TBN’s Prophecy Purge and Placating to Islam Because Muslims Have Money Too…

February 3, 2014 at 12:27 PM 3 comments

by Janna Brock

Headquarters of the mutli-million dollar (non-profit of course) TBN network!

Headquarters of the mutli-million dollar (non-profit of course) TBN network!

The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has a prophecy problem.

There is no question about it. To say that TBN takes issue with premillenial dispensationalism is an understatement. For the record, most Christians do today.

Undoubtedly, the great prophecy purge started years ago, as more and more Christians have sought solace in other trains of thought. Kingdom Now, Latter Rain, Replacement Theology, and Word-Faith Theology have come into the church and crippled prophetic truth. But it’s more than that. Prophecy isn’t kind to Muslims, and TBN’s nixing of prophecy comes more from a desire not to offend anything related to Islam.

Paul Crouch was the President of the Trinity Broadcasting Network until his death on November 30, 2013. While he had been alive when noted prophecy related programs were removed from the TBN lineup, it was more at the behest of his wife Jan that these cuts were made. But there is no doubt that TBN hoped to make inroads into Arab countries and having the truth about Islam relayed via numerous programs broadcast on TBN would offend a Muslim audience. This was TBN’s timely excuse.

Jan Crouch is a devotee of Kingdom Now theology, which teaches that believers will reassert power over the earth and take it back from Satan, without the physical presence of Jesus Christ. Prophetic disagreements can end up being unbreakable roadblocks amongst Christians. Over time, prophetic teachers have become pariahs in the church, largely because biblical theology asserts that the church has not replaced Israel, and that Christ’s return is imminent. For those who believe that an army of believers is going to conquer the world for Christ, the pre-tribulation rapture is, at the very least, an inconvenient truth and something to be silenced.

But realistically, in 2014, the desire to not offend Muslims would take precedence over prophetic teaching. Heaven forbid a pastor comes out and says that Islam is of the devil and a counterfeit religion straight from the pit of Hell. Hal Lindsey was the first to be cut from TBN in 2006, when it was made known that the decision to terminate him from the network was due to his speaking out against “radical Islam.” However, he had a long standing friendship with Paul Crouch, and he was able to get his program back on the air because he bought his time slot. TBN did not pay for anything by way of researching or promoting his program.

Hal Lindsey’s purging was just the beginning. Even though he is still on the network, his program has a disclaimer on screen before it airs. His views are not in line with TBN viewpoints. The late Zola Levitt’s program was also cut that year. Levitt’s program highly emphasized the dangers associated with Islamic jihad. To see the pattern is to recognize the truth about TBN. Paul Crouch was still alive at this point, so he had to be more concerned about offending potential Christians in the Muslim world with anti-Islam rhetoric. This despite the fact that everything about Islam is contradictory to Christianity. But when there are millions of dollars at stake, the truth becomes secondary.

In 2011, Jack van Impe was cut from TBN’s lineup. He criticized Rick Warren’s “all inclusive” gospel, and Robert Schuller, accusing him of adopting a “Chrislam” theological viewpoint. He hit on Islam, so TBN axed him. But TBN’s “Muslim outreach” involved interfaith dialog. Emerging church leader Brian McLaren took part in a Ramadan celebration. Seeker sensitive and heretical, the “Emerging Church” rejects doctrinal truths for a more inclusive religious experience, like “Chrislam.” It is the joining of selective parts of Christianity with New Age principles to create a gospel message that offends no one, and more or less accepts everyone except Biblical hardliners. Prophecy offends Christians and non-Christians alike, so TBN wants it gone.

This is what TBN seeks to do. With the church already dumbed down to the truth, disregarding prophecy is of no consequence. But the latest cut to TBN’s prophecy lineup was completed after Paul Crouch’s death, and the ax keeps falling. Irvin Baxter’s program “End of the Age” was terminated by Jan Crouch in mid-January. On January 21st, Baxter issued this statement:

“You probably have heard by now about the passing of Paul Crouch, founder and President of TBN. Paul believed strongly in EndTime Ministries and was a great friend of our program. With his departure, his wife Jan has assumed the management of TBN. I have never met Jan but apparently she does not have a strong interest in Bible prophecy. As a result, our program, as well as several other prophecy programs on TBN, has been discontinued. Wednesday, January 15th was our last time to air. I wanted you to know because many of you watch our program, “End of the Age”, on TBN. We can continue to be viewed on the Church Channel, which belongs to TBN, the Daystar Network, TCT and on other venues.”

Though Islam was never brought up in Baxter’s statement, he spoke out repeatedly against it on his program. Also cut was the late Adrian Rodger’s program, as well as singer Betty Jean Robinson and the Love Worth Finding. Obviously, TBN is working to weed out programs that might “turn-off” young Biblically unversed Christians and anyone raising a voice against Islam.

Undoubtedly, the anti-prophetic tide is not new. The premillenial dispensationalist purge has been going on for years, but the most disturbing and destructive force behind it is the push to not offend Muslims by accommodating their beliefs. To stress the importance of Israel and the imminent return of Jesus Christ is the message of the church today. If anything, Replacement Theology has made the church anti-Israel and decidedly anti-Semitic. But as the Tribulation “religion” starts to take shape, frightening elements of Islam and Christianity are merging together to create a counterfeit gospel.

“Chrislam” is coming, while the Watchmen on the wall are being silenced from the airwaves. The final free fall is here.

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