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What Should Our Response Be to a Corrupt Government?

Zedekiah was afraid of other men, just like Pontius Pilate was also afraid of men and instead of doing what was right where Jeremiah was concerned, he said he couldn’t go against the nobles and so Jeremiah was imprisoned. Because of that fear, Zedekiah is unable to stand with God, on God’s side. We like to talk about whether or not God is on our side and as Christians, yes, He is, but it is just as important that we stand with God on His side against all forms of evil. We can never be afraid to choose what is right, what we know God wants us to do or say. He empowers us, after all. But Zedekiah feared men too much. While drawn to Jeremiah and his message, indicating he wanted to do what was right, in the end, he failed to do what was right and paid the price for his disobedience.

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What Does It Really Mean When God Says to Come Out of Her?

Yes, there is an application here. I believe it is this: When the world’s system (Babylon) starts invading your local church, you can try to stand against it through prayer and discussion with leadership. You will probably fail though because the world’s system cannot get into the local church without permission of the leadership. By the time you notice it, it’s already been approved by the leadership. If you can’t get leadership to see the problem, you are left with only two choices. First, you can stay and continue to pray while you quietly work to wake people up. If you do this, know that you will likely come under fire and you may eventually be seen as someone who is working against “God.” Second, you can simply leave.

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When Marketing Replaces the Holy Spirit We Get Corporate Christianity

The sad fact of the matter is that because religious organizations are too often seen as corporate structures, the same type of abuse that happens in secular humanistic organizations can and does happen in religious ones. The difference though is that the abuse that occurs within churches, parachurches, and other religious organizations is often done under the guise of biblical doctrine and theology. It’s enough to make the average Christian puke. No wonder Jesus says what He says about most of the seven churches in Revelation 2-3. It’s sickening.

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Too Many Christian Leaders Act Like Demagogues or Bullies

Here’s what I see happening today. Christian leaders in expensive suits, with “best-selling” after their names, who have power and money and name recognition. Too often, it is verboten to critique or criticize these individuals because they have too many (virulent) followers who will come after you with all manner of evocative in your face finger jabbing techniques and acrimony. But isn’t that also part of the problem?

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Our Amazing Eyes and Seeing Through a Glass Darkly

But one day, according to Paul, the things we cannot see now, but surely exist, will be seen. This will occur after we leave our “tents,” our physical bodies behind, exchanging them for new ones that will no longer be affected by sin. Those bodies will be free of the sin nature and the ravages of sin itself. There will not only be no death, no sickness, no fatigue, no need to sleep (though I imagine that if we chose to sleep, it would be sleep like we’ve never experienced!), no real limitations on us. We will literally see and hear what we’ve been missing!

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It’s Not the Career Necessarily But Living Like a Christian In Your Career That Counts

I now understand more fully that it is not only okay to use our gifts in our career choice, but that we should, and it now makes perfect sense. In any job, we should comport ourselves entirely in a way that brings God glory. This alone creates a testimony that speaks to others, without having to be preachy. Chances are excellent that opportunities will come our way to use our mouths to point others to Jesus. Years ago, I thought all Christians needed to be in some sort of official ministry. Not anymore. God has people He wants to reach in the corporate world, the political world, and the entertainment world. He needs people who want to pursue those areas so that they can be a witness for Him. Certainly, there are temptations and traps in any field and it is necessary for the Christian to avoid them all, but not to necessarily avoid the career path itself.

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Prayer and Praise, Part 6

Really? What does that mean? Praise God in everything, literally? Maybe Paul’s being metaphoric here. Maybe he’s using the word “everything” like we would say “Everybody in town came out for the football game!” Surely, not everyone actually came out for a football game, but the idea is that enough or most of the people in town went to that game is what is being stated and we understand it to mean that. We don’t actually believe that every single person in that particular town came out for a football game.

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