book after book (totally 8 to date), on just how wrong the PreTrib Rapture is, and the controversial conspiracy that surrounds it.  BUT, do these same folks consider that today, their soul might be required of them?

I guarantee that if ALL authentic Christians became more and more aware of the fact that we not only do NOT know when we will die, but we are only one breath away from death, and that death could literally occur AT ANY MOMENT, then we would have Christians who would have a sense of what is important in this life.  We would stop arguing over ridiculous topics that we cannot know for sure (and that goes for Posttribulationalists and everyone in between, not just PreTrib Rapture people).  We would get down to the business at hand, which is the evangelization of the lost.  The Great Commission has never been rescinded, yet we live like it has been.  We need to wake up, and live rightly.  This will only occur when we begin to understand that we are constantly only one breath away from eternity.

You know which Christians live as if their lives could end today?  The ones who suffer persecution, and if you are blind enough to believe that real persecution (like the kind that occurred with the apostles and the early church) does not happen today, you really need to think again.  Persecution, resulting in torture and death occurs today, as it did then.  There are at least 10 countries in the world who are adept at persecuting Christians for their faith.  It is routine.  We are insulated if we live in the United States, or some other democracy.  Try living in a country where Christians trying to evangelize can and does result in prison, torture and/or death.

Christians:  we need to understand that God has an agenda and His is the only agenda that matters.  He is still saving souls and He is still using His Church to accomplish it, by using Christians to bring the gospel to the lost.  The idea that I (or anyone else) believe in the PreTrib Rapture, will result in the growing spiritual apathy, immaturity and carnality, is the most oft-used and ridiculous accusations I’ve ever heard.  Those who repeat it simply prove how little they know about how long our life truly is on this planet.  They are also admitting that they themselves, are not aware of the brevity of their own life.

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The Coming Delusion…Is Here Now The PreTrib Rapture, and Being (Allegedly) Unprepared


  • 1. modres  |  September 2, 2009 at 9:30 PM

    Actually no, the Tribulation did not start when Jesus left the planet. You cannot prove that from Scripture and I notice you did not try either.

    The seven year tribulation is very clear from Daniel 9:24-27. Again, you made a statement with no Scriptural references at all. I am forever finding it amazing how people will take one or two aspects of Scripture literally (as in your reference to 42 months), yet other aspects of Scripture are taken allegorically. There is no rhyme or reason for it.

    You’re also confusing a number of things. The Church was not created to suffer God’s wrath and unfortunately, the entirety of the Tribulation/Great Tribulation is a showcase of God’s wrath. His wrath starts from the opening of the very first seal, when the Antichrist is introduced, until just prior to Christ’s return.

    Reading, listening and reading again is good advice. You may wish to start with 1 Thessalonians, then hop over to 1 Corinthians 15 and if you need more suggestions after that, feel free to stop in again.

  • 2. AnRev  |  September 2, 2009 at 7:54 PM

    In short, the great tribulation started when Jesus left over 2000 years ago and it will end when he returns.

    There is no seven year tribulation, but there remains 42 months of the seventieth week, which will take place after the rapture.

    This is where people get the “pre-tribulation rapture” from. What they do not understand is that Jesus NEVER said he would rescue ANYONE before the trumpet sounds on his second coming, yet it is preached. Know why? confusion.

    So, in short again, there is no pretrib rapture either. Hummm…… who sells books that speak the truth and who does not?

    Read, listen, and read again until you figure it out. You cannot learn from those who know less than you do. Good day.

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