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July 27, 2010 at 1:07 PM

Islam's Plan for the World

I have decided to publish a number of blogs related to Islam.  In fact, these will probably go into a book that is on the drawing board as well.  People seem to be unaware of Islam’s roots, intentions, and demands.  Proponents of Islam do not want democracy.  They want total control.  They reject freedom, demanding allegiance to Allah.  They want to go back to the stone age when women were nothing more than furniture – an object to be used and tossed when done.

Islam has no room for anyone who disagrees with it.  While everywhere, we read and hear that we are to be tolerant of other religions, Islam has no such desire.  In fact, they take advantage of the tolerance of others, using it to their advantage.  Orthodox Muslims believe that they are at war with the rest of the world.  To them, it is a battle for survival.  They do not plan on losing.

Now, if I am a Christian, why am I worried?  I’m not worried in the sense of wondering what the outcome will be, nor am I worried about my salvation, or where I will be upon my death.  I am not worried at all.  I am concerned about what is happening in the world.  I am concerned that there are too many people doing nothing.  I am concerned that Islam is forcing open one door after another because people of the world are allowing it.

What concerns me is that I cannot sit by and do nothing, while people throughout the world come face to face with the totalitarian threat of Islam.  Sharia Law is such that all verdicts are final and irrevocable.  It goes back to the Code of Hammurabi; an eye for an eye, one less hand for a thief, losing your head if you commit adultery (for the woman).  Execution if you are gay.

The world is going backwards and the reality is that few realize it.  When Ray from brought up the fact that Six Flags celebrates Muslim Day, I was incensed enough to write to them.  I received a response, which said in part, “In response to your inquiry about days that appeal to other religious and cultural groups, we do host a number of events during our season. In 2010, these events included Praise in the Park on June 12 featuring a concert with gospel star Hezekiah Walker, a concert on June 19 starring Christian music artist Jeremy Camp, Festival Latino on June 20, and an upcoming Caribbean Day this Sunday. A Jewish heritage event is also being planned at the park and the date will be announced soon. These events are all open to the public. In addition, a number of local churches and synagogues host private events at Six Flags America throughout the season.”

The woman who responded to me also assured me that Six Flags does not discriminate based on anything.  My response to her was:

Thank you for your response…

Unfortunately, while you may “host” certain events with Christian artists, are those days referred to as “Christian Day”?  If not, then of course you are discriminating, whether you believe that to be the case or not.

If you really want to provide fun days for every guest, then it would seem that it might be far more inclusive to have NO day set apart for one particular group (including Christian), than to set specific days aside for specific groups.  The truth of the matter though is that Six Flags is a business and the almighty dollar is what guides the decision-making process.  If Muslim Day did not make money for the park, it would be eliminated, regardless of your claim of non-discrimination.

As I indicated previously, Islam is not merely a religion.  It is a political AS WELL AS military movement. 

All you folks are doing is segregating by drawing attention to one particular group over another.  For a group to host a private event at a Six Flags park is one thing.  For any group to have a day dedicated to them and them alone (though others are welcome to come) simply smacks of the same type of mindset that the Civil Rights movement of the 60s hoped to eliminate.

It is also interesting to note what many Muslim groups are saying about these events and how grateful they are to Allah for what they consider to be successful events.  While these comments can be taken any number of ways because of their generality, some comments are far more pointed.

Thanks again for your time and your attempt to dispel my uneasiness.

The plain fact of the matter is that Six Flags DOES discriminate as I pointed out.  Beyond this, Islam is a religion built on discrimination, yet they are being pandered to and placated by people who have no clue.  I cannot let that go by unchecked.  I cannot sit here and do nothing, so I am writing.  I am warning.  I am bringing this to your attention so that you can tell and warn others.  If we do not, the United States under the Islamic Obama Administration will become what the Netherlands has already become, Islamic nearly to its foundation.  I do not want that and I would be willing to bet that most people in the United States do not want that.  However, most people do not believe it has a chance of happening.  That is error.  Not only does it have a chance of happening, but it IS happening.  Are you going to do anything to stop it?

One of the things that Christians can do is pray.  The other thing that Christians can do is preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The other thing that Christians can do is NON-VIOLENTLY resisting all attempts by Muslims to Islamatize your town, county, state or country.  God’s will is going to be accomplished.  However, He expects His children to act responsibly and to resist evil wherever it is rising.

Allah is Satan.  Allah, through Islam, is a religion of hatred and dhimmitude.  Violent Muslims will not stop unless they are stopped.  They will not give in because someone says “Please.”  They stand with Satan and his attempts to take over the world.

This is the day when all Christians are to be lights to the world, shining His light on the works of darkness.  This is the day when authentic Christians are to stand, as beacons in dark places.  This is the day when true believers should never turn and run, but stand firm.  Muslims need Jesus.  They need the truth.  Whether they listen or not is not your choice to make.  It is God’s.  Authentic Christians must preach to all people the gospel of Jesus Christ.  A day is coming when that will not happen.

I would ask that you to watch this video:

I will warn you that it is violent and some of the images will shock.  Please also note some of the language on that Web site will likely offend.  However, the video offers a glimpse into the heart of the Muslim extremist.  Please pass the link onto as many people as possible.  Pray for God’s strength to stand against this tremendous evil and preach His gospel in spite of the odds.  His Word will not return to Him void.

Please check this blog in the days ahead for more information on Islam.  In the meantime, buy a copy of the Qur’an and read it for yourself.

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