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Can We Biblically Love People Enough?

Here are various Bible passages that define God’s definition of love. Please go there and take the time to read them, analyze them, contemplate them, and ask the Lord to help you live them. I will state very clearly that I know that I do not love enough (and certainly not perfectly!), and you probably don’t either. This doesn’t mean we ignore sin, but we’d better be spending more time noticing our own sin before we point fingers at others.

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Islam Rising

I would ask that you to watch this video:

I will warn you that it is violent and some of the images will shock. Please also note some of the language on that Web site will likely offend. However, the video offers a glimpse into the heart of the Muslim extremist. Please pass the link onto as many people as possible. Pray for God’s strength to stand against this tremendous evil and preach His gospel in spite of the odds. His Word will not return to Him void.

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Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

This world needs God, not Allah. It does not need Muhammad, it needs Jesus Christ. This world, led by Islamic extremists, is headed toward a complete breakdown. Out of the ashes the one-world ruler will rise, promising to make all things right. The Antichrist – Islam’s Mahdi – will ride in on a figurative white horse, promising peace, but bringing destruction. He will be the consummate liar and Muslims will know it, will approve it, and be glad for it.

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