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These Are the End Times We’ve Been Hearing About…

If the people of my generation are leaving God behind and embracing all forms of idolatry and sin, how much more difficult will it be for young people of today to become and remain anchored to God now? Every generation must ask the question: what will they do with God? Starting out strong is wonderful. Remaining strong to the end is preferred and too many are not ending on that note. Too many are like Susan in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, who finds the things of this world too alluring to avoid. In the end, she shuts down her once thriving affection for Aslan, exchanging it for the love of the world.

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Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Children and Adolescents

One of the main goals of yoga is to help initiates open their Third Eye or Pineal Gland, which resides deep within the brain. Drugs can do this. Sodomy can do this. Magick, spells, and incantations can do this. Yoga can also do this, but how?

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Cairn University – a Pile of Stones Used as a Marker

Reading through the magazine that, in the most current issue, has dedicated itself to discussing (and essentially defending) the reasons for the name change, I am struck with the realization that it all boils down to the belief that having the word “Bible” in the name somehow put the university in the unenviable position of losing out on student enrollment. To me – and I would be told that I am in the minority – this is a tragic reason for a name change.

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Philadelphia College of Bible Changes Its Name…Again

I received an email from a very excited president of my old alma mater, Philadelphia College of Bible, which changed its name to Philadelphia Biblical University in 2000. The new name? Cairn University. Forgive me for not being excited.

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