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Deuteronomy is Moses’ Swansong

This is a great time for us to reflect on this area of idolatry. Most people today do not bow down before graven images. We don’t have shrines in our homes and I’m referring to Christians here. I know that those within Buddhism, and other Eastern religions often have some form of shrine in their home or around their home. Moses told the people to not make any type of image of anything that might tempt the people to worship it. This is anathema to God because He alone is to be worshiped. 

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Weddings Are Easy But Marriage Fellowship Takes Time

Relationships, more than any other issue, require our emotional involvement and promised commitment. They cannot survive unless people are willing to put in the time, the energy, and the effort to make a relationship work. Granted, some relationships are easier than others, but all require work to some degree. A relationship cannot last on its own without effort. It is that simple. The divorce rate in America proves it and unfortunately, Christian marriages are included in that percentile.

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Ecclesiastes and Vanity of Life, Part 2

It seems that people (represented by “the eye”) ignore this “monotony” by constantly striving for something more. Solomon is starting to point out how unsettled people are in general. He seems to think that we are unsettled because we are unable or unwilling to reconcile ourselves with the ebb and flow of life that God has given us. We are never happy with what God has given us to enjoy. That is seen with Adam and Eve who, though living in a perfect environment, still longed for the “grass” on the other side of the fence. Imagine if Adam and Eve had simply been content with their “lot in life.” Imagine how different things would be for us today, now.

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What Does John Mean by Knowing God in 1 John, Part 5

Christians who live like the people who are lost in this dark world have no fellowship with God at all, though they have salvation (if they are true Christians). Let’s remember that John is writing to actual believers, true Christians. He is not questioning their salvation. He is providing them guidelines to understand how to enter into fellowship with God in Christ. The Christian whose life is virtually no different from those around him/her who are lost, might have salvation, but has no fellowship with God at all. John is very clear about this.

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What Does John Mean by Knowing God in 1 John, Part 3

I’m not saying that if we get serious about fellowship with God, America will turn around and God will once again make her a great nation. That’s not the point at all to 1 John and frankly, I believe we have passed the tipping point there long ago. God wants us to fellowship with Him because He wants to use us in the Great Commission. A time is coming when things will be exceedingly dark and even though I believe the Rapture will occur prior to the Tribulation, I have absolutely no idea when the Rapture will occur or specifically how dark and evil things will get before that event. We cannot count on it whisking us away to the safety of heaven though it will happen.

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Can Authentic Christians Deny Jesus? Part 3

But the very important question that we must answer is how do we abide in Christ? How do we live our lives in such a way that causes us to continue abiding in Christ? First, we need to understand that when we read the term abide in Christ, it is almost always referring to being and remaining in fellowship with God. What keeps us from fellowship with God? Only one thing: sinful behavior. Sure, we can break that down into many areas and lots of examples, but in the end, it is all sin. Any and every sin will break off our fellowship with God. When we sin deliberately, we cease to fellowship with God.

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