Arizona, Illegal Immigrants and the Courts

July 29, 2010 at 12:00 PM 2 comments

Hispanics telling it like they think it is...

Recently, the courts temporarily eliminated a number of key points from the new law in Arizona.  Bleeding hearts, liberals, and some people of color are very happy.  Law-abiding citizens are not.  The former objects to the idea that a person has to prove that they are in this country legally.  The latter believes that this is not an unreasonable demand.

The photo above tells an interesting story.  It is a story about how people completely misunderstand the law.  No one is saying that because someone is Mexican or Hispanic, they are here illegally.  The race card plays well in the media and in discussions, but it is not what the new Arizona law stems from.  What the law is saying is that people should have to prove their legal residency and/or citizenship IF they are pulled over for a traffic violation, or have become suspect to a criminal offense.  The people who actually believe that the law allows for and encourages police officers to pull someone over based on race, also likely believe that Tawana Brawley was telling the truth…

(And by the way, whether this was Mexico’s homeland or not is not the point.  If we go back far enough, we learn that Spain invaded Mexico and overran the Azteks, virtually taking their land from them.  So if any Mexicans alive today are related to those Spaniards who overran Mexico, then it would stand to reason that they should give back what was taken from the Azteks.  How far back do we go to prove who is right and who is wrong?  I guess we can start with Adam and Eve and move forward from there…)

I was not around when plantations and slaves existed, yet I am often seen as the perpetrator of racism against blacks, in spite of the fact that the blacks living today were not slaves on plantations either.  I owe them two things (which I owe everyone):  1) respect as another human being, and 2) the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That is all I owe anyone and that is all they owe me.

While certain groups erroneously believe that the law in Arizona would grant law enforcement officials the right to pick any Hispanic-looking person out and demand that they provide proof of residency and/or citizenship, it is simply not true.  Then again, if that is what people believe, it seems that no amount of explanation to them will change their beliefs.  It is like trying to speak intelligently and calmly to a Jihadist Muslim who has bombs strapped on his back and his hand on the trigger.  He will not listen to reason because he has been brainwashed to believe that all non-Muslims deserve death.  His reasoning facilities – if he ever had them – have been taken over by and replaced with emotional rhetoric and jargon.  (When I say “if he ever had them,” I do NOT mean that he may have been stupid all of his life.  What I mean is that from an extremely young age, many Muslims are brainwashed to believe the tenets of Islam without question.)

In normal situations, a police officer has every right to demand proof of identification and address when he/she pulls a person over for any type of traffic violation.  Moreover, if the person is suspected of being involved in a crime, then it goes without saying that law enforcement has every right to determine the legality of their presence in this country.  However, is the world “normal” today?  Not from where I sit.

Not long ago, I was rushing to get to a class I had to teach.  I had left the house a bit late, and I knew I was going to be late to class if I did not speed it up.  Unfortunately, my haste invited the attention of the Highway Patrol.  I was promptly pulled over, told I was speeding, and was asked to present my license and proof of insurance.  Why?  Because law enforcement would ASSUME that I am not who I said I was unless I could prove it.  They would also assume that I did not have insurance unless I could prove it.  Did they have a right to ask for and expect me to show proof of I.D. and insurance?  Of course they did.  In spite of this, there are too many people who drive on suspended licenses and/or without insurance.  If they never do anything wrong, they are never pulled over.  If they are never pulled over, it is never discovered that they are without proper I.D. and/or proof of insurance.

Police Officers do not generally sit on the side of the road and say to themselves, “Aha!  That guy looks like he has no insurance!”  They pull someone over IF they have broken some law.  During the course of the brief investigation, if it is determined that their I.D. is not in order, or they do not have insurance, they are cited for breaking those laws as well.  Is this wrong?  Nope.  Watch any reality-based cop show and you can see for yourself that officers are bound by the law.  They pull people over based on the way they drive, or if they are speeding.  There is a path that many drug-runners take from Florida as well that goes up through Georgia.  The police are aware of this and look for cars that are breaking some law.  They do not look for cars in which the occupants “look like” drug runners.  What does a drug-runner look like anyway?

Unfortunately, bleeding heart liberals and special interest groups believe that this law will play into the race card, allowing and even encouraging law enforcement to demand proof of residency and/or citizenship at whim.  This is patently absurd and untrue.  If law enforcement officials did this, that would be ALL they would have time to do.

But, the race card plays very well in the media and for the average person.  However, it is not as if I can go anywhere in this country without having to prove who I am and why I am in this country. 

I recently was invited behind the scenes at a major movie studio in Burbank.  I had to prove to the guard that I was who I said I was before I was let in.  This was in spite of the fact that the person I was with was very high up in the studio.  In fact, he also had to show proof of his identification.  If the guards had simply let him pass without showing I.D., they would likely have been fired.

