Beginnings of Sorrows?

June 17, 2022 at 4:28 PM 3 comments

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I watched an interview between Tony Koretz (A Minute to Midnite), and Leo Hohmann (via Grandma Geri). It was interesting because Hohmann brings out the fact that it appears as though the globalists are on a mission to kill, commonly referred to as a depopulation scheme.

We know that many are experiencing severe adverse effects and even death (sudden adult death syndrome; SADS), because of the CV jibjab. We know that war always brings more death and with it, shortages of food and other necessities. Since the Biden admin took over, WWIII seems to be on the table. Under Trump, there were no wars and he even withdrew troops. The military complex can’t put up with that because it’s where they make their money.

It’s been fairly well known (and denied), that over 170,000 people in the USA died from the lock-downs. Couple this with the added sudden deaths that apparently leave medical experts scratching their heads about why people – and especially younger people – are developing all sorts of heart ailments and even having strokes, and the whole thing seems surreal. To those of us who haven’t been drinking the Kool-Aid, it’s pretty clear what’s going on. The Marxists tasked with overthrowing the USA are working overtime to instill fear in anyone who speaks out and ask questions.

Recently, Dr. Simone Gold (America’s Frontline Doctors), was sentenced to 60 days in Federal Prison for simply being inside the Capitol Rotunda. The absurdity is pronounced and it continues as the J6 Congressional committee puts on a show for the world that no one is paying any attention to. It’s a joke as they try to sound all business while editing tweets they’re using as evidence, etc. No one takes these people seriously except other Leftists.

As Christians, it’s to the point where it almost seems as though God is either not watching, is absent, or simply doesn’t care. However, the bulk of Scripture points to another message that we would do well to heed and believe.

This morning, while reading the Psalms, I read the following statement in Psalm 75:2-3 (NKJV):

2 When I choose the proper time,
I will judge uprightly.
3 The earth and all its inhabitants are dissolved;
I set up its pillars firmly. Selah

God is clear here. It is He and He alone who establishes the times and seasons. There is coming a day when He will judge and His judgments will be, like Him, perfect in every way. It is difficult for us to live here on this earth watching so much sin unfolding.

Do you remember when the homosexual crowd just wanted to be married so that they could have the same benefits as heterosexuals? They said that’s all they wanted. Segue thirty to forty years later and it’s almost as though homosexuals have been pushed to the side and transgenders are the ones in the spotlight now. If it isn’t transgenders, it’s Drag Queen readings or shows for little children. Why is this the case? Want to know what an actual drag queen thinks about this? Here’s a short video from a person named Kitty Demure, which I’m sure is not the real name. Please be warned that clicking on the link will take you to a video of a man in drag using some foul language. But his point in noted and he asks why there is such a push to put little children in front of drag queens? Again, click on the link with caution.

The Left applauds all of this. They think it’s the equivocation of freedom in society. What is actually happening is the dawning of this new age of overt licentiousness is very much akin to the days of Noah and Lot (Matthew 24). There is nothing wholesome or godly in any of this. In fact, in every way, it is anti-God, but that’s part of the point.

But one thing Hohmann pointed out in his interview with Koretz is that if we stop to consider it, the real reason homosexuality to transgenderism is being pushed so heavily is due to the fact that two homosexuals cannot procreate. Sure, they can adopt, but how many do? People who seek to outwardly change their gender end up, for the most part, being sterile. In other words, if they actually have an operation that either removes male genitalia or adds on what would appear to be female genitalia, those people literally become like eunuchs. They are unable to naturally procreate and also must adopt if they want children. Globalists seem to want only 500 or so million people on this earth in total. Any way to get there is fine with them.

So why is the Left working so hard to gain the attention and following of little children? For the same reason. If they can convince these young children that they are in the wrong bodies, then they will want to transition to another gender. By the way, you’ll notice when speaking of transgenderism, there are only two genders – male and female? But the key is to get the attention of the very young children (before they can think clearly enough), to transition to another gender, which will make them sterile.

Here is a very sad thread from a person who transitioned outwardly from male to female. The person’s post is very graphic, so viewers please be warned. However, it is a look into the mind of someone who did transition and fully regrets it, but gets no support from the powers that be who pushed him/her into transitioning. Interestingly enough, the person was either temporarily kicked off Twitter or suspended because of their story.

Coupled with this is the attempted attacks and harassment of Supreme Court Justices from groups like “Ruth Sent Us,” who are on the conservative (read Constitutionalist), side of the bench because of the potential overturning of Roe V Wade. It wouldn’t do for the Left to not have the ability to kill unborn children whenever. So far, the Biden Administration has not come out to condemn the harassment of SCOTUS justices and their neighbors. Merrick Garland’s DOJ so far has refused to do anything as well, but then again, Garland was busy labeling parents who spoke at school board meetings about concerns related to what teachers were teaching their children as “domestic terrorists.”

Many of us realize all of these things are simply Communist tactics that have been used over the years to overthrow an existing government. It’s happening in the USA as well. That much is clear. These people who are involved in groups like Ruth Sent Us are hardcore Marxists. They don’t care whose face they get into and really, the only thing they’ll shrink from is lethal force. They clearly have no job so one can only wonder if that is their paid job – to protest? If so, we can guess who pays them.

These protestors count on the fact that people won’t shoot at them even if they become aggressively forceful. It’s actually a bit shocking to most of us because we’re not used to dealing with people like that. Of course, they often relegate themselves to either blue cities or blue states where gun laws are far more strict. I cannot see them protesting the way they do by taking over neighborhoods and blocking roads in red and especially southern states. People would not put up with that.

