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Loving God Equals Obedience…

John makes several statements at the end of 1 John 2 that we need to focus on. The first one deals with our reaction to Jesus when we ultimately and physically see Him. If we lived our days as Christians until we die striving to be in obedience to Jesus (from the heart), we will not be ashamed when we see Him. However, if we lived in a way that feeds and glorifies self, giving into the temptations around us, we will be ashamed when we come into Jesus’ Presence.

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Portraits in Fellowship, Part 1

When we fail to forgive, we fall out of fellowship with them and God. In fact, we will remain there until we are willing to forgive. God will not fellowship with us if we are unwilling to forgive people who sin against us. While we cannot forgive them legally or judicially (only God can do that), we can certainly forgive them from the heart and even ask that God will not hold their sin against them.

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Knowing God in 1 John, Part 8

John emphasizes how important it is for us to avoid sin at all costs. However, when we do slip and fall, there is God’s provision in Christ. It is as we deal with our sin (through repentance and confession) that our fellowship with God matures and there will be longer times of unbroken fellowship because of it, as opposed to mediocrity in the Christian life.

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What Does John Mean by Knowing God in 1 John, Part 5

Christians who live like the people who are lost in this dark world have no fellowship with God at all, though they have salvation (if they are true Christians). Let’s remember that John is writing to actual believers, true Christians. He is not questioning their salvation. He is providing them guidelines to understand how to enter into fellowship with God in Christ. The Christian whose life is virtually no different from those around him/her who are lost, might have salvation, but has no fellowship with God at all. John is very clear about this.

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What Does John Mean by Knowing God in 1 John, Part 3

I’m not saying that if we get serious about fellowship with God, America will turn around and God will once again make her a great nation. That’s not the point at all to 1 John and frankly, I believe we have passed the tipping point there long ago. God wants us to fellowship with Him because He wants to use us in the Great Commission. A time is coming when things will be exceedingly dark and even though I believe the Rapture will occur prior to the Tribulation, I have absolutely no idea when the Rapture will occur or specifically how dark and evil things will get before that event. We cannot count on it whisking us away to the safety of heaven though it will happen.

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What Does John Mean by Knowing God in 1 John, Part 2

John notes that if a person says he/she has come to know God, but doesn’t keep God’s commands, then that person is clearly lying. To emphasize the point, John says that the person in question is devoid of truth. Truth does not reside in that person because they are living a lie.

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