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What Might Bring World to Chaos?

Even if Donald Trump is able to go a long way in setting things right throughout America, it may not be sufficient enough. In fact, history shows that the ebb and flow of society is constant. We’ve had the Dark Ages, the Age of Enlightenment, as well as other “ages.” During these times, it seems that the bad and good exist together with one gaining more ground than the other for a time. The same is happening today, but there is an earnestness in society that appears to be cultivating more of a relationship with evil.

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Ashfart Commode

So get ready to join me as we tune into the esoteric meanderings of Jorge-Sandals, the Cristos!, Bundalini-Meenie (otherwise known as “BM”), T-Rex (or Mr. T. for short), Captain Actione!, Big Monkey and a number of others. You will delight at the cavalcade of ethereal stars that leap and bound, flit and float throughout the book. You will discover their ultimate goal and how they plan to achieve it. You will realize that earth is being well cared for, fertilized for our own growth and protection.

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