We are seeing the actual destruction of the USA in real time and none of us are sure what that means. We know that shortages are coming, in the form of food, fuel and other things. Will rationing occur? With all of this happening, I note that the president of BlackRock has stated that “We have a very entitled generation that has never had to sacrifice.” Isn’t that rich? BlackRock is one of the companies that owns most of everything else and this particular executive is said to be worth upwards of $485 million and he has the mendacity to wag his finger at the average person? We really do not know what particular generation he’s referring to here; Millennials? GenZ? People my age (65+)? The arrogance is astounding. BlackRock has helped to create what the world is now experiencing and he has the gall to rub our noses in it as if it’s our fault.

But getting back to Psalms 75:2-3, let’s be clear about something. God is fully in charge. He clearly has a “proper time” when He “will judge uprightly.” That day is coming like a freight train and nothing can stop it. The only problem for us is what we don’t know when that is going to be, do we? In the meantime, we must persevere.

I recall years ago, more than one person told me point blank something to the effect, “Look, when the PreTrib Rapture does NOT happen and you find yourself inside the Tribulation, you’ll lose faith and be so confused that you’ll end up taking the mark of the beast.” The absurdity of that speaks for itself. It’s clearly a man-made argument and nothing more.

I don’t know about you, but because of what’s happening in the world and the increase in corruption and lawlessness, I find that I’m depending upon Him even more than I have in the past. In fact, the problems facing all of us – food shortages, fuel and other price increases, etc. – are causing me to spend a great deal more time in prayer with Him throughout the day. I rarely think of the PreTrib Rapture or the Rapture at all, for that matter. To me, it seems as though we are moving quite rapidly to the start of the Tribulation period. My wife and I want to ensure that we make good decisions every day, based on His Word and using the discernment only He can provide.

The idea that if I’m here when the Tribulation begins, that I’ll be so absolutely shocked and disappointed that I will accept the mark (and lose my salvation), is one of the most absurd man-made arguments I’ve ever heard. It simply makes no sense at all.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring for my life, much less two months from now. But God knows. Not only that, His timing and will take precedence over everything. So my job is to be in tune with God as much as I can possibly be while living in a world that absolutely hates Him and all who follow Him. What I find fascinating is that I rarely think of the Rapture at all. It’s simply not something that’s in my front vision. What I do see are all the problems, corruption and evil in this world and know that God will sort it all out. In the meantime, I expect things to get worse and if I did not know better, it’s almost seems as though the Tribulation has begun, based on what I’ve said about the first four seals of Revelation 6. Though we could simply be in the “beginnings of sorrows” phase.

What is confusing to me is the fact that Daniel 9:24-27 is so clear on when the actual final “week” (Tribulation/Great Tribulation), begins because a peace treaty is brokered between the man of sin, Israel and surrounding Arab nations for that seven-year period. It’s right there in the text.

However, when it comes to Revelation, there is nothing there that denotes the same situation; the peace deal isn’t mentioned. In essence, when the White Horse and Rider comes onto the scene, we are told he simply conquers. We can surmise that he most likely brokers a peace deal with Israel and surrounding nations at some point, but this is not spelled out in the text. The emphasis is on his “conquering.”

Paul speaks of this man of sin in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17, which could be pointing to the revelation of the man of sin after the Rapture, but is that PreTrib or MidTrib? Revelation seems to indicate that at the midpoint of the Tribulation, this same man of sin is allowed to continue for another 42 months (or 3 and a half years), in Revelation 13:4-6. At this point in Revelation, the Beast is already being worshiped and it’s clear the world is already aware of him and following him. As far as the average person goes, they’re wondering aloud, “who is like the beast and who can wage war against him”? (v13:5). So it seems clear that the beast (Antichrist), has already been on the scene and done some amazing things, enough to garner the world’s attention in a positive way.

However, at this point, he also seems to be “revealed” for who he is to the world. If we compare this section of Revelation and 2 Thessalonians 2, both speak of the revealing of the beast. He begins blaspheming God (v6), and wages war against God’s saints (v7). This does not seem to happen until the midpoint of the Tribulation, but again, my question is what, according to Revelation, is the actual starting point of the Tribulation itself?

There seems to be nothing in the book of Revelation that speaks of a seven-year treaty with Israel and surrounding nations. The man of sin rises, gains tremendous power, the world follows after him and at the midpoint of the Tribulation, he openly reviles God and wages war on His saints. The peace treaty with Israel and Arabs is apparently implied in Seal 1 of Revelation 6, but it still doesn’t seem to happen immediately after this rider comes onto the scene.

In fact, I find it fascinating that Matthew 24:1-14 and Revelation 6 seem to parallel each other, with the Matthew passage speaking of certain events being the “beginnings of sorrows,” but not specifically the Tribulation period.

The starting point of the Tribulation seems clear in Daniel 9:24-27, but not so much in the book of Revelation. I’d like to know exactly where we are in prophecy. I’m starting to think that Matthew 24:1-12 and Revelation 6 are talking about the same events, which are the beginning of sorrows. That means that Revelation 7 is the actual start of the Tribulation. We’ll talk more about this later.

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White Horse and Rider? All the Lies


  • 2. Maranatha Today  |  June 17, 2022 at 7:15 PM

    The person in the video has sense – any parent who puts their children in harms way should be prosecuted!

    The person who was sold a bill of goods about “transitioning” should SUE THE HELL OUT OF THEM! This is diabolical! Up until reading this, I never really thought about how this type of surgery could actually affect a person in such ways. Lord have mercy!

    More stuff is being revealed to us daily and it’s just heart wrenching!

    Jesus come soon! Thanks for your article.


    • 3. modres  |  June 17, 2022 at 7:20 PM

      Yes, I was not at all aware of the particulars of transition operations. It’s pretty sad.


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