Satan Uses People for His Gain and Glory and then Spits them Out, Yet He Keeps Attracting People to Him

February 4, 2014 at 12:49 PM

by Fred DeRuvo

satanistsI’m amazed and you should be as well because of what Satan is capable of doing. I don’t mean that we should brag about his power. I simply mean that all too often, he is completely underestimated. This article is a warning to those who believe that Satan can make their dreams come true and reward them with wealth, fame, and essentially everything they want. It’s a two-edged sword. Yes, he can and does make dreams come true for people, but he normally destroys them in the process and ultimately, they often end up with no salvation when they enter eternity.

Yesterday, I spent some time researching people like Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood) and Aleister Crowley, the man known as “The Beast – 666.” During the process, I also came across information related to Anton LaVey (wrote the Satanic Bible), and others as well.

I started my research by learning about music groups that are categorized as “black metal.” The Internet has a great deal of information on the subject, so it was not difficult to find.

One of the most famous Norwegian black metal bands is called “Mayhem.” They were probably the first real black metal band, whose musical stylings was something akin to listening to cars zip around the track during NASCAR. The pace of the music is fast. No, make that very fast. The lyrics are unintelligible to mortals, yet those who follow these bands know the words. They know the purpose of these black metal bands is to espouse their belief in Satanism and Satanic rites.

“Mayhem” is a band that has its issues. Even before the first album was released, the lead singer by the stage name, “Dead,” committed suicide leaving a note that said, “Sorry about all the blood.” The bassist (with another musician friend as an accomplice) hacked the lead guitarist to death because he was convinced the lead guitarist was trying to kill him. This same bassist went onto be convicted of torching numerous Christian churches throughout Norway. All of this put “Mayhem” and black metal on the map. Since that time, other bands have gained renown.

I watched a documentary yesterday that included an interview with the lead singer of another black metal band – “Gorgoroth,” The lead singer goes by the name “Gaahl.” When you watch the band perform on stage, the obvious black metal (satanic) imagery and sound comes into play. If “Gaahl” were simply walking down the street without his make-up, he would look like a normal human being with long hair. However, when he talks, that’s when things come out that define who he is and what he’s all about.

In a nutshell, he speaks of worshiping his own inner divinity because that’s all there is in the world. Ironic how Satanism is so tied in with New Age thought. Gaahl has had numerous brushes with the law in which he was found guilty of torturing another person and other violence. He says it was all in self-defense.

To Gaahl, his music defines him. Gaahl believes that being in a band like Gorgoroth is being a warrior for Satan. He has obvious disdain for those fans who only enjoy the music but aren’t ready to join Satan’s army.

Gaahl speaks of the Bible’s use of the “sheep” and the “goats” imagery. That much is true. He then states that the sheep allegedly go to heaven and the goats are lost because they had and use their free will. Truth and lies. Think about what he said beneath the superficial aspect of it. On one hand, yes, free will is what cost Satan, the fallen angels, and Adam and Eve their freedom because they used that free will to rebel against God. On the other hand, it’s not free will itself, but the misuse of it that causes our failures.

At one point – near the very end of the video documentary noted above, Gaahl is asked if he ever got tired of being the “lone wolf” or did he like the fact that he was worthy of being called the lead person? Gaahl responds with, “Um…I don’t think that you…ask me the right questions…I don’t think you’ve…uh…you’re…I don’t think you’re focusing on what’s being told.” At this point the interviewer says, “Guide me.”

From this point on the video (at the 28:46 mark), Gaahl simply stares off in front of him. At first, I thought the video was stuck, but the candle burning in the background proves it’s not because the flame moves. Finally, at the 30:40 mark – almost two full minutes later – his eyes open wider and then at the 31:06 mark, Gaahl seems to come back, turns slightly, looks at the interviewer, then raises his wine glass for a drink. Yet, even here he continues staring.

During this entire time, he did not blink once and his eyes did not “tear” because of it. Gaahl was in a trance, very likely communicating with whatever was inside him. Satan has a hold on him – a strong one.

Aleister Crowley was raised by parents who were Plymouth Brethren. Like most within that sect, they eschewed the fun things in life. Holiness was the thing to be chased after by all means. His father, a traveling preacher, died when Crowley was 11-years-old, leaving him alone with his mother, someone he learned to hate.

As he grew, he yearned for a life where freedom – doing whatever you wanted to do – would be the norm for him. “Do what thou wilt” became the banner under which he lived.

He eventually came to a point where he had committed himself to the magic of the occult. He became adept enough to even impress himself. His ventures into deeper aspects of the occult (including all manner of satanic rites) became even more debased, yet he clamored for more. He was hoping to start a new religion and for a while, on the Island of Sicily, it appeared that this would happen. Eventually, Mussolini deported him and those with him for the acts which they committed there.

Toward the end of his life, he became penniless, though he had received a good inheritance. Bankrupt, drunk, and alone, he died a broken man. He gave all he had to Satan and Satan merely took, giving him nothing that lasted, with the exception of a ticket to hell.

The same can be said of Margaret Sanger. Powerful people like Rockefeller used her for eugenics and to start Planned Parenthood, but once she was no longer valued, they were done with her. She died alone and penniless from congestive heart failure in 1966.

Anton LaVey started the very first Church of Satan in the United States and wrote the Satanic Bible. Allegedly, on his death-bed, LaVey may have realized that he was on the wrong side. Moments before his death, he is said to have gone into shock and said “Oh my, oh my, what have I done?” Whether that’s true or not, we cannot know (except for those who were there), but even if it is true, we cannot know for certain why he said what he said. Certainly, as Christians, we will choose to believe that he had woken to the fact that his entire adult life had been a complete lie, but we simply do not know.

We will investigate this phenomenon of Satan a bit more in another upcoming article. It certainly appears very clear that Satan takes much more than he gives. People who believe that they will be able to control these supernaturally wicked powers are blind. It is on that blindness that Satan and his demonic minions achieve great things through these people.

Society has changed greatly in America since before the 1960s, but it was during that decade that this country saw the most change and it was radical. We are living during a time today when the things of Satan are becoming the norm, when people clamor for them. We are seeing it right in front of us.

We need to pray and be aware of those who might be yet saved as though snatched from the fire.

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