Push Toward Globalism Continues

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Warning: This article contains some political commentary

Most are probably aware of the old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which President Trump has stated was bad for America. It has been replaced with something else called, United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA. Originally, Canada had been sidelined as Trump dealt solely with Mexico. Toward the end, Canada was allowed to be involved and the result is the USMCA.

According to a friend of mine, the new agreement is roughly 1,200 pages longer than NAFTA and forces cooperation with global bureaucracies. I haven’t read it, though there is certainly information on the ‘Net. The problem is that when dealing with several other countries, the one common denominator is that all want primarily what’s best for their own citizens and countries. The USA is no different, at least under President Trump. The deals we’ve had before seemed to favor other countries to the near-exclusion of America and American workers. Dems and the Left seemed to have no problem with that.

While the deal may offer better returns to America and American workers (auto manufacturers, etc.), the problem may be that car prices and other things could rise because of it. There are no real guarantees and like everything else, greed can enter into this trade arena. You can read more about it here.

Because the agreement is in place with other countries, there is always the possibility that portions of the agreement will end up furthering a one-world, global market place, meaning having to cooperate with and/or deal with countries that are essentially sold out to the extremely rich and powerful people who want for North America what they have been creating in Europe – namely, the EU. Only time will tell how all of this will work itself out, but even if things go very smoothly and the USA reaps great rewards for this agreement, it would only take another president after President Trump to begin again to dismantle any benefits received from USMCA. Research it. Find out what this agreement means and simply be prepared, not that you or I can change anything. But knowledge is really power. Arm yourself with it.

There is also a Deep State circus happening in DC, specifically with respect to the Senate. Dems and a few RINOs are pulling out all the stops to ensure that Brett Kavanaugh does not become the next Supreme Court Justice. To this end, they have trotted out Dr. Ford to accuse Kavanaugh of rape some 35 years ago. Because of her claim, many on the Left simply choose to believe her. However, much of her testimony is virtually falling apart and the many connections Ford has to the CIA, the Dems and the Deep State is coming out.

In the meantime, we actually have senators like Cory Booker essentially stating that it does not matter if Brett Kavanaugh is innocent or guilty, but because there is merely the claim of rape (sans evidence), then he is not fit for the Supreme Court. This is asinine and rhetoric of this type is diametrically opposed to the Constitution of the United States of America where the presumption of innocence is supposed to be applied to all until/if that person is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. For a sitting senator, sworn to uphold the Constitution, to say this is akin to treason in reality because he is clearly setting aside the rule of law found within the Constitution. This “social justice warrior” attitude is the sorry state of too many Democrats/Leftists today.

I believe we are seeing the actual death of the Democrat party, which may morph into something new. The masks have come off and we see them as they are in actuality. They are evil. They lie, the corroborate to obfuscate and overthrow. It appears that they cannot go low enough in their quest to destroy. Their father is Satan himself. This is patently clear.

According to someone who posted anonymously on the 8Chan boards, they say the entire thing surrounding Kavanaugh has been a complete setup. We know how the Left works and claiming sexual harassment and/or impropriety against conservatives is their go-to claim. Yet, they are extremely good at ignoring any such claims made by people against leaders on the Left. I’ll remind readers that Karen Monaghan has made claims against Democrat Keith Ellison of domestic abuse. She has far more evidence than Dr. Ford (who has merely words and a terrible memory). Monaghan has texts from Ellison. She has a medical report and she says she has a video. The MSM ignores it, yet Ellison is running for the office of Attorney General of his state.

Notice in the image the Anon says that the MSM was working with the Democrat Party to essentially destroy Brett Kavanaugh by staggering over time several articles about accusations toward him. According to this person, the MSM (which in this case includes several newspapers and a TV network), turned over their notes and emails (in exchange for immunity, to the FBI), received from specific Democrats.

If this is true, it means that certain Democrats are in the proverbial hot seat and may end up losing their Senate careers because of it. The Anon posted this information this past Monday and was expecting to see “glorious” headlines in the news starting on Tuesday. I haven’t seen any, although I have seen that the FBI is currently involved in three separate investigations all related to the Kavanaugh situation, including a potential investigation into Dianne Feinstein’s office regarding who may have illegally leaked the contents of Ford’s private letter to the press.

Here’s what I believe may be happening. If we look at Scripture, it is very clear (except to those who choose to view prophetic discourse allegorically), that this world will become ruled by a one-world government and it will be headed up by Antichrist. This is so clear, it cannot be disputed (with the exception of the allegorical view). Taking Scripture in its most plain and ordinary sense, it all points to a time when the world will become one under a very charismatic leader who will turn out to be completely possessed/empowered by Satan himself. This is a repeated narrative throughout the Bible.

This coming point-man for Satan will ultimately demand to be worshiped and those who do not submit will be eradicated. Paul references this in 2 Thessalonians 2 and many other portions of Scripture also highlight this fact; Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation, etc. We can be assured that this is coming in spite of what people may choose to believe, given all the “prophets” of today giving us this or that “word” from the Lord.

