White Horse and Rider?

June 13, 2022 at 12:49 PM 2 comments

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I recently spent some time watching a few videos produced by Revelations of Jesus Christ. I watched them at either 1.5 or 2.0 speed to get through them a bit quicker. One video – All the World’s a Stage – provides an overview of how Satan, through the use of colors, words, numbers and the like attempts to gain dominance over people.By the way, I’m not giving a blanket approval of all the content of videos they produce. I haven’t watched all of them. Use discernment please.

We know that Satan is the prince of this world, the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:1–2), and he is so because God allows him to be. This began for Satan way back in the Garden of Eden when he first tempted Eve and Adam to believe with him that God is a liar (Genesis 3).

Because Eve and Adam chose to believe Satan and sinned in doing so, this earth became the property of Satan. In essence, he “won” the keys to this earth and he began his intense battle with God from earth’s vantage point. Of course, little did Satan realize that God had a far larger plan that would allow Him to regain not only the title deed to this earth, but to claim many human beings for Himself as well.

Satan came deceptively lying and gained the earth and a measure of power over God’s Creation. Jesus came telling the truth and filled with wisdom and deity and the world, under the direction of Satan, rejected Jesus, killing Him on the cross.

Satan, though allowed to continue to do what he can to damage God’s Creation, thwart God’s promises and in general, mock God and all who stand with Him, Satan’s days are numbered and Satan knows this (Revelation 12:7-12).

Therefore, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short! (v12)

The above occurs during the coming Tribulation, but it is also clear that if Satan knows this will happen, then he is currently operating under managed time. It is not open-ended. His evil career has an end to it and God will see that it ends when He wills it to end.

What about us? What about humanity now? With everything that is going on in the world currently, it is easy to become discouraged. It is easy to focus on the evil things happening throughout the world. Many believe Biden’s presidency is illegitimate. Regardless if it is or not, we are seeing the fruits of his administration’s decisions. The constant rumors of World War III cause fear and hesitancy in many. Gas prices are the highest they’ve ever been in my life, topping nearly $5/gallon in my area. We read about the food shortages that are here and the looming global famine.

We just went through over two years of lock-downs, forced vax mandates as well as other stigmatizing social distancing mandates. All of this was done, it was said, for our health. Under Trump, millions of dollars were provided to Big Pharma to create a CV19 vax. Until the vax became available, all early preventative treatments were essentially off the table. Nothing could be tried. This was a first in history and many people died because of it.

Because of the lock-downs, as I’ve mentioned before, the supply chain became disrupted. It has not only never caught back up, but it is now far worse. Some countries want zero CV19 events so lock-downs continue with people committing suicide for lack of food and other things. Many countries are busy supporting Ukraine against Russia. They fail to see that they are actually supporting Nazis in Ukraine but they say since it’s such a small group, why worry about them? They also fail to see that both Russia and Ukraine are simply two sides of the same coin. Are we being played? I believe we are big time. The world is controlled by Satan and his human minions.

The New World Order (NWO), is now called the Great Reset, in which we are told things will be built back better. In order to build something back, it has to be destroyed first. Under Trump, I recall paying $1.69 per gallon of gas. Now, I’m paying nearly $5/gallon. How is this better? Under Trump, there was plenty of food to be found in stores. Now, the holes in shelves are becoming far more apparent and experts warn that going into 2023, we can expect to see a major global famine. I point out in my last article that we are very likely at the beginning of sorrows that Jesus mentions in Matthew 24:7-12. What we are experiencing right now is all listed in that section of Scripture.

The beginnings of sorrows is the time just prior to the start of the coming Tribulation/Great Tribulation, when Satan will have his day and when the Lord will pour out His 21 judgments onto this earth, it’s people and creation itself.

Take a quick look at Revelation 6:1 for just a moment.

1 Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” 2 And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

It is interesting to me – and I’ve talked about this before – that the rider rides a white horse and has a bow, but no arrows and remember, God directs this action. The rider is generally seen as someone conquering politically since arrows represent weaponry but he only has a bow (possibly signifying some form of authority), not the actual weapons.

After watching videos from Revelations of Jesus Christ above, I’m beginning to wonder if this doesn’t represent some other form of conquering? Obviously, the white of the horse makes us think of a good guy; a guy who comes to save, to direct, to vanquish evil. He’s someone who clearly has a plan in mind for this earth and little by little, he conquers one nation after another seemingly. The text tells us “…he went out conquering and to conquer.” What kind of conquering could it possibly be talking about here?

Consider that since the beginning of this pandemic, all eyes have been on the “prize” of the CV vax. Fauci told us we had to wait for it. Others in the medical field said nothing could be done to help society until that vax came to be. One thing you’ll begin to realize as we delve into things like this is that Satan loves imagery. He loves to do things that make him appear to be God because he long ago promised to make himself “like” the Most High (Isaiah 14). That has been his goal and the first step in making that happen was in causing Eve and Adam to sin in order that he could gain control over God’s earth. Satan checked that off. The white horse and rider are clearly evident of Satan’s push for greater control over the earth.

Consider that the world waited literally 9 months for the vax. Nine months. Does that remind you of anything? God designed the human birth process to culminate in nine months and then under normal conditions, a new child is born into this world. Does Satan ever counterfeit anything God does? All the time.

