Why Do We Tend to Automatically Believe Beings from Other Dimensions? Pt 1

August 10, 2015 at 2:58 PM

Why do people believe that con artists do not exist in the spiritual realm? Joel Osteen is not the only questionable teacher in this life. There are many. Why can't they also exist in other dimensions working to con us out of eternal salvation?

Why do people believe that con artists do not exist in the spiritual realm? Joel Osteen is not the only questionable teacher in this life. There are many. Why can’t they also exist in other dimensions working to con us out of eternal salvation?

I’m always amazed at people who have what they might call “out-of-body,” “near-death,” or some other similar experience. They always speak of some benevolent type of being who appears to them (either just vocally or in some type of body, or both), and who tends to guide them by asking them probing questions in what they call as a very loving way.

I was “talking” back and forth with a very well-meaning individual on a social network site who was sharing the fact that while in a coma, he had an out-of-body experience, where he was actually looking down at his lifeless body from across the room and near the ceiling. He saw everything unfold, from his wife’s shock to her bursting into tears, to people rushing into try to help him medically. He had “died” while at a restaurant.

Shortly after that, he said he heard and saw (from his out-of-body vantage point) medics roll up, get out of their ambulance and proceed to try to help him come back to life. It was at this point he said things got even more interesting. In his words…

“Now here is where it gets unbelievable, unless you have been there. I looked to my left and noticed a small wooden arched bridge that crossed over something I could not see and the other side was bathed in a bright white light. A voice asked me, “Do you want to stay or go?” When I thought, “Stay”, everything went black in an instant. When I awoke, I was in a hospital….and it was two weeks later.

I’ve read about a great many of these “death” experiences and they have many similarities. I won’t debate the reality of it because I’m sure I would simply wind up offending someone, which would detract from the main point. I will say this, that I fully believe he had some type of experience that was very real in many ways. Unlike him (and others), I simply disagree as to the actual source of the experience itself.

In fact, at one point, he stated this regarding what he went through. “No, this isn’t religious speculation. It comes from experience.

Yes, he’s exactly correct, what he went through can best be summed up as some type of ethereal experience. But because it was simply an experience that he and he alone went through, there is no way to prove its merit. In fact, it is clear from the rest of his narrative that it left him with more questions than were answered.

But here’s my question. We are all very aware of the fact that people are capable of being conned by other people, correct? I doubt that anyone would disagree with that. In fact, the Amazing Randy has spent much of his adult life warning people that no matter how intelligent you might think you are, you can be conned. True con artists know and understand this and consider it a thrill and a mandate to take advantage of someone, gaining from them control over their finances. Once they’re done, they readily move onto someone else, another person who becomes their newest “mark.”

While most people would acknowledge that con artists exist and that they are extremely capable of conning people out of their life savings, these same people would pooh-pooh the idea that in the spiritual realm/other dimensions, there is absolutely no chance that beings or entities exist who seek our harm. These people think that they are incapable of being conned by these beings. They think they would see through the veil and realize it for what it was, not for what it was intended to be.

This makes no sense. Countless people from all walks of life have been ripped off by con artists since the dawn of civilization. As long as there are people, there will be con artists who will attempt to take advantage of some of those people. This is simply a known and indisputable fact. If you are naive enough to believe that no con artist could ever take advantage of you because you are simply too “aware” or too “smart,” then believe me, the experts tell us that you are ripe for the picking and it’s simply a matter of time before it happens to you.

Why do we deny the possibility that con artists exists in other dimensions or what we might call the spiritual realm? As I read through the narrative of this man’s story, it was classic in that it has elements that are common to every story like it. What is more is that there is no way the person who has gone through the experience can verify it. Worst of all, they don’t really feel the need to verify it because it touched their emotions (as an experience) and as such, that’s all the verification they needed.

So this man went through some type of event where he saw a very bright light. He heard a voice that simply asked him if he wanted to stay (remain alive) or go (to the next dimension). He thought the word “stay” and that was that. There is nothing in Scripture that gives us a choice. When it is our time to die, we will die. Our days are numbered and with the exception of Hezekiah, those days will not be extended. Of course, I believe that God used Hezekiah’s desire to live longer to prove a point. You can read about it in Isaiah 38 and 2 Kings 20. Let’s not forget that it would have been better for Hezekiah to have died when God originally told him he would. Things became a complete mess after God granted his prayer to extend his life.

Isn’t it amazing that while people will talk about having been conned after the fact and how they can’t believe they were taken because the con artist was so “loving,” so “supportive,” so “wonderful” and just a plain old nice guy, it’s as though they refuse to believe that any entity or being in the spiritual realm/other dimensions would ever stoop to take advantage of human beings. They might even ask what would they gain by conning us?

If the Bible is true and salvation is necessary to gain eternal life and that salvation can only come through Jesus, then if there are spiritual beings or entities in other dimensions who have “fallen” and have no chance of gaining salvation, why wouldn’t they want to keep as many people as possible in this life from gaining salvation too? Isn’t the satisfaction in knowing that these entities lied to people to keep them from gaining salvation (the thing they cannot gain) enough?

Instead, we think, “Nah, those entities or spiritual beings or other dimensional beings wouldn’t do that!” The problem though is that unlike this life, when you are conned, you eventually come to realize it. Eventually, you find that the money you had in your account is all gone and so is the con artist whom you trusted. You wake up to that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that remonstrates you about all those “feelings” you had that something wasn’t right but you ignored those feelings anyway. You go back over things every square inch and accuse yourself of ignoring the obvious. It wasn’t obvious when you were going through it!

Eventually, the con artist runs the con, takes what he wants and moves onto the next “mark.” You learn of it and after you deal with the guilt, anguish, and embarrassment of having been taken, you being to rebuild your life, hopefully wiser. The con man was such a nice guy!

To simply believe that all entities in other dimensions are filled with integrity is to believe that all people in this realm are also all filled with integrity. It doesn’t work like that. But here’s the biggest problem. Unless you are woken up to the possibility that at least some of these spiritual entities are not concerned about you and want to rob you of the opportunity to receive salvation, you will likely continue to believe that they are all good and want nothing but the best for you. Not only is there no proof for that belief, but you cannot even prove it to yourself! In spite of that, you choose to believe about these spiritual entities what you would never believe about another human being!

Every person MUST decide for themselves what actual and absolute truth is and where to find it. You cannot wiggle out of it by saying what is truth for me might not be truth for you. Either there is truth or there is not truth.

To those people who have had experiences that ultimately have created truth for them, I would strongly encourage you to do everything you can to prove to yourself whether or not what you experienced was actual truth or whether some other worldly entity is doing nothing more than playing a mind trick on you.

Search, search, and keep on searching! May I humbly suggest that you start with God’s Word? Read the gospel of John (fourth book in the New Testament) and go from there. Ask God to open your eyes to absolute truth. Ask God to give you discernment to know and understand. Stop going by your feelings, which are not the best barometer in determining truth. Just ask any good con man who has learned how to manipulate your feelings to use them against you.

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