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Prophecies of Daniel 11, Part 13

There have always been small, committed groups of Jews within Israel who stood for the Lord though it would seem that in every generation, Satan has been allowed to trap most Jews in his lies. Today, some of the most ardent opposition of Israel are found within the Jewish community. Part of that is simply due to the fact that they erroneously believe that if Israel was not part of the Middle East, there might actually be peace in the world. This is a complete deception because the global elite needs to keep the world in a state of controlled chaos, with rumors of wars and actual wars. Islam would not rest on its laurels or somehow go away if Israel did not exist in the Middle East. Jews would still exist and Islam hates Jews and Judaism. Moreover, aspects of Islam (ISIS, etc.) are being allowed to believe that they are entering another (and final) caliphate (rule of Islam) throughout the world. Islam is being taught to believe that Allah is with them and is why they are making such tremendous inroads into global society. Of course, that is merely a mirage, created by the global elite. When they are done using Islam, it will be quickly and easily put down.

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Prophecies of Daniel 11, Part 11

Many students of the Bible today point to the Roman attack on Jerusalem in AD 70, under Titus as fulfillment of Jesus’ words. The problem is that nowhere is there any historical evidence that Titus did to the Jews what Antiochus did. There is no record or evidence that Titus slaughtered anything on the altar or set up any deity inside the Holy of Holies. In fact, records do support the fact that Jewish priests were the ones who actually set fire to the temple so that it could not be desecrated by the Romans. The Romans removed every stone of the temple and melted out the gold overlay as Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:2, Mark 13:2, and Luke 21:6, but they did not desecrate the temple itself.

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Prophecies of Daniel 11, Part 10

Once again Antiochus counted on the support of those Jews who had long ago abandoned following the Mosaic Law (the holy covenant) and readily fell in behind Antiochus. You know, when people allow themselves to become corrupted, nothing can usually change that. Money corrupts. Political favors corrupt. Is it any wonder that no empire lasts that long before it begins to fail? It is happening with America today and that failure will culminate in a complete collapse.

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Prophesies of Daniel 11, Part 7

Unfortunately for Antiochus, Rome did not want to have to deal with these types of problems and even though the Roman Empire did not officially begin until approximately 27 BC, elements of Rome were gaining power. The Roman Empire wasn’t built or installed over night. It took time, like any other faction that ultimately became an empire, whether the Babylonian, the Medo-Persian, the Grecian or the Roman. It took time to build momentum and power that allowed them to become ruling empires over large portions of geographical areas in that portion of the world.

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Prophecies of Daniel 11, Part 5

This is the problem with getting involved in something over politics. You never know how it’s going to turn out. These Jews were putting their trust in some political figure, the king of the North to help them. The problem of course, is that they should have been turning instead to their own God, but didn’t. They trusted in themselves and were bitten on the backside for their troubles. Had they sought God, repented of their rebellion, submitted themselves to Him and His ways, things would have undoubtedly turned out differently.

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Prophecies of Daniel 11, Part 4

With the efforts of Antiochus III the Great, he was able to push Egypt’s borders back below Israel or at least to the southern border of Israel from Syria. He fought against Ptolemy IV at this point in time. What is of course, fascinating is that the angelic messenger has been laying the groundwork to reveal specifics about the Holy Land to Daniel. All of this information is leading up to and including what would eventually befall Israel/Jerusalem and Daniel’s people, the Jews. Because God saw fit to provide Daniel with so much information that was extremely specific, we literally see the very rungs of the ladder that take us up to the events that impacted Israel. I hope you find that as amazing as I do.

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Daniel 8:26 tells Daniel to Seal Up the Vision

There is much in Daniel that we seem to understand very well today. We understand all the empires mentioned in Daniel 2, 7, and 8. Scholars are also in agreement (with few exceptions) as to the identities of the individuals mentioned in Daniel 11. While people still argue about the meaning of Daniel 9, it also seems as though the meaning of that chapter is clearly evident. So as a whole, the book of Daniel is not so mysterious (from our vantage point in 2015) as it most certainly was during Daniel’s day. Yet, even Daniel understood a good deal of what he wrote down.

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