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Music That Moves the Emotions

How many times have you cried at a sad scene in a movie? I’m sure you’ve done it but not necessarily for the reason you think. Sure, the scene itself might have been touching with actors doing a very good job of selling the scene making you forget you’re watching a movie. But the most important aspect of that scene was put in during post-production: the music and sound effects. Gifted movie music composers create music that compliments each scene and helps drive that sceneĀ andĀ bring out the required viewer’s emotions.

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Our Completely Unrealistic Expectations in Our Relationship with God

Certainly God wants our worship, but doesn’t need it. Yes, He wants our love, but doesn’t need it. Definitely, He wants us to show Him how much we love Him, but lifting our hands, swaying our hips to the music, and shouting out a song during worship doesn’t necessarily prove that to Him. It simply proves that we can dance and get excited about high-amped music. By the way, I’m saying all this as someone who has played drums for years. I’ve played at churches too, but gave that up a while ago for a variety of reasons.

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