The Internet, Information, and Critical Mass

December 9, 2011 at 3:32 PM

It is extremely apparent that without the blogging that millions of people do throughout the world, one can only wonder how far along we would be in knowing and understanding what our governments are up to these days.  In fact, it amazes me that there are those in government who act as though the truth is not available to the average person.

I’m referring to AG Eric Holder and Mr. Obama as merely two examples of the hucksterism that is alive and well in Washington, yet pretending not to be.  This particular duo believes that if they simply smile through the facade of not knowing that the truth is out there, things will be all right.

I learned just today that Eric Holder – rather than step down or even fire people in his organization for “Fast and Furious” – has taken the rather odd step of laying the full blame for his problems (50+ Senators want him fired) at the feet of The Daily Caller of all things! Either the guy has absolutely no grip on reality or is doing his best to redirect.

Holder has obviously tried to refocus Congress away from the “Fast and Furious” debacle, even stating that the American people are going to have problems with these guns that went south for years.  He said this as if the American people personally walked them into Mexico.  In essence, he is trying to blame anyone he can except himself.  Frankly, I’m surprised he hasn’t used the race card yet, but that wouldn’t play well since it is clear that something has gone desperately wrong because of “Fast and Furious” and since he is the “top cop,” so to speak, the buck stops with him, whether he thinks so or not.

But if you consider where society would be without people blogging about every aspect of it, it would make your head spin.  It’s not necessarily the fact that there are some bloggers who have tremendous readership (I’m not one of them) and because of that, get their viewpoints out there.  Yet for even bloggers like myself (and there are many of us who daily write articles that between 1,000 to 2,000 people read (depending upon the subject matter).  If we take all of us together, then we begin to realize that the efforts of the average person can truly make a difference, when those efforts are coupled with millions of other bloggers who share the same perspective.

Consider Islam.  If not for people creating a grassroots movement to overcome Islam’s encroachment before it gains the power it is shooting for, then Islam would be able to move along virtually unchecked.  However, because people care about their country, their state, and their city or county, Islam is often met with a “not so fast!” mentality and rightly so.

This same level of comeuppance  is often utilized against our own leaders, warning them of the fact that they could easily be voted out the next time if they fail to remember why they were voted in originally.  However, I have frankly lost a great deal of faith in our legislators because of the constant chicanery we hear about.  If they are spinning things one way, they are ignoring things altogether.

It is also amazing to continue to see politics as usual in Washington, DC even though the average person has grown exceedingly tired of it anymore.  This is what is so frustrating about many of our politicians – whether they are on the right or the left.  They seem oblivious to the concerns of many within their own districts.  They are more concerned with doing things that will make them appear to be fully involved in the democratic process so that all will benefit.

But when we stop to consider just how often some politician gets caught up in something sleazy that winds up forcing them from office, one has to wonder why they thought they could get away with it in the first place!  That is – in large part – the difference between things thirty or forty years ago and today.

For instance, everyone knows that J.F.K. was a womanizer and likely had many affairs that the Secret Service covered up.  Because of the way information was transmitted and known then that would not be hard to do.  Today, things are different.  Can you imagine how the public would have reacted had they known that J.F.K. had not been faithful to Jackie?  Oh my…

Fortunately for him, news was easily squashed then, but not now.  In today’s world, the mass media can ignore something but that no longer means that the average person is not aware of it.  Look at the Herman Cain spectacle.  My goodness, we had HOW many women coming out from the woodwork?  He was at the time, the frontrunner and he was also a conservative black.  He might have had a chance against Mr. Obama, but not only was he accused of sexual harassment, but was accused of womanizing and affairs – the same thing that J.F.K. would have been accused of if the same information channels existed then as they do now.

Of course someone will say that J.F.K. did not sexually harass women.  First, we don’t know that.  Second, he had AFFAIRS with women while he was MARRIED.  That’s okay for some people; just don’t sexually harass women.

So Cain is out of the race.  Now all those D-list celebrities can stop telling us that we’re racist if we were interested in voting for Herman Cain.  He’s out of the picture.

Of course, you see the point, I’m sure.  During J.F.K.’s day, news came via the television, the radio, and the newspaper.  Interestingly enough it wasn’t always that quick either.  Back then, people actually believed that newspapers and TV networks were fairly unbiased.  People felt they could trust the familiar news sources.

