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June 21, 2022 at 4:27 PM 4 comments

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The fact that truth appears to continue being covered up while lies are pushed as facts should concern us. However, we live in a time when truth is offensive and must be silenced with lies. Is this part of what the apostle Paul meant when he said the last days would prove difficult (2 Timothy 3:1-5)? Our society is decaying and it’s all based on the way people choose to feel as they reject truth. That is too often true of Christians as well. We should avoid lies at all costs because it’s how Satan activates people. God uses actual truth because He is truth, regardless of how it makes people feel.

As the time approaches for our Lord to physically return, lies will continue to be promoted and gain the advantage. This is all leading to the time when the man of sin – the consummate liar – will step up to rule over the final global kingdom envisioned by Daniel 2. Everything from aliens (demons in disguise), who allegedly watch this planet in order to help us evolve to the next spiritual plane, to the lie of climate change and sustainability to everything else within the political spectrum, including all the continued lies about CV, the jab and the pandemic itself (which always appears to be evolving into some new variant that’s going to destroy life on earth).

Fake Meat
Interestingly enough, numerous companies are pushing what is simply fake meats, backed by Big Tech. These “meats” can be anything from plant-based to GMOs grown in the lab. I certainly don’t mind if someone wants to eat these fake meats. It’s up to them. However, I refuse for several reasons. First, plant-based “meats” have a tremendous amount of soy-based ingredients in them. Men don’t need much soy at all and in fact, we can get by without it quite well. Too much soy for men will reduce testosterone (and increase estrogen), and with it, our “toxic” masculinity, by softening a male’s outlook and demeanor. Second, to create GMO-based “meats,” cows still need to be slaughtered, though creators and proponents of such “meats” will lie about that.

If a full grown cow is being slaughtered for these GMO “meats,” and it is discovered that she is carrying a calf, the mother is killed and the developing calf is removed. While still alive, a needle is inserted into the calf’s heart and all the blood removed from the animal, which according to this article, takes roughly five minutes for it to die. Reminds me of halal, where the carotid artery of the animal is nicked and the animal bleeds to death usually going into convulsions and having a heart attack. Not quick and certainly not painless. The blood cells from the calf are then used to create what is being called “cultured meat.” It’s fake meat still, but because it comes from a cow in the form of blood cells, they think they can get by with that.

As the article points out, this whole fake meat industry, led by Bill Gates, is designed to draw us away from real meat and under the control of the companies that produce the fake meats, as part of the Great Reset envisioned by Klaus Schwab and other elites. They don’t want us eating meat. They want meat for themselves and want to have total control over what we eat, what we do, where we live, etc.

In case there’s any question about how much Biden has failed America.

Numerous experts are talking about “stagflation,” which turns out to be “…the combination of slow economic growth along with high unemployment and high inflation (from Investopedia). Meanwhile, Biden keeps bragging about our “robust” economy, while folks are paying over $6 for a gallon of gas. Zerohedge speaks of a permanent shortage of everything that’s coming and here’s a Christian who talks turkey about shortages we are experiencing now that will lead directly into hyperinflation and global food famine. This is all nuts and shouldn’t be happening, but “orange man bad” and Trump’s “mean tweets makes people feel unsafe.” But I paid $1.69 for a gallon of gas then. Unemployment for people of color, especially blacks was very low under Trump too.

Clearly, CV was used by globalists to bring the world to heel and they are still doing it. Expect more mask and other social distancing mandates to happen again with continuing emphasis on getting the jibjab for every variant that is created. The more you get, the more your immune system will be compromised, according to many experts who are being silenced.

As I’ve mentioned before, I hope you are doing what you are able to create your own supply chain because the government only seems willing to help those who illegally enter the USA. The rest of us? Not so much. Seek out producers in your community: small farms, gardens, etc. Grow your own food. Make connections.

World War III
It seems we cannot move away from all the posturing regarding potential WWIII between Ukraine and Russia and it appears the world may go down that road. Please remember, this all began when VP Harris publicly invited Ukraine to join NATO, something Ukraine promised they would NOT do because of the agreement they had with Russia. But because of Harris’ purposeful misstep, the world is on the brink of global conflict, which will add to the shortages, inflation and unemployment.

Will they sneak it into existing vaccines for kids without parents knowing?

