“Legalize” Arizona

July 29, 2010 at 4:14 PM

How to Legalize Arizona with multitudes of Illegal Immigrants...

Interestingly enough, there are individuals like the one shown with signs and placards indicating that they want a “legalized” Arizona.  I can only assume that they mean that they do not agree with the law that Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law and are glad that the courts – so far – have set aside key ingredients of the law.

Here is the problem.  How can there POSSIBLY be a legalized Arizona with so many illegal immigrants in the state?  While people are protesting what they consider to be illegal approaches the illegal immigration problem, I do not see anyone offering a solid suggestion other than “Immigration Reform.”

What does Immigration Reform mean though?  It’s different to everyone.  I have talked with too many people who believe that even though people come into this country illegally, apparently they have rights!  This is in spite of the fact that once they come into this country illegally, they are law-breakers, which means they are criminals.

We COULD do to them what Mexico does to the illegal immigrants that sneak in from South America, which would be unconscionable.  Instead, we normally simply send them back across the border to their own country.

IF the Federal Gov’t did what it was supposed to do – securing our borders and upgrading the policing that is going on at the border, the Arizona law would be a non-issue.  IF Mexico took the time to actually TAKE CARE of the millions of people in that country, instead of allowing situations to become so bad there that they wind up indirectly encouraging them to head for the U.S., this would also likely be a non-issue.  If they come here, Mexico no longer has to worry about them, which is why the president of Mexico can talk tough against Arizona’s new law that attempts to stem the tide.  How DARE Arizona try to enact a law based on the Federal law!  That means that these extremely poor people, most of whom simply want to earn enough money to put bread on their table, might not be able to enter and remain illegally in the United States and WE (Mexico) would then have to see them panhandling or worse to make ends meet here!

However, because people are guided by emotion instead of reason, people are too quick to finger point, and adopt an attitude that says “shove it!” to authorities.  The United States has every right to protect itself especially in these days, in spite of the White House’s obvious lack of concern.  It almost seems as though President Obama would prefer completely open borders allowing anyone who wants to come and go as they please.  In fact, if there was a way to allow those illegals  to vote, I’m sure President Obama and other Democrats would give illegals that chance.  After all, if your ratings go down, giving grateful illegal immigrants the chance to show their appreciation by allowing them to vote for you is one way to increase your ratings.  As a matter of fact, while we’re at it, why not make Puerto Rico the 51st state?  That would increase the Democrat vote by leaps and bounds.  Shoot, why hasn’t the White House thought of that?  Oh wait, I think they have…

Arizona will be legalized when it forces all illegal immigrants to go through legal lchannels to gain entry into this country.  Until then, Arizona is actually being held hostage by illegal immigrants, and special interest groups who have nothing better to do but play the race card whenever they feel threatened.  I guess it does not matter that ranchers are being assaulted or killed on their own property, or that the amount of trash left behind by illegal immigrants requires the volume of a few 18-wheelers, or that crime has increased many times because of illegal immigration, or that Arizona cannot continue to pay for services that are demanded with the presence of so many illegal immigrants.  To allow this to continue is a smack in the face to all people who entered this country legally, through Ellis Island.  They put up with a great deal and were glad to be able to enter this country legally.  By continuing to allow millions of illegals free meals and everything else, our country continues to make itself less and less secure.  Arizona wants to do something about that and all people can do is yell “RACISM!”

I am praying that Jan Brewer will actually run for president of this country.  It’s not too late to salvage something before everything is gone.  Ultimately, it lies in God’s hands and I never want to minimize that at all.  He controls all things because He is Sovereign.  However, we are told to resist evil and if evil is tons of illegals herding themselves into this country, bringing their crime, their drugs, and their murder with them, then it needs to be resisted.

I’m waiting for even ONE liberal, bleeding heart to provide even a modicum of specifics about what THEY think is the correct way to handle the major problem of illegal immigrants.  To date, I’ve heard nothing that is even remotely workable.  In fact, they seem to be tripping over themselves trying to placate special interest groups instead of doing what they were elected to do – protect this country and all of its LEGAL citizens.

President Obama reminds me of the way it will be under Antichrist.  At first, he will be so attractive, charming and intelligent sounding that people will be completely taken in by him.  Shortly afterwards, his true colors will show and people will want him thrown out.  Of course that is when it will turn really ugly and his true colors will be not nearly be so pretty as they were when he first became known.

President Obama seems to care less about this country, and more about befriending terrorists and reducing security for America.  He promised to obey and protect the U.S. Constitution, and he has done everything but that.

November cannot come too soon.

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