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Our Relationship with Jesus is a Call to Fellowship

Like any relationship, being a Christian – being in relationship with Jesus – is hard work. It requires a commitment that many will find difficult. Like other relationships, many find it easier to simply stop working, to walk away, and to find a new way to live. The temptation to do this where Christ is concerned is just as real, just as palpable, and just as serious.

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Lack of Discernment is Astounding in Some Churches

The pastor seemed to want to instruct us on everything from tongues to healings to other gifts that Christians are supposed to evidence in their lives so that people will know they are Christians. It got convoluted very fast, jumping from John 1, to John 8 to Acts 1, to Acts 8 and then to Romans 12. The emphasis was seeing real change in people as evidence that they were actually saved. I would argue that change only really comes to Christians who enter into and maintain fellowship with God in Christ and while salvation offers this path, not all Christians take it.

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Transformed to Have Fellowship

Christians who have salvation do not necessarily have fellowship. They have the potential for it and the right to it, but there is no guarantee that each and every Christian will enjoy fellowship with God. When we become saved, our legal status is changed by God from unrighteous to righteous (2 Corinthians 5:21). This status can never change back to that of being unrighteous again as a legal standing before God. Certainly, if Christians are not careful, they can (and too often do) live carnal, immature lives before God because they fail to realize that they are supposed to actually pursue fellowship with God. It is not automatic.

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Two Most Important Aspects of Fellowship with God

John’s clear point is very obvious. The Christian who claims to have fellowship with God but lives in a way that is contrary to God’s moral law, is not in fellowship with God at all. That person is lying and he is “not practicing the truth.” It is very much like the father and prodigal son of Luke 15. When the son left the father’s presence to enjoy a lifestyle of sin, there was no fellowship with the Father at all. It was only when he returned to the father having decided that his thinking had been wrong that he began to enjoy fellowship with his father. While away spending his money, living riotously, and even feeding pigs, he probably believed he was truly free, but he wasn’t. The most important thing he lacked was fellowship with his own father.

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Weddings Are Easy But Marriage Fellowship Takes Time

Relationships, more than any other issue, require our emotional involvement and promised commitment. They cannot survive unless people are willing to put in the time, the energy, and the effort to make a relationship work. Granted, some relationships are easier than others, but all require work to some degree. A relationship cannot last on its own without effort. It is that simple. The divorce rate in America proves it and unfortunately, Christian marriages are included in that percentile.

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All the World’s a Stage and So Much of It is Absolute Vanity

Because of the misplaced value of too many in society, things that have no real eternal value are lifted up and adored, while the things that have eternal value are denigrated or ignored. This is sadly true even among Christians. It’s all about what we “accomplish” for God whether it’s His will or not. It’s all based on how things look on the outside, things we can brag about or put our faith in.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 3

I would like to remind that entering into fellowship with God is something that is only available to authentic Christians, those who have, by faith, received salvation. This salvation changes our legal standing before God from unrighteous to righteous and provides a way for us to enter into that fellowship. Scripture provides many references to the fact that God does not hear the prayers of those considered (labeled) unrighteous (unless of course, it is the prayer for salvation). Whether or not we fellowship with God is up to us, though God will do what He can to draw us to Him. I’m hoping that you will see why fellowship is only available to authentic Christians (and how we enter into it), as you continue to read this series.

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Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 1

While our legal standing has nothing at all to do with our feelings (though the more we realize the truth of our legal standing before God in Christ, the greater the chance that our feelings will react to that truth in a very positive way that makes us feel wonderful!), relationships do involve our feelings, but they should be kept in check when it appears as though they are trying to guide or direct that relationship. Feelings should always be a reaction to truth and in that way, feelings can react to our legal standing and our fellowship with God. They should be allowed to do that, but they should never direct the way we think. Feelings/emotions should always react to truth. They should never create the way we think or believe.

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