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How Political Correctness Pits Race Against Race

We have spent much time going over aspects of political correctness, critical race theory, Cultural Marxism, determining the “victim” and the “aggressor” in numerous situations. I have tried to show that political correctness actually attempts to destroy God’s truth by setting it aside, replacing it with the relativism of emotional virtue.

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Determining the Victim and the Aggressor

A person is determined to be a victim if he/she is up against someone or something that appears to be stronger. Strength represents aggression, regardless of whether or not it is that. It is seen as lording it over others and creating victims because of it. All “good” people then, must fight against the aggressor. Those who defend “aggressors” become just as vilified.

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Political Correctness Has No Part in Being a Christian

The very nature of political correctness forces a person to often compromise what they know (or should know) is the truth. Is this what Paul is referring to when he speaks of the darkening of a person’s mind in Romans 1:21-23? When society comes to a point of acting, speaking, and even thinking based on a set of unwritten rules that are often juxtaposed against God and His Word, then that society has truly lost its way. When people who claim to be Christians also get carried away by it, they bring dishonor to the Name of Christ, their alleged Lord.

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