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Rolling Toward Reparations for Slavery

There is one huge difference between the persecution that God allowed in the past and the coming Tribulation/Great Tribulation of the future. The coming Tribulation is all about God pouring out His wrath on humanity for their continued rejection of Him and their constant rebellion and proliferation of evil. Just as it was in the days of Noah and just as it was in the days of Lot, God poured out His wrath then on a rebellious and disobedient society that refused to bow the knee to Almighty God. Those events foreshadowed the final pouring out of God’s wrath throughout the globe in what I believe is the near future and is called the Tribulation/Great Tribulation.

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The Internet, Information, and Critical Mass

It is extremely apparent that without the blogging that millions of people do throughout the world, one can only wonder how far along we would be in knowing and understanding what our governments are up to these days. In fact, it amazes me that there are those in government who act as though the truth is not available to the average person.

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Should Eric Holder Be Fired?

Attorney General Eric Holder Should be Fired!

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