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Who’s Right: Peter or Your Emotions?

Society has gotten so used to going by emotions and how they feel about something to determine truth, that most people feel powerless and hopeless unless they feel deep within the resident power required to do something. This has without doubt spilled over into the visible Church. It has overwhelmingly been taught by osmosis in many different areas of society. What is termed “Christian Mysticism” is really nothing more than New Age gobbledygook forcing people to focus on “inner” experiences that are said to be “of God.”

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What Are We to Think of the Prophets and Apostles that Exist Today? Part 3

God’s plan through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the 12 sons of Jacob (who became the patriarchs of Israel) was to establish a nation from which the light of salvation truth would go to the rest of the world. The Mosaic Law, which included the ceremonial, legal, and sacrificial practices of Israel provided evidence that God wanted to restore salvation with all those who would come to Him, embracing the salvation He provided, ultimately through God the Son. None of any of this has anything to do with America. Not one thing, with the exception of people in America being on the receiving end of this same salvation. Israel is the only nation that God deliberately created and specifically for the purpose of unfolding His plan of redemption.

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Should Christians Break the Law? Another Look at Acts 17 Apologetics

Who received the glory the day members of Acts 17 Apologetics were arrested? It is difficult for me to believe that Jesus was honored by their actions. I know some will disagree with that assessment and you are entitled to your opinion. However, what you are not entitled to do is to call me a false prophet, or someone who causes other people to sin.

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