So if that is a certainty, what is happening now under President Trump? Here’s what I’m seeing and I apologize if this particular article appears somewhat disjointed. I’m trying to pull in numerous things to help people understand that what may be happening behind the scenes continues to push us toward a worldwide globalism. Right now, because of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, the Democrats and other Leftists have removed their masks as noted. The world sees their true character. It is so blatantly obvious that the only ones who ignore it and pretend it’s fine are other Leftists. However, there is a growing number of Democrats now vowing to vote GOP in the midterms because of the ugly, criminal, and inhuman tactics of the Left.

Senators Feinstein, Booker, Durbin, Blumenthal, and many others act like churlish oafs, castigating a man who is trying to defend himself against what appear to be flagrant lies. These senators have no problem working so hard to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation, “by any means necessary.” By the way, do not fail to notice that Sen. Schumer is in the background, strangely quiet, but very likely quite busy.

It appears that things are coming undone for people mentioned above. Will they lose their political careers? That is a distinct possibility and in reality it should happen.

But, the larger question is this: is the Deep State/Swamp actually losing? Is it being dismantled? While I used to think it was, I’m not so sure anymore. The largest problem is that Satan is not going to give up. He will always have evil people sold out to him, working for him because the temporal rewards to humans are great even though the eternal rewards are not. People commit to Satan willingly. Add to this the fact that a one-world order is coming, as evidenced in Scripture repeatedly, then clearly, the Deep State will continue to exist until the physical return of Jesus Himself, who will, at that point personally destroy the Antichrist and the False Prophet (into Lake of Fire) and sequestering Satan into the Bottomless Pit for 1,000 years (the length of the coming Millennial Kingdom ruled by Jesus).

I wish I had better news, but the Deep State may be simply trying to get rid of people it no longer benefits from; people like Feinstein and several others, who’ve held power too long, enriched themselves off the backs of taxpayers and others, and essentially have created their own little kingdoms. Their crimes have become way too obvious to thinking people. They’re liability to the Deep State may outweigh any beneficial service they provide.

I can see the Deep State sloughing these people off, replacing them with others who might be squeaky clean and far more surreptitious in the way they work, not given to the same type of vices. These new folks would be completely sold out to the Deep State globalists and do their bidding wholeheartedly with the understanding that their “payoff” comes at the end, once the one-world order is securely established. Oh sure, they might receive a few perks along the way, but the big payoff will come to them when the one-world government is fully in place.

To the average person, if people like Feinstein (or the Clintons, etc.), are jettisoned and even possibly arrested and tried for their crimes, it would appear to be a huge win for America. But we need to remember, the coming one-world government will be built on the same system that Nimrod built Babylon on. That system continues to exist from its beginning point and continues to undergird much of the world’s economic system. Because that one-world government is coming, we can know that the Deep State is going to continue to exist in some form.

We have midterms coming up. It appears that there will likely NOT be a “blue wave.” In all likelihood, Republicans will win many seats in Congress. However, can we know for a fact that people will not be electing anymore RINO’s like John McCain, Jeff Flake, and several others already in Congress? Might candidates lie to present themselves as one thing but are in actuality something else? Flake did it. McCain did it. Many do it. Some might even be much more deceptive about their beliefs and plans. Just because more GOP candidates win seats, it does not mean that they will automatically vote and legislate the conservative way. Decades ago, Democrats began infiltrating the GOP. Anyone who is left of center should not be calling themselves a Republican because they are not aligned with true conservative values. It’s simple really.

I would like to believe that President Trump and those who work with him are going to completely destroy the Deep State. I would love that. But I don’t believe that’s possible because Trump cannot destroy the very Source of the Deep State: Satan himself. Do we actually believe Satan is going to roll over and stop? Do we honestly believe Satan will be stopped from advancing his war on the saints and God? Will humans – even with God working through us – thwart the coming one-world government? Think again, please. Read the Bible. Stop listening to today’s “prophets.”

One way or another, Satan will be allowed to set up his earthly kingdom ruled over by his spiritual son, Antichrist, who will also have a false prophet to direct praise and worship of the Antichrist. The extremely short-lived battle between Jesus and Antichrist (empowered by Satan) is yet future. That battle is reserved for Jesus alone. Humans will play no part in taking the enemy down.

Stick with the Bible. In it, we have God’s plan for the ages. That plan culminates in the physical return of Jesus who personally defeats His foes – Antichrist, False Prophet and eventually, Satan. What we’re seeing now is likely the Deep State preparing to reset itself to look much more mainstream for their final effort to build the predicted one-world government.

I wish I had better news. But rejoice, because God is still in control. He oversees all things. Nothing happens here that is not somehow part of His plan to reveal His glory. Do not focus on the things of this world.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us, (Romans 8:18 ESV)

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