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Why Some Christians Work Hard to Change Society

It is one thing to vote and choose our leaders wisely. It is important to understand the bills our elected leaders are trying to pass into laws. It is equally important to understand what God’s purposes are in all things and to appreciate the fact that – whether we think so or not – God has it all under control. He no more needs us to usher in a “golden age” so that He can eventually return anymore than He needed our help in bringing His redemptive purposes to fruition. We are simply the benefactors of His grace, love, and salvation. We receive it and do nothing to earn it. By the same token, we can do nothing to bring about the physical return of Jesus to this planet as the time, day, and hour has already been set in stone.

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Lot Was Righteous But Wasn’t Able to Change a Thing About Sodom

Christians should take note. If we’re not careful, we will wind up either being drawn into an environment’s lifestyle or will simply end up being continually vexed every day because of what we see and hear. While it’s certainly permissible to vote, to take a stand, and to do what we can within the confines of the law to change society, hopefully improving it along the way, we cannot count on the fact that anything we do will amount to much as far as society is concerned. Rather than become so preoccupied with that, we need to be focused on evangelizing the lost, ensuring that they know that they have the opportunity to receive salvation, which is offered from the nail-scarred hands of Jesus Himself.

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Is God Good All the Time or Just When He Does Something Good for You?

Job didn’t take the time to ask God to change the circumstances (though God did that, to some extent later on). Job’s first impulse was to thank God for what had occurred simply because he understood that God’s ways are better because He simply knows all things. We do not. We actually fail miserably at praising the Lord for all the things that He allows to come into our lives. We need to be cheerfully dependent upon God and His mercy. We need to practice praising Him so that it becomes a habit that brings glory to Him. Instead, it seems that we’re only willing to say He’s “good” when He does something that pleases us.

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Bible Warns of Apostasy and Persecution: Birth Pang 9

Because Israel’s leaders will essentially be signing a deal with the devil, God responds to their complete lack of faith in Him by beginning to pour out His wrath on the nations that have deceived Israel (outlined beginning in Revelation 5). His wrath is also poured out against Israel as well, but the Bible tells us that at the three and a half-year point of the Tribulation when the Antichrist claims to be God from inside the rebuilt Jewish Temple, this is when the eyes of many Jews will start to open. They will realize they were deceived and will run for the hills. God will protect them from the onslaught by Satan and because he cannot reach the Jewish people, he will then turn his attention to people who will become Christians during that same time period (Revelation 12 – read the entire chapter!).

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