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Being Sincere But Sincerely Wrong

The hatred and jealousy from the religious leaders kept them from seeing the truth about Jesus. This very same thing happens to people the world over today…every day…as roughly 150,000 people die into eternity, most without Jesus (Matthew 7:13). This was the primary reason for their constant attacks on Him. Motivated by Satan through and cooperation of their pride, they did whatever they could to stop Jesus. This ultimately resulted in God allowing them to wrongfully arrest, convict, and execute Him, God using the evil devices of demons and people to work out His plan of salvation. Not even Satan understood that he was actually assisting God though he worked against Him!

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Lordship Salvation: Right or Wrong?

If Satan wants to accuse you of sin, agree with him, confess it to the Lord and move on. If Jesus is not condemning you, how do you justify condemning yourself? Jesus goes to bat for you as your Advocate against Satan. Yet, too many people are not only agreeing with Satan about our sin (that’s fine), but also agreeing with everything he says about us! He’s a liar and a murderer. I am saved by grace! I am a new creature. All things are past and everything is new. I walk in the newness of Life through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit.

When God looks at me, He sees Christ’s righteousness. For those who take sin so lightly that it makes no impact on their lives, I contend that they do not know Jesus in the first place, because He will not allow that attitude to continue in one of His own.

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