Consider the fact that every time I fly anywhere, the airport security ASSUMES that I am NOT who I say I am.  If I go to the skycap to check my luggage, they will ask me my name.  I have to prove it is my name by showing them some form of state-issued identification.  Once they are satisfied, I can move on, which means going through actual security.

At the official security entrance, I must show my boarding pass and my license AGAIN, because these guards assume that I am not who I say I am, in spite fo the fact that someone else had just checked my I.D.  These security guards take my license and shine a special light on it that will immediately tell them if my I.D. is forged or if it is real.  In otherwords, security does not believe who I am if I just tell them.  They must see proof of it.  It is their job to DOUBT who I am, until I can PROVE who I am.

We have come to accept and expect this at airports.  You cannot fly between states or countries without having to prove who you are.  I also use a CPAP machine, which is a machine prescribed for people with sleep apnea.  At one time, I carried the machine as a carryon because I did not trust the luggage handlers to take care of it gently.  However, every time I took it through security, it HAD to be swabbed, I’m assuming for explosive materials.  In other words, whether I looked as if I was a terrorist or not, it was ASSUMED that my CPAP machine WAS a bomb.  They had to be certain that it was NOT a bomb before they would allow me to go on the plane with it.

As I go through security, I must remove my shoes and place all loose articles like keys, belt, wallet, cell phone etc., in a separate bin to go through their machine.  I am also required to open my laptop and put it in its own bin for inspection.

Now I am not a terrorist.  I have never had, nor ever will have any intention of blowing a plane out of the sky.  Yet, to the security at the airport, I am a terrorist until I can prove that I am NOT.  Hence, the reason for security.  They are there to eliminate all chances of someone getting on board a plane with some incendiary device that will blow the plane up.

You hear people say, “Yes, I think going through security is a great idea, if it ensures that we are all safe as we fly.”  In other words, when it comes to flying, most people have no qualms about giving up their rights in exchange for feeling safe.

Consider the IRS.  To them, I am GUILTY until I can prove my innocence.  If the IRS says I have not paid all of my taxes, it is up to me to PROVE to them that I have done so and that they are wrong.  If I cannot prove that they are wrong, even if they are, then I will be required to pay the taxes they say I did not pay.  This is done through liens on my paycheck, or on my home, or whatever, until the debt is satisfied.  These are only two situations in which I am ALWAYS considered guilty until I can prove my innocence.

In Arizona, liberals, special interest groups and some people of color balk at the idea that they have to prove they are here legally.  They say it is discriminatory.  If that is discriminatory, then I am being discriminated against every time I fly, or every time the IRS decides it will audit me.

On one hand, Hispanics argue that it will merely be Hispanics that will be targeted under Arizona’s law.  This could be, however, the law does not extend only to Hispanics.  It extends to everyone.  Law enforcement officials in Arizona would have the right to check the legality of anyone and everyone IF they are being pulled over for a driving infraction, or detained in the suspected commission of a crime.

When I was pulled over for speeding, I provided my state-issued driver’s license and proof that my car was covered by an insurance company.  The police officer also ran my plates to determine whether or not I had any outstanding warrants, or if my car was properly registered, or stolen.  They were within the law to do those things.

In essence, by showing my state-issued driver’s license, I was proving that I am in this country legally.  Anyone who has a problem with that should probably go live in another country altogether.  I have no problem with proving my residency or citizenship because I am proud to be an American, though I will say, it is becoming more difficult to be proud of this country.

Now, what is so wrong about having to prove that I am here legally?  What is wrong about having to prove that you are in ANY country legally?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  However, some people believe that every law that is passed is racist and therefore should be tossed out.

As much as I hate it, I must jump through all the hoops that airport security throws in my path.  If they want to do so, they can also pull me aside for an even greater inspection, including being patted down, or subjected to my carryons being more closely viewed.  They have done so on a number of occasions, while everyone else goes through without having to be subjected to the additional harassment that I am being subjected to.  Frankly, I think it’s ridiculous when I see an elderly person who has a difficult time walking being subjected to this type of search, but maybe security knows something I don’t.

Everywhere, someone from some culture is decrying the alleged racism in this country.  We are hearing it more and more, and unfortunately, our first black (and Muslim) president has done little to nothing to quell the uneasiness between races.  If anything, his complete silence and his stance in favor of Islam has made things worse.

What is also interesting is the fact that many Muslims object to the laws in the United States because of their particular beliefs, yet no one invited them to come here.  They are certainly welcome to be here if they are here legally, but they are also required to obey the laws of this land.  Muslim women are supposed to be covered with Burkas and when applying for a state-issued driver’s license, they object to uncovering their faces.  Our laws are for people who live and reside in the United States.  They are not for people who have their cultural norms for THEIR country and wish to bring those cultural norms to this country.  They have willingly relocated to this country and as such, SHOULD follow our laws whether it is convenient for them or not.  If they cannot show their faces for a driver’s license, then they should not be given a driver’s license.