Today, we know we can’t and it is obvious because of what the liberal media continues to ignore on a daily basis.  They have their agenda and they’re sticking with it!  They will tell us what they want us to know; no more and no less.  In some ways, it’s like having state-controlled news.  We get what they deem is important enough for us to know.

But we also have bloggers and independent news sources.  These people are the real journalists because they dig and dig and don’t stop until they find the source.  They ask the hard questions and keep asking those questions until they get the answers.

It’s as if there are really two sources of news in this country and throughout the world.  On one hand, we have the liberal, highly paid talking head who is under the thumb of that particular news outfit.  They know they need to toe the line if they not only want to keep their jobs, but if they want to rise through the ranks.  Hey, maybe one day, they’ll have that 6:00pm news anchor position!  That’s always something to consider.  So they play ball with their “handlers” and it doesn’t matter if they wind up going against their own scruples or not.

On the other hand, we have the independent news sources who are interested in the true story.  They don’t mind digging and they certainly don’t mind going against the grain.

The Daily Caller could be classified as one as could many other indy news sources.  These folks do what they do because they are interested in truth, not truth as defined by the individual(s) who owns the news, but truth as defined by truth itself.

What I see happening is a form of critical mass.  We seem to have come to the point where the independent news bureaus and bloggers stand juxtaposed with the mainstream news sources.  The independents want the truth and they’re even willing to make mistakes – honest mistakes – in seeking that truth.  The mainstream media has one objective it would appear.  It is to encourage the formation of a Marxist or socialist society within and through the United States.  That may seem oversimplified to many, but the reality is that if we step back and ask ourselves where we are headed as a nation, it is difficult to arrive at any other conclusion.  The United States is heading toward a Marxist or socialist society and it would appear as though the mainstream media is in full collusion with that concept.  In many ways, the mainstream news seems to doing the blocking for the legislators (including the president) who appear to be doing an end run.

The most interesting thing about this is that they either pretend they don’t know that we see what they’re doing, or they honestly do not realize that we see what they’re doing.  This was extremely evident during Mr. Obama’s pre-election.  There was such a groundswell of support for Mr. Obama in virtually all mainstream news bureaus that in spite of the fact there was so little substance in what Mr. Obama was telling us, that didn’t seem to matter.  The liberal mainstream media loved Mr. Obama and they still do.

I believe Mr. Obama could have stood there on the podium of his specially built stage with his logo (that is highly reminiscent of Islam with its crescent moon) and read the phone book and the media would have had a collective orgasm!  There is something wrong with that because no one – regardless of which side of the aisle they are on – should receive that type of positive attention from the news.  I can understand the average individual reacting in such a way, but the news?  Aren’t they supposed to be unbiased?

The problem is that there are too many talking heads these days and not enough simply reporting the news.  Many of the anchors on CNN are haughty and opinionated.  I don’t tune into the news to have someone tell me what my opinion IS.  I tune into the news to learn what has happened today.  I can decide for myself what I think of events.

But bloggers have changed all that and maybe they are pushing official mainstream news bureaus toward the edge of being obsolete.  Think about it.  If the mainstream news has transformed itself into something that believes it is there to tell you what your opinion should really be, then obviously it won’t be long before they opinionate themselves right out of jobs.  At the very least, they will lose people who do practice critical thinking and can handle the job of taking in the information, analyzing it, and arriving at their own conclusions.

Stupid people can’t do this, but even setting stupid people aside, there seems to be a growing group of intelligent people who prefer being told what to think, as opposed to arriving to their own conclusions by using their own brain power.

Hopefully, bloggers and independent news sources will become an even greater threat to the bias and mediocrity of mainstream news bureaus, whose main goal it seems is to brainwash people into thinking one or way or another, but not allowing or encouraging them to make up their own minds.

Thank goodness for all the bloggers.  Thank goodness that with all the trash on the Internet, it can be used for something good.  The more I write and share my opinion (which you are free to reject or ignore), the less inclined I am to become a drone for the mainstream media.  That seems to be what they want. I could certainly be wrong about at least some of the things I blog about, but I am not intentionally trying to be wrong to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.  It seems as though the mainstream news bureaus are often deliberately creating false impressions to sway people into thinking what they want us to think.  They want the control.  Me?  I want the freedom to continue to think freely and independently.  I do not want to give that up.  Do you?

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