Death of Human Conscience?

June 24, 2022 at 12:27 PM 2 comments

Happy Friday, everyone! May the Lord open your eyes to show you how blessed you are in Him!

Get ready for violence from groups like “Jane’s Revenge” and “Ruth Sent Us” all due to the fact that the Supreme Court of the United States of America just overturned Roe v. Wade (SCOTUS), something that the original “Jane Doe” wanted changed after she became a Christian. Pro-abortion groups have promised violence if this decision came down so we can expect they will keep their promises. It will probably be similar to the looting and rioting that occurred related to George Floyd.

This SCOTUS decision likely changes little though. Each state will have the option of deciding whether or not abortions will be allowed in that state and many states will continue to kill unborn children because of money. By the way, still no word from the FBI who the leaker on SCOTUS is…

So while SCOTUS has made two good decisions this week (upheld concealed carry in NY and this one), because of the overall tone of society plagued with a growing Marxism, it’s doubtful that these decisions will change much of anything, though I can already see on social networks the phrase “Winning!” scattered throughout. While pro-life people will cheer (and we should), the sad fact is that there are too many in the USA who continue to believe killing unborn babies is “healthcare.” But let’s look at a few more things.

Biden has announced another pandemic is coming and we wonder how he knows? Is his warning because monkey pox did not radically scare people enough? Will this new pandemic arrive right around October just in time to close voting precincts and force everyone to use mail-in or drop-off ballots for this November’s election? It seems all too obvious but the Left has a way of deadpanning you as they lie, cheat and steal as though you’re crazy.

Recall when Biden announced last fall that the coming winter would bring devastation of lives to a new level for the unvaxxed (my paraphrase). Did that happen? No, but we are seeing more and more fully vaccinated people suddenly dying and others who don’t die continue to be seriously harmed and hospitalized. Studies have shown that the CV jabs may increase the risk of infection, while a previous CV infection without being jabbed may offer immunity up to 50%.

More vaccine-injured pilots are also speaking out about their injuries. With so many pilots injured and unable to fly planes now, is this part of the reason so many flights are being canceled? Yet, the mandates were put into effect by the airlines to “safeguard” personnel and the public. But how many times have we read about an emergency landing a plane had to make due to a pilot falling ill during flight?

The mandates have hurt economies of many nations and killed people. Whether the mandates forced wearing of masks, social distancing or outright shutdowns (not to mention the jab mandate), they served to disrupt economies and harm people instead of allowing people the choice for themselves whether or not to do things that supposedly kept them safe. When did that ever happen in America? To shut down economies equals the death of those economies.

I still remember the day the pastor of our previous church canceled church services because the governor recommended it. I was not happy and the decision made no sense to me. An easier solution would have been for people who felt sick to simply stay home.

I also remember waiting in line at supermarkets and hardware stores until an employee allowed people into the store to keep numbers down. While waiting, we were all supposed to stand on the magic dot on the ground that was designed to keep us safe from other people and there was absolutely no chance anyone could accidentally breathe someone else’s germs because of those magic dots on the ground six feet apart. Thank goodness for those dots…whew. That was too close.

All of this has essentially put the world in a position that has empowered globalist Technocrats to take further advantage of society. The original lock-downs due to CV disrupted the supply chain, causing shortages and creating unemployment. The world has not recovered and Technocrats have simply doubled-down and continued their power grab, which is why we are where we are now. On top of this, we have the Biden administration aiding and abetting Technocrats who want him to drive more nails into America’s economic coffin. The world is rapidly being enslaved with much of the population cheering it on.

Globalists want to govern globally through what they call ESG (Environmental, Social [Justice], and [Corporate] Governance). You can read more about their plans here: World Economic Forum’s Global Governance and if you’re not familiar with it, we strongly suggest you become familiar with it because it is where global society is heading.

ESG is where elite corporations and unelected bureaucrats determine how well each company (and ultimately, each individual), is supporting the “green” agenda. Companies and people found to be not supporting all green measures will not be given loans or perks, and this will also affect their social scores. Right now of course, people have scores with credit agencies. The better your score, the easier it is to take out a car or home loan. The worse the score, the harder it becomes.

Technocrats want to make it so that everyone – people and companies – have social credit scores that are tied not just to their individual credit rating (how well they handle their money), but essentially, Technocrats want to take what they’ve created in China and spread it to the rest of the world so that everyone will have a constantly updated social credit score. It’s the only way they will ultimately be able to fully control everyone’s movements/activities around the globe. This is a must in order to bring their plans to fruition. How is this accomplished? Through technology that’s here now and also includes what is coming. Soon, our cell phones will be obsolete, in exchange for wearable or implantable technology on each person.

