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The Reason for the Illuminati Simply Makes Sense…

What will happen in the near future? Will we see the plans of the Illuminati come together or will we see the actions of numerous governments toppling the Illuminati nearly to its core? In one sense, it really doesn’t matter at all, because whether the Illuminati topples or not, it will likely only do so if the Antichrist is currently alive and ready to step into his Satanically-inspired role as dictator of the world.

If you stop to consider it, once the Antichrist is alive and becomes an adult, capable of leading his own life based on the power of his own “father” (Satan), is the Illuminati really needed any longer? It would seem that they have served their purpose, wouldn’t it? They have given everything over to Satan in order that he might have their way with them. In doing so, while he gave them wealth and power, he used them to birth his “only begotten son of Satan.” It could well be that this was the sole purpose of the Illuminati and having served that purpose, it is very much like Satan to burn down the house he spent eons creating.

Time will tell what happens, but I believe most assuredly that regardless of what happens in the future, Antichrist will rise and he will rise to reign supreme. He will not share his glory or power with anyone, even the Illuminati family from which he came.

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