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Humanity’s Constant Propensity of Being Deceived

Of course, the other downside to skepticism is that people like Randi, due to their unqualified intellectualism, tend not to believe anything that is even remotely supernatural. It’s not as if he is an intentional enemy of it. He just wants proof. Because of that, his area of difficulty will always lie in the area of faith. God says blessed are those who have not seen, yet have believed (John 20:29). For someone like Randi, the ability to believe that which cannot be adequately explained is extremely difficult. Because of that, even seeing is not believing. While Randi does a tremendous service to the social community, rooting out one charlatan after another, his intellectual make-up keeps him from even entering through the door of faith. That tragedy is far worse than learning that someone like Uri Geller or Peter Popoff are potential charlatans.

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Since God Exists in the Eternal Present, Does It Matter When He Deals with It?

Whether God fixes things now or in the future makes no difference to God, but only to us. The reality is that He will right all wrongs, but most of them will not be righted until after He returns to this earth, not before. Realizing this, trying to fully understand it, will relieve us of a great deal of frustration. It will also help us reject any acrimonious assault on our character by those who would make us think we haven’t done enough.

We trust God? We work to fulfill the Great Commission? We preach the truth in life and deed? That, my friends, is enough because it is all God asked of us.

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Nuclear Deal with Iran is Death Sentence for Israel and America

To allow Iran to have nuclear capabilities is patently absurd. It’s one thing to do everything that can be done to ensure that they do not gain nuclear capabilities. If they do after all is said and done, it won’t be due to nations not trying to disarm them. It’s quite another thing to essentially say “Okay, we believe that you will not use your nuclear capabilities to create armaments that will be used against your sworn enemies.” That’s like inviting a known criminal into your home and believing him when he says he will not break the law while living under your roof. Who does that?

Iran cannot…will not change its spots. They are a rogue nation, a nation that is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the United States. It is President Obama who bears the responsibility of willfully placing Israel and America in the nuclear cross-hairs of Iran’s weaponry. Only an idiot or traitor would act in such a fashion. I’ll let you decide which one fits.

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An Open Letter from John MacArthur Regarding SCOTUS Decision

The highest court in the land has passed its judgment. The headlines proclaim that a slim majority of Supreme Court justices considers freedom of sexual orientation a right for all Americans. This exchange of one set of values in favor of another does not come as a surprise to us who already know that the god of this world has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe (2 Cor. 4:4). June 26th, 2015 stands as a significant milestone in the American demonstration of this ancient reality. This is a critical hour for believers across our nation.

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What, No Rapture at All? Let’s Look at Reasoning for that Belief

She says that the word for “clouds” should be taken to mean “large groups of people.” The actual word used in the Greek text in the Thessalonians passage is nephelais and it literally means actual “clouds” in the sky. The usage of it in Hebrews is a different word completely. It is nephos, which can mean a mass of clouds as in a “great multitude.” When used figuratively (as the writer in Hebrews clearly does), it then can mean a great multitude of people, but only when used figuratively. There is no reason to take the word figuratively every time it is used in Scripture as it depends mainly on context.

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Don Francisco’s Burgeoning Universalism, Part 2

Francisco claims he is being “demonized,” as though he is the victim in this. In reality, he is victimizing God’s Word by making it something that it is not. If we take away God’s Word, we have nothing that leads us to Jesus. This is exactly what Satan wants yet of course, Francisco cannot bear that. He’d rather play the victim card as though people are simply attacking him for his current beliefs. People CARE and we are sending out warnings with prayer that God might open his eyes so that he will humble himself and turn back to God.

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Don Francisco’s Burgeoning Universalism, Part 1

Theology like Francisco’s ultimately leads to universalism, the belief that eventually everyone will get to heaven. People who believe in Universalism are often high-minded, pitying those of us who continue to believe that because of God’s laws, He must reject those who ultimately choose to reject Him. God is bigger, they say, than that. God loves all people and finds a way to bring all people to heaven. This untruth is the very lie that has motivated Satan since sin was first found in him. To these people, the Bible is more of a guide, but does not contain God’s actual truthful Word to humanity. They forget that without God’s written Word, we would know NOTHING about God’s physical, incarnate Word. Ultimately, this is merely another form of Cultural Marxism infiltrating aspects of the visible Church.

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