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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 8

In short, unlike human beings with whom we are in relationship, we are in relationship with an invisible God who, though He has a human form (in God the Son), remains invisible to us because He does not physically live in this dimension. The only possible way we can get to know God and fellowship with Him is through His revelation we call the Bible. That’s it. Certainly, the Holy Spirit who indwells us, teaches us God’s truth from that source and does many other things as well, but chiefly, the Bible is our guide to our fellowship with God Almighty.

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ABCs for Christian Growth

Do you – as a Christian – lack the knowledge of truth that actually sets us free from the problems (emotionally and mentally) that Satan uses to confound us, mentally torture us, and bring us down? The answer – as you no doubt know – is found in God’s Word. While most Christians understand this reality, it is still a difficulty when it comes to appropriating that knowledge or truth because too many of us want quick, easy answers and finding them usually means ripping things out of context. This creates problems for us in the way we understand the truth of God’s Word.

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Is Salvation a Sure Thing or Dependent Upon Us? Part 5

If we were to simply leave it there, we would be very tempted to think that the writer of Hebrews is referring to salvation and if we are not careful, we will lose that salvation through an “unbelieving heart.” In fact, this verse (among others) is often used as a proof-text to show that salvation can be lost. I do not believe this is the case and if we take the time to strongly consider the context, which we must do, then we will all arrive to that very same conclusion. The question to ask is whether or not the writer of Hebrews is speaking of our salvation beginning with Hebrews 3:12 or something else entirely?

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Can Christians Have Assurance of Salvation?

With respect to assurance of salvation, there are essentially two main groups. First, there is the group (of which I am part) that says salvation is eternal. Once God grants it, He will never take it back. Second, there is the group that does not believe the Bible teaches eternal salvation as such. They believe that salvation can be lost if the Christian does not stay on the proper path.

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