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From the Mouth of a Muslim

This was posted to my “About” page a few days ago. It was in reference to my alleged throwing proverbial rocks at others who I believe are in error theologically:

“Throwing rocks at Muslims that will cause more harm and hatred. There are some other good ways to spread your belief or religions. These days in the 21st Century, people are matured enough, think and act better then our Prophets. They can think and make choices freely. In remote areas of Malaysia and Africa, the Christian Missionaries successfully went to the aborigines, built churches and helped in the community services seemed to be better off.”

The writer of the above is a Muslim himself and an Imam to boot. The trouble is myriad, but he obviously fails to see the problems in Islam, preferring to take the time to vilify others.

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Why Does the United States Need Sharia Law?

According to a Federal court judge, Sharia law is fine to use in the United States. This is not only asinine, but proves that too many Muslims have an agenda. Not only are they NOT here to become part of the fabric of American society (on U.S. terms), but are intent on encroaching upon this fabric by overwriting Constitutional law with their own law.

“An amendment that would ban Oklahoma courts from considering international or Islamic law discriminates against religions and a Muslim community leader has the right to challenge its constitutionality, a federal appeals court said Tuesday.” [1]

Granted, Muneer Awad (Muslim community leader noted above), who is the Executive Director of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), has been given the right to challenge the new amendment. In the meantime, the amendment itself is blocked until the outcome of the courts.

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Jesus Christ IS God…

He’s NOT a swear word!

My wife and I were returning home from a trip and passed a semi with the message “Jesus Christ is Lord. Not a swear word” on the side of the trailer in huge lettering.

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Norway’s Black Metal Group Taake Says Down with Muhammad

This band from Norway recently received a nomination for what is similar to a Grammy in America. Their latest album from 2011 titled Noregs Vaapen contains a song called Orkan. In it, lyrics essentially say that Muhammad can go to the netherworld and take Muslims with him.

To be fair, Taake (pronounced Toke with a long “o” sound and silent “e”) doesn’t like religion period. They are against anything that they believe stifles free speech. To them, both Christianity and Islam somehow do that, so they disagree with both.

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Is the Federal Government STEALING Food Supplies?

I have read a number of reports of late where FBI, as well as other law enforcement agencies, have been involved in attempting (or succeeding) in simply taking food supplies. This may sound extremely weird or “out there” to many, but if any of the reports on the ‘Net offer any truth at all, then it would appear as though the Feds are interested in taking food that farmers produce.

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Ominous Black Friday and the December 21, 2012 Event

They call it “Black Friday”, and it has a varied history. Some say the origin of the name comes from the Philadelphia Police Department’s uncomplimentary appraisal of the first day of the Christmas shopping season back in 1966. In recent years it refers to that busy Friday after Thanksgiving that puts retailers “in the black”.

Each year it seems the day is punctuated with incidents of trampling, fights, robberies, shootings and all sorts of anti-social behavior. Seems that “peace on earth” thing we like to sing about just can’t seem to make it to the retail level.

It is both sad and shocking that the official American day of Thanksgiving to God has become the eve of what is arguably the year’s most illustrative day of thanklessness and greed. More important than its origin, and even more important than its economic impact is its crystal clear portrayal of the greed and violence that can be so quickly and easily launched from the depths of the human heart. Not a pretty sight to behold.

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Sharia Law Comes Through the Back Door in Austria

This is happening more and more and it should not be. Legislation should NOT be made to keep people from speaking out against religions or ideologies. People should be allowed to express their opinions without fear of legislative reprisals.

Let’s face it, many in the world today have little to nothing to say that would be construed as good where Christianity is concerned. That’s normally because Christianity is not seen separately from the history Roman Catholicism and its excesses.

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