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Jonathan Cahn’s The Paradigm

Dominionism is the belief that if Christians work hard enough to spread the Gospel and turn people to Jesus, a domino effect will occur throughout society that will change America into a nation that glorifies God. I don’t see this in Scripture at all. I see things getting worse and worse until the Tribulation occurs wreaking the worst persecution on earth that has ever been or will ever be. This will be “cut short” by the physical return of Jesus, who will then set up His Millennial Kingdom where He will rule with a rod of iron for 1,000 years. He will literally show the world how it is done.

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Jonathan Cahn and the Hebrew Roots Movement

But this is also why Jonathan Cahn’s books are doing so well and I have neglected to mention this previously. Cahn tugs at the heart strings of Christians who want to identify with Judaism because Jesus was/is Jewish. Who among us would not want to go back to the time of Jesus and follow Him around, adoringly receiving everything He said and did? We would want to be like Him, right? But what many forget is that Judaism was the first phase in God’s plan and the festivals, the law, etc., were fulfilled by Jesus. This does not mean that since Jesus obeyed the law to the nth degree, Christians don’t have to do so. On the contrary, Christians are obligated to obey every aspect of God’s moral law. However, it is clear from Scripture that Christians are not obligated to observe Jewish festivals!

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In True Tabloid Fashion, Jonathan Cahn’s Mystery of the Shemitah Makes Waves

The Bible tells us that the end is coming. We will be entering a period of the Tribulation, lasting seven years and will be the worst time this earth and the people on it will have ever experienced! America is not going to be turned around. Jonathan Cahn has nothing new to tell us that God has not already revealed. Unfortunately, Cahn is making it appear as though it’s new because he is using eisogesis (reading into Scripture) to gain new meaning. It’s absurd and the fact that so many are taken in by it tells us the sorry state of affairs within Christendom today when people will run out and buy and then devour Cahn’s books, but the Bible remains on the shelf!

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The Continuing Storm Surrounding Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger”

Unfortunately, that is a vast oversimplification of Cahn’s message. He does far more than simply announce that Israel was warned and now America is being warned. He uses Isaiah 9:10 and other Scripture as a jumping off point to actually ​connect ​America with Israel. I have my sincere doubts that God is warning our nation of judgment either. God is warning the entire world of impending judgment that is coming in the form of The Tribulation/Great Tribulation. The entire world is going to be fully immersed in it.

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Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger”

The book “The Harbinger,” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has created quite a stir and today, I’m going to add my thoughts to the mix. I’m sure my comments will not be the final word on the subject, and they should not be. I’m amazed at how quickly this book has gained such a following. There are hundreds of accolades connected to the book and that leads me to ask WHY?

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Wolves? Who is Perry Stone?

There’s another problem with Perry Stone and it is one that is common to the signs and wonders crowd. Many believe that God has deliberately kept things secret even from godly Christians for generations until the time was right to release those secrets. Jonathan Cahn operates under this con that God has given him the knowledge about certain things (often related to America), that no one else has been privy to because the time is allegedly the right time now to release that information. Cahn has published numerous books that have claimed special knowledge about biblical things. He has yet to be correct and his exegesis is seriously flawed.

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Biblical Guide to Shemitah and Blood Moons

In reality, what Jonathan Cahn does in his books is set dates without actually setting specific dates. It’s a form of date-setting because he says things may happen based on his theory of the Shemitah and how it works. This is why more and more people are lining up to warn the rest of us about September 13, 2015 and what may be coming to America and the world. There are also plenty of articles that discuss the things that will happen within 15 days of September 13th (the end of this current Shemitah). Folks, I don’t need the Shemitah or blood moons to tell me that eventually, a one-world government is going to be installed. For that to happen, things will have to “crash” and change. The world will need a global currency too. No more dollar. How and when that will happen, I’m not sure, but I’m more inclined to think it will be a gradual decision/change rather than a financial crash which will send everyone into a panic and the elite will likely lose control. Don’t look at Greece or other European countries as a template for America. What’s happening in Greece is still very controlled, though it doesn’t appear to be the case.

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Was Shemitah Ever Associated with Bad Omens in the Bible?

It is clear then that God took the Sabbatical Year seriously…for the nation of Israel. If we are going to say that America is part of that (which it is not), then we would have to agree that since the founding of this nation, at the end of every 7th year, all debts should have been forgiven, the land was to lie fallow, and creditors would essentially do a “reset.” It has not been that way at all, yet Jonathan Cahn has come along to try to make us believe that whether we knew it or not, America was in “covenant” with God right from the beginning.

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I Guess Something is Going to Happen in September…or Something

It all involves what is known as the Shemitah (pronounced shmee-tah) and it has been brought to the fore by Jonathan Cahn. He wrote “The Harbinger” and the follow-up book, “Shemitah.” In this latest book, Cahn points out that the Shemitah happens every seven years on the Jewish calendar. What that means is that every seven years, fields lie fallow, debts are forgiven, etc., and essentially, there is a big reset. Again, this was something that was given to the nation of Israel only and was also referred to as the Sabbatical Year. There are references to this in Exodus 23:10–11, Leviticus 25:1–7, Deuteronomy 15:1–6, Jeremiah 34:13–14, along with many others.

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Cow Born with 7 on Forehead…What CAN It Mean?!

This idea that God needed to have a cow with a “7” on its forehead born into the world so that individuals like Jim Bakker, Jonathan Cahn, and others can have a field day “interpreting” the “signs” for us is patently absurd! God’s Word speaks for itself and all that is required is study, prayer, and a relationship with the Author.

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