Why Do So Many Fall for the Emptiness of Satan’s Promises?

February 5, 2014 at 7:42 AM

by Fred DeRuvo

Very few can withstand the pressures of fame

Very few can withstand the pressures of fame

We often like to think we are far stronger than we are in reality. It’s an illusion. We don’t like to think that we have things within us that wind up dragging us down. People simply do not like to acknowledge that we are not perfect.

This is why the New Age mantra that we are gods is so inviting for most people. They gravitate toward that belief like flies to light. Rather than believe what God says about us in His Word, we prefer to take as truth the murmurings and lies of a being so totally depraved (yet beguiling) that the very thought of not being perfect becomes anathema to us.

Previously, we spoke of several individuals – Margaret Sanger, Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey, and Gaahl – who believed lies. Because of those lies, they also came to believe things about themselves that were/are not at all true. These lies became the central force in their lives. Of the four individuals we highlighted yesterday, only one – Gaahl – remains alive. Unless his eyes are open to the truth, he will continue in those lies until he breathes his last and then he will know absolute truth and will have no argument against it.

Too many people live like that. The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman has left the world reeling. He was 46 and for all intents and purposes, he had everything going for him. He had a great acting career, had children, had friends, had money, and yet obviously something was missing. Whether he began using heroin for fun or out of boredom isn’t known. However, it’s clear that he became addicted to it. Police found drug paraphernalia and at least 50 baggies of heroin in his apartment, along with his body. On a side note, apparently several individuals have been arrested in connection with the heroin found in Hoffman’s apartment.

Those who live lives many people dream of are not free. They are in chains to various things that keep them from becoming free. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, sex, or something else, the weaknesses of a person come to the fore and force them into servitude.

One can imagine a young actor-in-training. The only experience is some acting classes (or possibly an acting degree), and some small acting jobs. The constant desire to become thoroughly entrenched as an actor is the overriding motivation. It becomes all-consuming.

However, once the young wanna-be actor becomes a full-fledged artist, recognized for his acumen and expertise, things change. Life, I’m sure, becomes a bit dulled. Those days of wishful thinking are gone, having been replaced with reality. Now what? Does that person become content with the idea that they simply go from one acting job to another and that’s it?

For many, this type of “security” becomes far from idyllic. It becomes a noose, strangling the creative life out of them. They need that fresh pursuit of something to keep them going. Now that they have made it, life becomes party after party in order to “network.” With parties come drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Can that become boring? One would think and yet by the time that’s realized, the person is already hooked on something. How many times have we read about this celebrity or that one succumbing to an early and untimely death due to drugs?

Satan dangles his baubles in front of us and he will try whatever he can to learn our weakness. Once he has us, he will continue to guide us into darker and darker areas to ensure that we become enslaved to those weaknesses. Because of the sin nature, it’s not that difficult for him to accomplish, especially in those who do not have Christ within them.

Look around at the amount of celebs today who have thrown caution to the wind. Their music or their acting have taken them to very dark places and they don’t seem to care. Whether it’s Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry, Beyoncé, or someone else, they have given their soul in exchange for wealth and fame. It’s what drives them and it doesn’t matter how debauched they become in the process because it’s their “art.”

But the question really becomes, how happy are these individuals in life? They have literally everything and anything they want, yet many appear bored, dulled, listless, constantly yearning for the next “fix” that will enhance the way they feel about themselves.

What people do not realize is that there is a great need within the life of every individual. That need can only be filled by God. However, Satan comes along and does his best to provide substitutes and they work…for a while. In the end, they offer no real fulfillment and wind up doing a great deal of damage to the person, even resulting in their untimely death.

Our fallen frames are not meant to handle the problems that come from worldly success. I believe that is even true for many within the visible Church. I also believe this is why many people like Spurgeon and others did not become truly known on a large-scale until after their death. God protected them from the problems associated with undue fame and adulation.

Today, Satan exploits are faults and failures, using them to enslave us to his purposes. If he can accomplish nothing else, he would certainly like us to die sooner than later.

Unless people realize it, more will become statistics and marks on Satan’s belt.

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