Global Elite begins grab of children in nation of Scotland

March 1, 2014 at 8:04 AM

scotlandIt’s as if the Global Elite (GE) knows no bounds. They continue to push ahead in all areas with their overreach, gradually and consistently removing the rights of citizens everywhere. It’s how the GE overwhelms the system, by trying to do so many things in so many areas that society cannot keep up with it all.

One of the latest moves appears in the nation of Scotland. There, a new “state guardian plan” that will provide one government agent for each child born. The ramifications of this program are shocking, to say the least.

“A Christian charity has said it will take court action to overturn legislation giving every child in Scotland a ‘named person’ because it contravenes parents’ rights.”

The bill is designed to oversee every child in the nation of Scotland and if left unchecked, would effectively overturn parental rights in many situations. “Conservatives unsuccessfully argued that a guardian should only become involved where there were concerns over issues of well-being or safety of a child. They also attempted to reduce the upper age limit from 18 to 16.”

Of course, the reasoning offered by the politicians in favor of the bill is that if such a program exists, then cases of child abuse would be caught early. However, governments always present the potential eradication of individual rights in the most positive way possible, never even considering or discussing the potential problems that might arise from such a program.

Colin Hart, director of Christian Institute in Scotland warned, “It is clear that this Bill breaches European rules through its attack on the family. This is Big Brother politics writ large. Ordinary Scots should be very afraid.”

Beyond this, “A Free Church of Scotland spokesman said there has not been ‘sufficient evidence’ to apply the plans universally or to ensure ‘parents are protected from undue interference by the state’.”

Hundreds more government workers will be needed for this new bill to be workable, which means that the Scottish government will simply increase in size. ”

Liz Smith, the Scottish Tory young people spokesman, said: ‘This will tip the balance of family responsibility away from parents towards the state – something which most parents find completely unacceptable. Forcing all young people to have a named person will, inevitably, dilute the resources available for our most vulnerable children’.”

Of course, the spin put on things by those who support the bill is quite different. Their viewpoint is that “this is a benign move that will assign a named person to every child from birth until the age of 18. If said named person has any concerns about a child’s welfare, they may be able to refer the case to social workers. Before that, though, the named person will be able to access information about a child and his family from the police and health authorities.”

The trouble is that anytime the government of a particular nation does what it can to increase its reach, there is normally cause for concern, or should be. This whole thing smacks of government spying. What if the government simply doesn’t like the way parents are raising their children? What if they see conservative viewpoints (especially those grounded within Christianity) as threatening? Will the government then have the alleged right to remove children from the home?

Certainly, the above scenario is not beyond the realm of possibility and could eventually lead to that. It’s simply the way things go when the government intervenes.

The Patriot Act was supposed to make Americans safer. Because of it, we have lost many of our rights. The Department of Homeland Security came into being because of the Patriot Act and immediately set about to ransack the rights we enjoyed.

The Globalists are definitely on the move. They appear to be completely unconcerned about those who threaten to withstand them.  Because of that, we can only expect worse things ahead.

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