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Knowing God in 1 John, Part 8

John emphasizes how important it is for us to avoid sin at all costs. However, when we do slip and fall, there is God’s provision in Christ. It is as we deal with our sin (through repentance and confession) that our fellowship with God matures and there will be longer times of unbroken fellowship because of it, as opposed to mediocrity in the Christian life.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 4

Can you imagine how God must have inspired Noah and his sons and given them the ability to build such a ship? Wow, it had never been done before! Around 450 in length and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Oh wait, sorry. The reality is that this was an undertaking of humongous proportions and Noah had never trained to be a builder of boats. But because Noah had faith in God (believed Him), God rewarded Noah with a new label: righteous. But it didn’t stop there either. Because Noah believed God, he naturally wanted to obey God as well. If your “faith” does not prompt you to obedience in God, brothers and sisters, it is not faith. It is probably just some feeling that accomplishes nothing. True faith has substance that is seen in obedience to God’s plans and purposes (not yours!).

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