Why would Pfizer CEO Bourla write a book called “Moonshot” that’s about the CV vax with the subtitle, “Inside Pfizer’s Nine-Month Race to Make the Impossible Possible”? Coincidence? Accident? Intentional?

I have come to conclude that what we are seeing/experiencing is not an accident. In fact, I’ll go further and say there is no way out of this. By that I mean that things are in motion and will follow their chosen path until all things come to fulfillment. Why did Bourla name his book “Moonshot”? What’s the point of that?

The moon is huge in satanism, Luciferianism, New Age, witchcraft (lesser and greater), paganism and all the rest. The Moon, or “Luna” is huge and connects back to Babylon through Ancient Egypt. We know that Babylon in some form will exist during the coming Tribulation/Great Tribulation as well (Revelation 17).

It is interesting that the CV vax was created while Donald Trump was in office. He came in like the rider on the white horse, creating all manner of good things for Americans, even pretending to be a Christian (do you honestly believe he is?). However, he also – in my opinion – made some very bad decisions and the pushing of the CV vax was one of them. It is this one thing that has with it, created what have become vaccine passports.

Vaccine passports are not going away though we don’t actively hear about them as much as we have in the recent pass. Things are relatively quiet, but they still appear to be in the works and we can expect that one day, they will be rolled out to the full measure and without one, there will be limits to where people can go and what they can buy. At first, it may simply be that if you don’t have one, you cannot go into certain stores. Eventually, you won’t be able to leave your home. Eventually, you won’t be able to buy or sell.

Why is it that some countries which foisted vax mandates onto its populace have now, all of a sudden, dropped those mandates? What’s happening behind the scenes? What will the outcome of this be? Is it all really going away or are we supposed to simply drop our guard?

I’m not necessarily saying that the vaccine passport itself is the mark of the beast (though I believe it absolutely will lead to that). I’m saying that all of this is about controlling every aspect of every person’s life…unless you happen to be one of the top globalists and/or part of their family. They are the only ones who will have freedom to move, to buy, to party, to relax, to enjoy life as never before without the burden of us serfs being in their way. They have control of all major corporations including Hollywood, the news bureaus and other entertainment venues.

Revelation 6:1 speaks of a guy who rides in on a white horse and conquers. The CV vax and mandates have granted far more control to powerful elites than anything else previously. Again, I’m not saying Trump is that rider. I’m simply saying that this person could be any number of people who are pushing for the absolute control of all people. Certainly Bourla fits that description as he works for the globalists to round up everyone and get them vaxxed.

You know as well as I do that there are people who believe anyone who doesn’t get the vax deserves to die. Peer pressure is being used from all avenues to force people to do what they would not normally do and we are paying the price. The lock-downs killed roughly 170,000 people in the USA. The amount of adverse events including death after the vax is astronomical. In spite of this, medical doctors who speak out against the vax continue to be labeled “quacks.” Dr. Dolores Cahill is one among them who essentially stated that every person who took the CV vax, even if they only got one injection, will die in the next 3-5 years. Is she right? Time will tell, but even if that does happen, the connection with the vax will purposefully be denied/avoided simply because of the length of time since. Watch the short video below.

Sadly, no one will debate these people. No one will step up to enter into public discourse regarding their statements. Instead, they are simply maligned and cancelled. So is Dr. Cahill wrong? We are simply told she is wrong, but I want to know why and how she is wrong especially given the actual fact that “adult sudden death syndrome” (ASDS) is now becoming a thing with otherwise healthy adults dropping dead suddenly. They’re trying to tell us it has to do with climate change or this or the other thing, but how many of those who are dropping dead received the vax?

Ramsey Hunt syndrome, which is facial paralysis or aphasia, is also becoming a thing, something thought to be very rare. Justin Beiber just posted a short video showing the right side of his face is paralyzed forcing him to cancel concerts. Interestingly enough, his wife developed blood clots after receiving her vax. Must all be just sad coincidences.

Is the white rider with his “moonshot” vax on the scene, conquering the world through the use of a vax that was promised to help people? There is something truly evil happening throughout the world. For Satan to do what he needs to do he must control all aspects of society including the people who live in this world. I also find it fascinating that this rider on the white horse seems to ride onto the earth before the Tribulation actually starts and we know that it begins when the Antichrist brokers a seven-year peace deal with Israel and surrounding Arab nations. Is this white rider (who may also be the Antichrist), on the scene now, preparing the soil and conquering now with a vax that ultimately kills people?

All of this feeds into the coming financial collapse that many have been talking about for some time. Inflation in the US is currently 8.3% but expect 9% soon. It’s going to be a mess, but it’s deliberate in order to grant another arm of control to Satan via his globalist minions. The US owes $90 trillion dollars and the only way to keep things going is for the government to continue printing money based on nothing. This will eventually usher in hyperinflation, and as Kim Dotcom says, “…Mass poverty and a new system of control.”

Satan needs to gain absolute control of all things and people or eliminate those people he cannot bend to his will. It appears as though we are closing in on the 9th inning. Satan will stop at nothing to make himself like the Most High.

It is time for all Christians to come out of Babylon. It is time to realize why we are here. It is time to understand the times and understand our place in these times.

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