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While Jesus was Peaceful and Loving, was He a Pacifist? Pt 2

In essence, the commandment based on the Mosaic Law of Exodus 20 actually states and means, “Thou Shalt Not Murder.” But look at how convoluted and confused things have become today. More people are being arrested for defending their homes and the people who live there from intruders. Do a search of the Internet to read one story after another. What’s the message? In liberal states where they are trying to outlaw guns, don’t think that you can use a gun to defend yourself in your home when someone breaks in and has a gun of their own.

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Pacifism, Social Activism and Christianity

Liberals are funny people. When you add “Christian” liberal, they become even funnier. Then when you wrap that up in a human being that is still in college, who believes he spouts God’s wisdom for all humanity to absorb, it actually becomes…lame.

I had the unusual experience of receiving messages from one such person as described above recently. He is an avowed voter favoring Mr. Obama (this is the second time he’ll be voting for him) and he is proud that Mr. Obama is black, but is that why he voted for him? Of course not. It’s because of Mr. Obama’s policies, the polices that have not gotten us out of the mess that liberals (and Mr. Obama) are quick to point out that Bush created.

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