Political Lies
The political arena today is filled with lies and propaganda. Lies also undergird the CV situation. Remember when Fauci, Biden and others said if you got the CV jibjab, you could not get or spread CV? Lies. In fact, it appears like the people who got the jibjab are far more likely to get reinfected and even hospitalized than those who declined it. Beyond this, we are seeing the rise in SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), in young adults. The medical community is apparently scratching their heads to figure it out. I’m sure they’ll let us know just as soon as they determine the cause…

Speaking of lies, we now know (due to Pfizer’s own released docs), that they lied and fudged numerous times to get their vax approved by FDA even now for babies as young as six-months. You can read any number of articles written by Igor Chudov on his substack account. By the way, was CV along with the vax and Paxlovid designed to create an ongoing CV pandemic situation in the world? Mr. Chudov believes so. I’m absolutely dumbfounded at the amount of people who cannot see through this charade. It’s mind-boggling to me, but it’s clear that critical thinking and common sense are in short order today.

By the way, not to be outdone by Pfizer, Moderna is now announcing a hybrid flu and CV mRNA vax. So they’re putting things together. Makes me wonder what they might try to slip into children’s vaccines?

In an actual good outcome, apparently common sense is not altogether dead yet because FINA has just banned transgenders from competing in women’s swim competitions. FINA recommends a new open category. Any male who has gone through puberty and then identifies as a female has an edge over natural-born women, says FINA. Maybe other sports will wake up and apply the same logic. Of course, I’ve yet to see a female-to-male transgender try to get into pro football. In fact, I don’t see any female-to-male transgenders trying to get into anything (though there’s probably one or two somewhere). Appears to be male-to-female transgenders getting into various women’s sports to compete.

Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors has been sentenced to 60 days in Federal Prison for entering the Capitol (even after the doors were held open for her and others by Capitol Police), and reading a speech she was going to give at the Trump rally not far away (after all speeches were canceled for unknown reasons). This is the height of absurdity but when you consider the Obama-appointee judge who is overseeing many of these situations, it makes clear sense.

It’s only racist when white people home-school…

Moreover, January 6 detainees are being given an option of agreeing to lies for lesser sentences, so many inmates are taking that option since they’ve been illegally detained for over a year in extremely harsh situations and their rights have been erased. Yet, when people literally stormed the Capitol building during the Brent Kavanaugh hearings, they were not arrested and/or charged with insurrection and most were simply let off, with a few given $50 fines.

And so it goes. By the way, are you ready for persecution of Christians in America as it’s been happening throughout the world? It’s happening politically now because anyone who is an authentic Christian faces scrutiny and potential censoring by our government.

What About God?
So I’ll ask an important question (and answer it), where is God in all this? He’s in the same place He’s always been – on the throne and in charge. What is happening must come to pass in order to bring the world to a point of Jesus’ physical return. Unlike Dominionism, in which people believe we can come together, pray and work to convert as many people as possible throughout the earth and then Jesus can return, but not until. This is absolutely unbiblical, another lie from Satan. We do not work to bring Jesus back. That time/date/day is set by the Father already.

It could come to this…

Yes, the world needs to get to a specific point before Jesus will physically return. But that point has everything to do with His judgment. Jesus comes back at the end (and to close), the coming Tribulation period. The Tribulation period is a time of unprecedented judgments poured out onto the earth and society; twenty-one judgments to be precise (Matthew 24; Revelation 6-18).

Yes, we Christians should always be looking for opportunities to spread the Gospel and help bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus. However, this is only going to save people from the fire, not redesign the world so that it is more palatable and slowly and continually become more pleasant.

Look with me for a minute or so at Psalm 95. In spite of what is happening on the earth, the Christian’s job is to worship God because this attitude provides us with the correct approach to everything in life. Everything falls into place from that. We should worship Him for several reasons pointed out in this Psalm.

  1. God is our Rock (v1)
  2. God is the great God and King above all (v3)
  3. He owns everything He made (vv4-5)

Because of these things, He absolutely deserves our worship and praise. Psalm 95:6-7 tell us, “Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.”

Our job is to worship God in all we do, think and say. That’s obviously a tall order, but what I’m finding out is that it is more difficult to do when things are going well because we tend not to think of God or rely on Him as much as we need to do. When life is troubling and difficult, it forces us to look up, to focus on Him to help us throughout trials.

In these days of uncertainty and trouble, I would encourage you to find reasons to worship Him in spirit and truth. There really are plenty of them and it’s unfortunate that we actually have to deliberately look for them, isn’t it? Chalk that up to our sin nature. One day, we will worship Him perfectly without let up.

Let me leave you with my favorite version of “Come Let Us Worship and Bow Down” from Maranatha Singers (and I’m sorry about the ad at the front of the video). Meditate on the Lord. He wants you to rise above all circumstances that attempt to keep you weighed down including what the world is going through now and into the future.

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