What if a Muslim woman is arrested for some infraction?  While she is being booked and her mug shot snapped, would she be allowed to continue to wear her Berka?  You see where this is going?

If the world was a place in which trust was the overriding factor and there was no need to fear others, or be suspicious of them, we would have few problems.  However, any idiot should be able to see that this is not the case.  Terrorism is rampant and is arriving in the United States.  Frankly, I am surprised that it took so long for the attempted Times Square bombing to happen.  I am surprised that we have not experienced what Israel experiences with suicide bombers, but there will likely come a day where these things will happen increasingly.  In light of this, people should understand the need for increased security.

Without having to follow the laws, we have anarchy.  This seems to be what many bleeding hearts want – anarchy.  But then you have diehard Muslims who want Sharia Law and ONLY Sharia Law.  While that may be fine for their country, it is NOT what this country was founded upon, nor should it become a country that follows Sharia Law.

There is a tremendous amount of Mexican gang and drug-related crime in Arizona.  The drug cartels are moving into that area from Mexico in droves and they are illegally moving their drugs across private ranch lands to do it.  I’m sorry that these are Mexican individuals, who obviously look Hispanic because they are Mexicans from Mexico, so it stands to reason that the bulk of law-breakers that come into Arizona are Mexicans.  As such, the inconvenience of having to prove that you are in this country legally comes into play and for the most part, it will fall to Hispanics to prove that they are indeed here legally.  I am sorry that the preponderance of crime in Arizona is related to the drug cartels from Mexico.  While that is not the fault of all Hispanics, at least some are involved in the drug culture, as runners.  Again though, does this mean that law enforcement officials will stop every Mexican or Hispanic person because of the way they look?  Even if they wanted to, it would be impossible.

It is no different than me having to prove that I am who I say I am, every time I fly, or every time I deal with the  IRS.

People need to wake up and realize that the bleeding heart liberal politicians need to go.  We need to secure our borders and we need to do it yesterday.  We need to make it safer for the people who are in this country legally and if that means that some are inconvenienced, then so be it.  Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona is doing what she believes is within the bounds of law to enforce the Federal law that is on the books already.  For her sake and the safety of all Arizonans, I hope she is successful in her fight through the courts.

I do not like being herded around like a cow at an airport yet the same people who complain about the law in Arizona think nothing of the discriminatory actions by every airport security team.  It is that way because of terrorists and the criminal element.

If Arizona did not have a problem with crime coming in from Mexico, this would be a non-issue.  Because Arizona is right next to Mexico, illegal immigrants (NOT “visiting” immigrants as President Obama calls them), come into Arizona in wave after wave, bypassing and thumbing their nose at our legal system.  They come to better their lives in many cases, because Mexico hardly takes care of their poor and underprivileged.  It is much better for Mexican citizens to sneak into the United States, rather than remain a burden for the Mexican government.  Though many illegal immigrants come here to earn an honest day’s wages, too many come here to make themselves rich from drug trafficking. 

If Arizona’s borders were secure (along with other states that exist right next to Mexico), this would not be necessary.  However, it seems that President Obama prefers to spend our taxpayer dollars elsewhere than to continue to build the fence that was begun under the Bush Administration; a fence that would go a long way in keeping people out who come into this country illegally.

If someone comes into this country illegally, they are not “visitors,” but already criminals.  They have already broken laws.  They then drive cars without licenses and/or insurance.  They break a ton of existing laws because they are under the radar.  Yet, they fill up the lobbies of healthcare centers in many states.  Their children sit in seats in schools meant for children who are here legally.

In a world where terrorism is at an alltime high and growing, we cannot hold onto our own cultural norms believing that we are somehow above the law, or suspicion.  It is not only self-centered, but imprudent.  We cannot have safety without impinging on certain rights.

Look at Islam.  It wants no freedom, only Sharia Law.  It treats all non-Muslims as infidels, worthy of death.  When Muslims who believe only in Sharia Law come to this country, demanding special treatment because of their religion, they are placing themselves above the law.  They should not be given special treatment, no more than I would if I moved to a country in which Sharia Law already exists.  It would probably not be long before I would be executed for sharing my faith with Muslims.

All around us, society moves via statistics.  Young men are discriminated against by insurance companies because of their age, and it has been proven that a majority of young men have a lead foot, and make foolish decisions while driving.  Do ALL young men make those mistakes?  Nope, but it does not matter because they fall into a category that ALLOWS insurance companies to ding them simply because they are part of that category.  While someone may say “Yeah, but the insurance companies are not segregating by race!” that may be true, however, they are segregating by gender, which is essentially the same type of discrimination.

In a perfect world that will one day be here when Jesus Christ returns and metes out perfect justice regardless of race or gender, these types of discriminatory efforts will not be in place.  Until then, it appears that race and/or gender will always play a part in how laws are determined.  If you have not gotten used to it, then you need to start.

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