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Seventh-day Adventism: Is there Really Anything Wrong With it?

It is interesting that one particular article I wrote well over one year ago (May, 2011) still continues to receive comments and posts. The article dealt with aspects of Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Seventh-day Adventism, but by far, most of the people who respond are from the Seventh-day Adventist system of belief. Many write to tell me that I am wrong, that they were raised within Seventh-day Adventism and as such, they assure me that either the beliefs I mention that are attributed to SDA are either erroneous, or limited to the fringe within SDA.

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No Wonder Sheriff Joe Arpaio is Not Liked by Mr. Obama…

Imagine if the Democratic party opted to bring another candidate into the race to run against Mr. Obama! Wow, talk about stabbing someone in the back! Yet they would say that they were stabbed in the back by Mr. Obama in the first place.

It could very well be that this alleged report that is coming out in February 2012 (which supposedly will be thoroughly devastating to the Obama Administration), that I see the very real possibility that Democrats have actually spearheaded the plan to get that devastating information out there. Once out there, it will eliminate the chances of Mr. Obama remaining in office, much less being re-elected.

Barring this, the Dems may wind up drafting another person by the name of Hillary Clinton to run against Mr. Obama for the Democratic nomination. It’s all too weird, but then again, we’ve not had a situation like this in the Federal gov’t since when…

To me, it’s all very interesting. In the past when I read these articles, I thought “could be; could be.” Now, I tend to think “we’ll see; we’ll see.” And really, that’s all we can do since we control very little when it comes to the political arena. We only think we have a hand in getting someone elected. No, the people will the money take care of that in my conservative opinion. I wish I thought otherwise. I really do.

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Impatient Homosexuals and Christian Persecution

Obviously, a very large percentage of the world hates these two witnesses. For God to grant them the ability to shoot fire out of their mouths as a means of protection tells us that these individuals are preaching truth, absolute truth, and nothing but the truth. That truth however, is not well received by individuals who are living on this earth, because this earth is now under the dominion of Satan and will continue to be during the time the witnesses are here on earth.

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Where is Richard Dreyfuss When You Really Need Him?

Richard Dreyfuss says no president of this country should be above the law!

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Anti-mosque Critique from an Athiest and Non-American

Islam rejects and despises everything America stands for, its diversity, and especially its freedom.

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