The Deplorably Evil People Who Are Running Our Federal Government to Control Us

December 6, 2013 at 6:58 PM 1 comment

The dream of those on the left couldn't be anymore apparent...

The dream of those on the left couldn’t be anymore apparent…

by Fred DeRuvo

As if to prove how repugnant and upside down much of society has become due to the leadership (so-called) of those on the left, we are witnessing an absolute reverse of what has normally been correct and incorrect. Now, the incorrect has become the correct all because the left appears to be in charge.

Today, I submitted an article to Tim Brown at Freedom Outpost about the TSA’s relatively new PreCheck Randomizer, which is a small piece of technology that looks very similar to a tablet computer. TSA agents roam around encouraging travelers to use it and avoid the lines that take people through the security measures that we’ve come to know and love. You know, like the “pat down,” the back scatter machine, and other methods. Many travelers seem to be jumping at the chance. Of course, the TSA does not tell you that you have to place your thumb to the screen, which then does a background check on you. No worries though, because it’s all in the name of “safety,” right? Wrong. It’s all in the name of government control.

But along with these measures (and let’s not forget the new TSA “Detention Pods,” that can be locked down with a person inside when they are detected to be a “threat.” Eventually, airports will be a form of incarceration with the TSA determining whether or not you can board your flight or whether they’ll decide to hold you on some ridiculous charge. This is all in spite of the fact that while the TSA is busy wanting to gather as much information on the traveling public as possible, they seem to not be as concerned with the people whom they hire, many of which have some type of criminal background. Ah, but that’s not really important, is it? No, when the actual reality is that the TSA simply wants to capture as much information on individuals who travel as possible under the guise of creating safer skies.

But of course, this type of “screening process” is not simply relegated to airports. We know that Homeland Security has become involved at train terminals and roadways. Now apparently, they have started to expand this “screening process” to a ferry crossing in Galveston, TX, where drivers were randomly pulled over, forced to exit their vehicles, and their cars were searched. It appears as though the Constitution is all but dead to our federal government.

But some zombies living in America still argue that all of this is done for our safety, to thwart the shroud of terrorism. Really? Then why are the borders between Mexico and the United States left pretty much unattended? It forces us to consider the fact that maybe…just maybe…the federal government is not really concerned about our safety at all. They are concerned with getting society used to giving up hope on the 4th Amendment and other amendments of the Constitution and specifically the Bill of Rights.

Because so much of what the federal government is doing is designed to overwhelm society, it really is becoming impossible to resist it. The solution of course? Don’t fly or drive anywhere, but that’s impractical and unreasonable. We are being trained to accept the fact that the federal government no longer sees the 4th, 2nd, and numerous other amendments as viable so we shouldn’t even try to resist by standing by them.

Consider this. The federal government is essentially (and deliberately) setting aside the United States Constitution. They know they are and they know that many of us know they are. They also know that there are still people (zombies) who simply go with the program because they believe the government is merely trying to keep us safe. These people are essentially aiding and abetting the federal government’s illegal maneuvering to eliminate the Constitution from society. They are just as dangerous as the federal government is and the only way to do anything about it is to either go along with their program or attempt to resist it.

That takes us to another program that the federal government is using to quash any chance of American society becoming aggressive toward the government and that is by removing our weapons. Because of illegal laws that were passed in New York City, most guns are outlawed. In fact, the authorities there have already sent out confiscation letters to gun owners who own guns other than the three now allowed by law (essentially any gun that holds more than 5 bullets) that they need to turn them into police immediately or properly dispose of them and prove it.

If the federal government can confiscate our guns, ignore the 4th amendment by illegally searching us, our luggage, or our cars (and even our homes like the situation after the Boston Marathon bombing incident), yet leave the southern border of America completely unattended, while also deliberately bringing Muslims into this country (without ever determining whether said Muslims participated in jihad or other forms of terrorism in their own country) proves beyond doubt that the intentions of the federal government are not what we are being told. They are what they appear to be and that is a determined effort to squelch our freedoms and control all aspects of society.

Those who deny it are either exceedingly naive, part of the problem, or both.

Christians can and should have no fear about how bad society will become. Our life is in God’s hands and we should be able to say with assurance that He is not only our Helper and Provider, but our Strength as well. He is there for us IF we have committed ourselves to serving Him.

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1 Comment

  • 1. Dan Lowell  |  December 10, 2013 at 5:03 AM

    At the Tower of Babel when Nimrod had ‘all’ the people thinking in ‘one’ mind God acted with urgency to scatter people. The devil has been working ever since to bring us back to the tower.

    No father views his offspring as a horde. He sees each child individually, separate but equal to all the others.

    It’s not the power of the individual nor the power of the collective that matters. It’s the power of God that lasts forever!


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