Obviously, Technocrats will have to be able to control the world’s populace and if they fail at that, then their entire plan fails. However, they don’t plan on failing and if one considers just how long they’ve been working on this, it becomes clear that they’ve been in it for the long haul and much of it has been done right under our noses in the background. A huge part of what’s coming is known to us because in their arrogance, Technocrats and their puppets always tell us. That is how secure they feel these days.

We’ve mentioned Israeli Yuval Noah Harari (interesting how Satan loves using Jews to establish his purposes against God), before, who happens to be one of Klaus Schwab’s chief advisors. He believes that with the growing technology the world is now seeing and expecting to be revealed and rolled out, we homo sapiens will evolve to the next level due to “Biotechnology, genetics and artificial intelligence…that will forever change the face of human existence.” By the way the author of the linked article is the Head of Microsoft Services CEE, and he apparently thinks what’s coming is a good thing, but clearly, the whole thing is designed to re-engineer the human species into something recreated by Satan. It will allow Satan greater access and will ultimately destroy the purity (or what’s left of it), of God’s Creation in human beings. This will lead directly to the mark of the beast in Revelation 13 and is why God warns that anyone taking the mark will be forever lost to Him for all eternity. We are not there yet, but we are getting there.

The author of the above article goes onto say this about Harari: “This relatively unknown historian specializing in medieval studies suddenly found himself being invited to debates on artificial intelligence, neurotechnology and the threats in the age of technology.” The author also states about Harari, “During the next century, technology will profoundly transform our lives. Nobody knows exactly what those transformations will be. However, Harari believes that what we teach our children today will rapidly become irrelevant.

If we want to see where Satan is heading in all of this, the final paragraph of the above linked article tells us:

According to Harari, it is humanity’s duty to prepare to live in a world in which technology constantly modifies human bodies (through genetic engineering, plastic surgery, chip implantation, and having people wired to connect directly to devices). In this world technology will drive the emergence of a new kind of consciousness. While technology will still be harnessed to produce conventional goods, such as food, clothing, and means of transport, the key focus of the most sophisticated technologies will be to modify, transform and enhance the human body.

So according to Harari, people are duty bound to do whatever it takes to invest in and embrace any and all technology that will modify our bodies with implantable technology, all of it leading to a new “consciousness.” Exactly what is this new “consciousness” that the author speaks of here that will “modify, transform and enhance” our bodies? Do Technocrats want us to live longer? I doubt that’s their concern. If it was, abortion certainly would be opposed by them. Reading between the lines, it seems clear that the goal, whether direct or indirect, is to simply eliminate God from our thinking and life itself.

I believe the goal is to create within humanity the ability to live without even considering God at all. It appears this can only occur through the dramatic change, obliteration, and/or overriding of our innate consciences, the one thing that God uses to help us understand where we stand as far as He is concerned. People without consciences, unable to seek God. Imagine that please.

Eliminate a person’s conscience and what do you have? A person who is predetermined to not only walk away from God but to never think or be tempted to think of Him. Satan wants to redesign us so that God has virtually no impact on a person’s life at all as far as that person is aware.

This world is really a waste because of what people have done to God’s Creation. It is abhorrent and frankly, I have no idea how He puts up with it, except that we know He has dates set in stone for the coming judgment. What Satan is attempting to build will be utterly destroyed by God Himself.

As a Christian, it is certainly tiring to realize just how many lies have replaced truth. As we’ve noted previously, lies are how Satan establishes himself and his coming final global kingdom in the works now. Satan began his takeover of God’s Creation by lying to Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). Before that, Satan lied to the angels and one-third followed him in his lies. Lying is what he does and it is how he gains dominion over people.

Meanwhile, the Psalms are filled with reasons why Christians should practice the dying art of praising God in all things. The Psalms remind us of how often people also fail God but God Himself never fails. In spite of what’s swirling around us throughout society, God remains actively involved in the affairs of humanity. He directs things so that they conclude as He desires. This He accomplishes while still allowing people to exercise their free will.

I cannot encourage readers enough to read and meditate on the Psalms. They remind us of our great God, One who has complete and complex control over all His Creation. This is in spite of the way things may appear to us.

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